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Icebreaking activities


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Icebreaking activities we used during our meeting in Romania

Published in: Education
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Icebreaking activities

  1. 1. POWER UP! GET ACTIVE FOR YOUR FUTURE Colegiul Național ”Ioniță Asan” 18th of April 2016 CARACAL ICEBREAKING ACTIVITIES
  2. 2. The Yarn Game Instructions  Pull a thread and wrap it round your index finger.  While you do so, speak about yourself.  You must keep speaking until the thread ends.
  3. 3. The Candy Game Instructions Each player picks one candy from the bag. The player has to speak for one minute about the topic corresponding to the colour of the wrapping The game continues until all the players have spoken about all the topics If a player picks the same colour twice, the candy is thrown back into the bag and the player picks another one
  4. 4. CODE OF COLOURS  ORANGE What do you like best about your school?  PINK/RED How do young people in your area spend free time?  GREEN/YELLOW What is your dream job?  PURPLE If a visitor had only a few hours to spend in your town, where would you take him?
  5. 5. Breaking the ice is not always easy, but ours was an enjoyable (and sweet) way to get into the right mood for the ensuing activities.