Flurry presents at Vancouver Social Games and Unity Meetup


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Vancouver Social games joined forces with the Unity meetup on June 20 and invited Flurry to take center stage in front of 100+ game developers.

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  • Advertising dollars have not followed the consumer to mobile. While we estimate 23% of media consumption is mobile, mobile only receives 1% of advertiser budgets.
  • Flurry AppSpot is the ONLY data-powered mobile ad platform.It uses Flurry’s deep Analytics data collected from over 180K apps and 520M+ monthly users to target the right ads to the right users and to optimize ad performance.It offers 3 service that meet your needs as your audience grows: (1) Flurry’s own premium advertising network, (2) Mediation with other major Ad Networks, (3) Direct advertising serving & targeting. All in one, simple integration.
  • Flurry’s own AppSpot Network delivers eCPMs that are two times or more the industry averageIt supports all popular ad sizes: Banners, Interstitials and Catalog (or “offer wall”) ad types at very competitive eCPMs
  • Flurry offers very high quality ad types that are unique to Flurry:It is the only mobile app Reengagement network: It uses Flurry Analytics to identify most valuable segments and allows advertisers to bring them backIt has the largest mobile video network: Delivers more than 2 Million daily video views from major brands in CPG, Auto, Entertainment verticals + from top mobile application developersIt targets app install recommendations to users based on the types of apps they have used inside Flurry’s network.On top of that, Flurry applies its own proprietary yield optimization algorithm across all ads of all 3 ad types, making sure that the ad shown is the one that gives the highest eCPM to the publisher.
  • How do we use that our lead in reach and data? We apply it to our ad targeting and that delivers more revenue to publishers.
  • Getting set up with Flurry AppSpot takes less than 10 minutes – it’s 3 steps.
  • If you are looking to increase your fill, AppSpot lets you mediate between Flurry’s own ad network + all major 3rd party networks it has integrated with.If there is a specific network you need that Flurry has not integrated with, AppSpot offers a network plug-in for bringing it in.AppSpot lets you quickly determine which audience segment performs best on a given network, then target your networks to the right audiences.You are in control of what % of inventory is sent to what ad network.There is no basic network ad serving fee, unlike other mediation providers. You remainfirst-party to the ad networks you work with. We do not act as an intermediary, and do not take any fee. We charge a technology CPM only if you choose to use demographic and segment targeting.AppSpot also offers a Network Yield Management service for a fee. We can optimize your network allocation to maximize your eCPM and fill.
  • If you have an ad salesforce and you are selling your ads directly to brands, agencies or have direct deals with other app developers, Flurry AppSpot lets you target those ads to the exact right audience & boost your ad eCPMs.Imagine the eCPM you could charge for serving a hotels.com ad only to users of your app that are Males, aged 18-35, live in the US (or any State or City for that matter), have used social features in your application a lot, and use mobile apps that indicate they likely are a business traveler. Flurry AppSpot is the only service that makes that possible.
  • Flurry AppSpot publishers can target their ads in ways that only Flurry Analytics can deliver:Age & Gender (based on over 20M users who have provided age & gender in Flurry’s network)Geography & Language (based on device information)In-Application Events tracked by Flurry Analytics: such as purchasers, social users, heavy users, etc.Flurry Segments that show future user intent based on actual usage across the entire Flurry Analytics data network, e.g. Business traveler, leisure traveler, real estate, autos, gamers, sports enthusiasts, parenting, Movies/TV/Music enthusiast, pet owners, home owners, etc… These Flurry Segments map to the web persona segments that major advertisers are used to targeting against.
  • Getting started is easy. Just follow these steps:
  • Flurry presents at Vancouver Social Games and Unity Meetup

