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  1. 1. Welcome Year 2
  2. 2. Year 2: 7 units to go • Experimental Photography • Social Action • Critical Approaches • Writing Copy • Production Management (external clients) • Page Layout and Design • Design for Advertising + Final year show with awards and everything
  3. 3. Tutors: Dave – Progress tutor and mostly teaching you Ben – Experimental photography (1st term) Josh - Everything
  4. 4. No rotations any more You will tackle 2 or 3 units at a time in different parts of the week just to break it up. There will be homework.
  5. 5. Work Related Learning: The latest fun government initiative. You have to be doing work that will eventually help you in your career and in work. We’ll worry about it for you but you might have to keep a diary or something. First term will be all about UCAS. Finding courses and writing your personal statement and then rewriting your personal statement as well as filling in the form. Second term will probably be about building a portfolio or something.
  6. 6. Work Experience: If you tick that you are going in to work, rather than university, you will have to do work experience. This needs to be around 70 hours of work. It can’t be in a big chunk it has to be a few hours per week over lots of weeks. You have to arrange it yourself. It has to be on a study day. It can’t be where you already work. Just tick the box that says university.
  7. 7. Tutorials: Tutorials will now (almost certainly) be group tutorials. You will all be expected to attend for all sessions. 1 to 1 tutorials will have to fit in to that somewhere. If you need to discuss something personal, we can do that outside of this time.
  8. 8. Basics: Turn up on time to all of your lessons. In fact, turn up a couple of minutes early, just in case. Turn up to all of your lessons. Use the absence hotline and email (both) to let your tutors know if you are too ill to come in. Bring evidence of appointments. Don’t eat in lesson. Don’t drink anything other than water out of a container which has a lid. Don’t be using your e-cig in lesson when you think I can’t see. Leave your phone alone Don’t use Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter… you’re not in a room much longer than an hour at a time. Nothing is that important.
  9. 9. Serious: Disciplinary procedure is much the same. Level 0 (who thinks this up) Warning Level 1 Official Verbal warning Level 2 Written Warning Level 3 Final written warning Level 4 Out the door Consistently late or absent, falling behind in work, breaking class rules, poor attitude… Don’t go down this route.
  10. 10. First term: • 6 week reports • Target and predicted grades • Social Action (main project) • Experimental Photography (2 hours a week with Ben) • Critical Approaches (1 hour a week with Dave) • Course contribution (£30) • UCAS