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Ciserom Company Overview


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Ciserom Company Overview

  2. 2. Executive Director’s vision: Here at Ciserom we believe in the continuous development of our own brand name and with every step we take, we try to get closer to our consumers by offering them a more pleasant experience while wearing Ciserom socks. We envision growth into becoming a landmark especially on the national market but also internationally and be the customer’s first choice regarding hosiery. Eng. Ec. Constantin Ispir
  3. 3. Our plant is tooled with the latest equipment, for high productivity and quality such as: 1.Electronic knitting machines with one cylinder, smoothness of 14E, equipped with 108 to 168 needles 2. Classic knitting machines with two cylinders, smoothness of 14E, equipped with 120 to 176 needles 3. Classic closing machines which are able to make “eye to eye” stitches closing machines “Rosso” type Ciserom socks define themselves thru quality, comfort and diversity.
  4. 4. + 19 Independent distributors
  5. 5. OEKO -TEX ® Standard 100 is an independent examination and certification system for textile products regarding the use of hazardous substances . Independent examination of hazardous substances according to OEKO -TEX ® Standard 100 for textile products of all types, harmless to health. ISO 9001 involves the existence of a solid organizational structure to ensure the efficiency in production. The result consist in the increase of productivity and incomes and also less errors in production. OHSAS 18001 / 2007 ensures transparency and effectiveness in occupational health and safety management by translating the results of risk assessments, audits, inspections etc., in action plans o minimize the risks of accidents
  6. 6. 100% Mercerized Cotton 100% Merinos wool Also blended yarns according to client requests