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Polk county green zone


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Polk county green zone

  1. 1. 1Polk County Green Zone Version: 5 26 Jan 2012
  2. 2. Goal: To Provide the Private Sector with Economic 2 Development Tools Along the US-17 Corridor
  3. 3. 3 Partnerships The Redevelopment of the US-17 CorridorPolk County Eloise CRA (CFDC) Bartow CRA Bartow Eagle Lake CRA Eagle Lake Fort Meade CRA Fort Meade Bartow Airport Lake Wales Lake Wales CRA Mulberry
  4. 4. Economic DevelopmentLayering three non-regulatory tools:1. Florida Enterprise Zone2. Foreign Trade Zone3. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) 4
  5. 5. Economic DevelopmentLayering three non-regulatory tools:1. Florida Enterprise Zone Benefits: • Creates a designated geographical area where private enterprise is encouraged through tax benefits, special financing, and other incentives. • For use in areas with unacceptable levels of unemployment, physical deterioration, and economic disinvestment. • Chapter 290, Florida Statutes 5
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  8. 8. Economic Development2. Foreign Trade Zone Benefits: • Manufacturing businesses engaged in exports may have duty taxes waived, relief from tariffs, and/or improve cash flow by delaying duty payments. • Incentivize export companies to open factories within the zone creating jobs. • Capitalizing the expansion of the Panama Canal. 8
  9. 9. 9 Economic Development 3. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) • Financing is repaid through assessment of property taxes for up to 20 Years. Benefits: SOLAR ENERGY WEATHERIZATION • Voluntary program that allows property owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with no government subsidies. • Creates jobs and a local demand. HVAC • Improves property value. LIGHTING INSULATION
  10. 10. Green ZoneOther valuable considerations:1. The need for high speed fiber internet access along US – 17. Fiber infrastructure already exists between Fort Meade and the Bartow Airport. It needs to be made available to the private sector.2. Polk State Community College may provide local businesses with industry standard certification programs.3. Natural Resources: 1. Peace River, Lake Hancock, Peace Creek, Mosaic Peace River Park, Patterson Park and Saddle Creek. 2. Extension of the Polk County trail system to Fort Meade and Eagle Lake along the US – 17 corridor.4. Public Transportation studies and improvements.5. Bartow Airport provides air transportation and services.6. Polk Parkway tentative expansion plan.7. Build on existing « green(er) » industry along the US – 17 corridor: Greenovative, EcoGen and Progress Energy’s Hines Energy Complex. 10
  11. 11. Contact InformationPatrick Brett Melody BellBartow Community Redevelopment Agency, Executive Director Polk County 863.512.1299 863.534.6000 Jim DeGeneroLarry Madrid, Bartow Chamber of Commerce, past-President Central Florida Development CouncilMadrid Engineering, President Senior Marketing 863.533.9007 863.551.4712David Turley Alan RaylGreenovative Design & Engineering, President Rayl Engineering and Surveying, 863.533.9007 Bartow CRA Chairperson 863.533.0302Fred Hilliard George Long,Fort Meade, City Manager Bartow, City 863.285.1100 863.534.0100Bob Kelley Rodney Carson, DirectorCaldwell Banker Economic Development -- 863.221.0932 863.551.4719Pete Gardner Harold Gallup, Economic Development DirectorEagle Lake, City Manager City of Lake Wales 863.232.6211 (863) 678-4182 ext. 224Dr. Frank Satchel, City ManagerCity of Mulberry 11