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Advanced process migration with Flowable


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Tijs Rademakers, Principal Software Engineer at Flowable talks about process instance migration on a generic, conceptual level.

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Advanced process migration with Flowable

  1. 1. Process instance migration
  2. 2. Foundation for process instance migration Flowable v6 Engine Rewrite of the core engine logic to provide a clean execution tree The change state logic is used in the process instance migration component for the actual activity mapping processing Change state logic added in 6.3.x
  3. 3. Example of a v5 Engine execution tree
  4. 4. Same definition with v6 Engine execution tree
  5. 5. Change state API
  6. 6. Change state demo
  7. 7. Design principles for process instance migration Support all possible activity instance migrations Don’t start with focusing on a limited set of process instance migration possibilities In addition to a JSON based migration document definition there should also be an easy-to-use API to migrate a single process instance Provide an easy-to-use API When migrating all process instances of a process definition version a batch option should be provided to handle migrations asynchronously Provide a batch migration option
  8. 8. Let’s start with a very simple example v1 v2
  9. 9. Execute the process instance migration
  10. 10. Or with a JSON migration document
  11. 11. Outcome of process instance migration Process instance execution has new process definition id Process instance execution is updated with new process definition id The final task entity is updated to the intermediate task details. The existing task entity is kept and updated. Final task is migrated to intermediate task The historic entities for the process instance are updated with the new process definition id Historic information is updated to new process definition First task is automapped User tasks with the same activity id are automapped
  12. 12. Validate the process instance migration first
  13. 13. Migrate parallel executions to one user task v1 v2
  14. 14. Execute the process instance migration
  15. 15. Migrate to different scope with variable v1 v2
  16. 16. Execute the process instance migration
  17. 17. Support for call activities coming in 6.4.1 v1 v2
  18. 18. Execute the process instance migration
  19. 19. Closing remarks More support coming in 6.4.1 and 6.5.0 Call activities, multi instance migration, more test coverage, batch migration etc. Feedback on using process instance migration in projects is vital to improve the process instance migration API and features Community feedback is vital