Business planning for entrepreneurs in the creative paper sector


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A very straight presentation about planning a business rather than writing a business plan, with a particular focus on first time entrepreneurs willing to start a new venture in the creative paper sector.

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Business planning for entrepreneurs in the creative paper sector

  1. 1. Paper? Still a vibrant market
  2. 2. "It took almost 4 years, a few business model changes and 348 investor pitches before...“ (1)
  3. 3. "It took almost 4 years, a few business model changes and 348 investor pitches before...“ (1) Welcome to business planning!
  4. 4. Agenda • • • • Who I am, in 2 pictures The entrepreneur, in 2 pictures Tell everyone about your idea Plan your business, the first tool – – – – – Customer segment Value proposition Customer reltionship Channels Revenues • Plan your business, the first tool – – – – • • • • Key parteners Key activities Key resources Costs Next steps Good reads References Credits
  5. 5. Who I am Floriano Bonfigli @io_floriano
  6. 6. Who I am, in 2 pictures Theory @ Practice @
  7. 7. The entrepreneur, in 2 pictures Ups and downs Resilience
  8. 8. Are you ready?
  9. 9. Tell everyone about your idea Without getting people bored
  10. 10. Tell everyone about your idea I am Floriano Bonfigli, founder and CEO of Collabobeat. Introduce yourself, it’s just being polite We are developing a digital platform helping doctors share visit notes with their patients. In fact, up to 80% of medical information provided to patients by healthcare practitioners is forgotten immediately. This is bad, very bad ,because patients feel lost and doctors loose their trust. Tell about the probelm you’re trying to solve (no one cares about your solution). The market we are addressing is worth more than €60B and is growing at a 22% rate. $how the opportunity We have a private beta and are looking for doctors willing to join our community of early adopters, people willing to influence and shape the solution, together with us! Please, put me in contact with some open minded doctor. They will like Collabobeat, so will their patients! Ask for help, you will not have a second chance (2)
  11. 11. Give your idea a name
  12. 12. Plan your business - rather than writing a business plan ‘‘This is not fair, no one wrote this on the business plan!’’
  13. 13. Probably the most agile tool to start with (3)
  14. 14. Customer segment
  15. 15. My customer segment, you Students Young students  Young students willing to become entrepreneurs  Young students willing to become entrepreneurs in the paper sector What’s your segment?
  16. 16. Define your segment Is it well funded? Is it readily accessible to you/your sales force? Does it have a compelling reason to buy? Is there some sort of competition blocking you? When you win this segment, can you leverage it to enter into a new one? Is it cosistent with your values and passions? (4)
  17. 17. Value proposition
  18. 18. My value proposition for you Being an entrepreneur in the paper sector? More likely than you think – Fun – Rewarding What’s your value proposition?
  19. 19. Define your value proposition Satisfy your customer segment’s top priority What’s the main benefit of your product? Keep it simple: is it better, faster or cheaper? What do your potential customer segment want to gain out of your product? Compare the status-quo not involving your product to the possible state by using your solution Is it cosistent with your values and passions?
  20. 20. An example of value proposition Keep it simple!!!
  21. 21. Customer relationship
  22. 22. My customer relationship with you Based on: i.Transparency, do you remember the 2 pics about being an entrepreneurs? ii.Collaboration, we are on the same page. iii.Trust, the more we trust each other the more we share our knowledge What’s your customer relationship based on?
  23. 23. Define your customer relationship Do you want to play the role of the expert, colleague or friend? What do you want to gain out of your relationship with your customer? Is your customer relationship consisten with the market segment and value proposition chosen?
  24. 24. Channels
  25. 25. My channels with you i. Today’s lecture (off-line) ii. Following and interacting with me through my Twitter account @io_floriano (on-line) iii. drop me a line on (on-line) What are your channels for explaining your value proposition?
  26. 26. Define your channels Off-line: brick&mortars, fairs, conferences, speaking engagements... On-line: your own web-site, third party platforms (e.g., on-line customer service (e.g., Twitter profile, Facebook page, Google + page, LinkedIn profile, newsletter... For what purposes? Pre-sales, sales, post-sales, problem awareness, solution awareness...
  27. 27. Etsy The world's most vibrant handmade marketplace
  28. 28. Etsy Plenty of products made out of paper
  29. 29. Revenue streams
  30. 30. My revenue streams i. My hourly rate x number or hours, paid by the organizers of this course ii. Your contacts, namely email addresses iii. You speaking well about me to the organizers of this course, if deserved iv. You referencing me to your networks, if deserved What are your main two revenue streams?
  31. 31. Key partners
  32. 32. My key partners i. ii. iii. iv. The organizers of this course, for the logistics My family, for the family logistics... My car, laptop and internet connection My former experience in the domain List your key partners
  33. 33. Key activities
  34. 34. My key activities i. ii. iii. iv. Looking at my previous presentations (pre) Coming up with a new one (pre) This lecture Replying to your emails (post) List your key activities
  35. 35. Key resources
  36. 36. My key resources i. ii. iii. iv. My English language skill KISS attitude (Keep It Simple Stupid) Continous interaction with the audience My own time after the lecture List your key resources
  37. 37. Cost structures
  38. 38. My costs i. The time I’m here and not somewhere else doing maybe more profitable activities ii. Electricity when preparing the lecture on my laptop iii. Today’s expenses: methane, toll, lunch in Fabriano List your costs
  39. 39. Next steps
  40. 40. Next steps • Approach 10 potential customers and test your value proposition - Customers must belong to your segment - Be in inquiry mode rather than sell mode • What did you learn?
  41. 41. Thanks included! @io_floriano
  42. 42. Good reads 1. Annal Vital, How Many Times Should You Try Before Success? 2. Brett Martin, Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup Lessons Learned from the rise and fall of @Sonar 3. Paul Graham, Do things that don’t scale 4. Slava Akhmechet, 57 startup lessons References (1) Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, (2) * Coppola, A. (2011) What investors want, and how to successfully pitch them. [Presentation] InnovactionLab, Spring 2011. (3) (4) Game Changers, and Challengers by Alexander Osterwalder Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup by Bill Aulet
  43. 43. Flickr credits @ onigiri-kun @ davemmett @ Raymond Larose @ Nick Grabowski @ Nardino @ angelocesare