    1. 1. The App Generation &The App Monetization Platform Sean Webster Manager, Publisher Relations June 2012
    2. 2. iOS & Android Addressable Market GLOBALPOPULATION 7 BILLION Sources: United States Census Bureau, based on Accenture analysis
    3. 3. iOS & Android Addressable Market GLOBAL POPULATION 7 BILLIONMOBILE PHONESUBSCRIPTIONS 6 BILLION Sources: US Census Bureau; International Telecommunication Union; based on Accenture analysis
    4. 4. iOS & Android Addressable Market GLOBAL POPULATION 7 BILLION MOBILE PHONE SUBSCRIPTIONS 6 BILLION INTERNET USERS2.3 BILLION Sources: US Census Bureau; International Telecommunication Union; based on Accenture analysis
    5. 5. iOS & Android Addressable Market GLOBAL POPULATION 7 BILLION MOBILE PHONE SUBSCRIPTIONS 6 BILLION INTERNET USERS 2.3 BILLIONiOS & ANDROID540 MILLION Sources: US Census Bureau; International Telecommunication Union, Flurry; based on Accenture analysis
    6. 6. Penetration of WW Population, 5 Years After Launch 8X 3X 2X 8% 4% 3% 1% PCs (1988) Facebook (2009) Internet (2000) iOS & Android (2012) Sources: United States Census Bureau, International Telecommunication Union, Facebook, Flurry
    7. 7. Closing in on Television Daypart Comparison, People 15+ Using Medium, U.S. 70%% of Audience Share TELEVISION INTERNET iOS & ANDROID APPS 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 5am 6am 7am 8am 9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm 12am 1am 2am 3am 4am Hour of Day Sources: TV & Internet dayparts from analysis by Michael Zimbalist (2/10); Nielsen National People Meter; comScore Media Metrix Mobile application daypart from analysis by Flurry (8/11); Flurry Analytics, n = 15.2M DAUs
    8. 8. The Great Mobile Ad Spending Gap 2011 U.S. Ad Spending vs. Consumer Time Spent by Media43% 40% AD SPEND PER MEDIA TIME SPENT PER MEDIA 29% 22% 23% 16% 11% 9% 6% 1% TV Print Web Radio Mobile Sources: VSS, Mary Meeker (KPCB), comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics
    9. 9. App Measurement and Advertising PlatformFlurry AnalyticsBetter apps on iOS, Android, BB, WP, HTML5 App Developers: 70,000 Live Applications: 190,000 Devices per month: 520M Sessions per month: 36B Events per month: 400BAppCircle Ad NetworkAcquisition & Monetization: iOS, Android App Developers: 6,200 Devices per month: 380M Daily Completed Views 3M
    10. 10. Flurry AppSpot: The App Monetization Platform That Grows with You Impressions Growth 1. AppCircle 2. Mediate 3. Sell Direct Network Networks Advertisements Analytics – Powered Audience Targeting 520M MAUs, 190K Apps Single SDK, easy to set up & optimize
    11. 11. 1. AppCircle Network: Start Here, Max eCPMs Banner Interstitial Catalog
    12. 12. AppCircle Also Has Three Unique, Top Ad Types Reengagement Video Views InstallsOnly Reengagement First & Largest Mob. Usage-Based App Network Video Network Recommendations Flurry Yield Optimizer: Max eCPM & Fill Across All Three
    13. 13. It’s Simple: Better Data => Higher Payouts Better Data The mobile analytics leader tracking 520M+ devices …Better Targeting Flurry targets ads better than any other mobile network… Higher Bids Delivering higher quality traffic that advertisers bid up for…Higher Payouts And earning more for publishers.
    14. 14. Setup Takes Under 10 Minutes 1. Set up your Ad Space2. Get the code from Flurry, add to your app 3. Submit your app
    15. 15. 2. Ready For More? Turn On Network Mediation InstantlySupported Networks Maximizes Fill & Revenue • Top Networks Supported • Percentage based allocation • Network frequency capping • Segmentation and targeting • Complete visibility and reporting • Full-service Yield Optimization available +API for Custom Integration
    16. 16. 3. Ready for Direct Sales? Target AudiencesTargeted to: Males Ages 18-35DATA In United States Social Users Business Travelers
    17. 17. AppSpot Has the Best Mobile Audience Targeting
    18. 18. Get Started Now1 Visit www.flurry.com/publishers2 Set up your application and ad space3 Get the code from Flurry, add it to your app4 Business questions? Email publishers@flurry.com How to questions? Visit Support Portal Deeper tech Qs? Email integration@flurry.com