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Docker in a Nutsell


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A quickie presentation on Docker basics, commands, and use cases.

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Docker in a Nutsell

  1. 1. Docker in a Nutshell Presented by Aater Suleman, PhD Docker Austin Meetup July 3rd, 2014
  2. 2. Presenter: Aater Suleman, PhD Co-founder & CEO Flux7 Faculty, University of Texas at Austin Flux7: Cloud and DevOps Solutions Cloud and Devops for Web teams Enterprise DevOps management Clients:Partners:
  3. 3. ★ Front-end HTML/JS developers ★ Backend developers ★ Operations folks ★ DevOps ★ Managers/executives Quick Poll HOW MANY?
  4. 4. ★ Enterprise ( > 1B in cap ) ★ Mid-tier ★ SMBs Quick Poll HOW MANY?
  5. 5. Docker What Why Provides Isolation- Lightweight Portable Build Once, Configure Once, Run Anywhere functionality
  6. 6. Docker Elements & Components
  7. 7. Basic Terminologies Container: Self-contained environment built using one or more images. Images can be created based on the committed containers Repository: Set of images on local Docker or Registry server
  8. 8. Basic Terminologies Layers: Docker images are layer. Think of each layer as each git commit. Image: is like a virtual machine image
  9. 9. Docker Commands
  10. 10. Basic Commands docker pull Pull pre-built image from the public repos docker run Run the container in one of 3 modes: Background, Foreground, Interactive docker logs View the current state of the running job docker commit Save the container state as an image docker images Obtain a list of all images
  11. 11. More Docker Commands docker diff List of changes in files and directories (one of the powerful commands Docker provides) docker build Build docker images from Dockerfiles docker inspect Low-level information about containers and images docker attach Interact with running containers docker kill Kill the main process of the container
  12. 12. Must-know Docker Features
  13. 13. DockerFile Automates Image creation process Set of instructions to create an image General DockerFile commands’ syntax: INSTRUCTION argument
  14. 14. Docker Hub Centralized Management of User Accounts Image Checksums Public and Private Docker Repositories
  15. 15. Docker Use Cases Real World Use Cases
  16. 16. Putting Docker to use Simplifying Configuration Developer Productivity Multi-Tenancy Server Consolidation App Isolation Code Pipeline Management Debugging Capabilities Rapid Deployment
  17. 17. Take Aways Innovation: Easier to Innovate when cost of being wrong is low Continuity: Organizational ownership of operations knowledge - very valuable for business continuity. Faster Iteration: High fidelity and confidence in Dev and QA means means faster iteration of product
  18. 18. Docker Resources Docker Case Studies & Blogs:
  19. 19. Thank You! Twitter: @Flux7Labs Website: