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Fluent's Email Marketing Landscape v.2


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In this update to our Email Marketing Landscape, we have added 30 new vendors to the chart, and have also renamed some of the categories (and which companies are in them). Once again, we'd like to note: 1) It would be impossible to include every company in email marketing on the slide, especially all of the ESPs (there are hundreds of them). Inclusion in the chart is based on our subjective assessment of these companies' relevance to the industry and the strength of their brands. 2) Some companies don't neatly fit in their respective categories -- we did our best to put them in the categories that we felt reflect what they do best, or "lead with" from a product perspective.

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  • Congratulations. This is a great post. I like the emerging channel but you are missing a few businesses (that we know generate $100MM or more) in the email space - Onboarding - LiveRamp, Neustar, Agency KBM, Data Services - NetProspex, BridgeMarketing, ESP - Act-On, Email Agency - PKT, InfoGroup
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Fluent's Email Marketing Landscape v.2

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