Lighting design by Theuer Eurolighting, Telcs company profile


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Lighting Design projects by Theuer Eurolighting Consultancy.
Energy efficiency

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Lighting design by Theuer Eurolighting, Telcs company profile

  1. 1. We Approach Lighting Scientifically Save EnergyEnhance Architecture & Environment
  2. 2.  Over a decade of lighting experience A global network of resources A broad range of clients  Asia & Europe  Residential  Commercial  Corporate  Industrial
  3. 3. Light. Defined scientifically as an electromagnetic radiation that produces visualsensations, or the visual effect of illumination on objects and scenes as seen inphotographs. Light is a form of energy with intriguingly unique properties.We at Theuer Eurolighting Consultancy Corp. (TELCS) have explored light in adifferent perspective and can create the “perfect pictures” of your home, your officesand showrooms, your buildings, your hotels & restaurants, as well as industrialfacilities, even your favorite malls.With TELCS, you will experience a visual sensation like youve never had before. Thisis possible through conceptualization, proper planning, distinctive design, andprecise adjustment of lighting fixtures. Artistry comes from creativity, and creativitystems from thinking. TELCS is a creating and thinking workhorse providing highdegrees of innovation and originality for your lighting needs.Some of our services include: Lighting Consultancy supported by facts 3D Visualization Wiring Layout Switching Layout Safety adviceUsing state of the art computer software capable of accurate virtual simulation andcalculations, TELCS provides technical data for the client in a simple andunderstandable format.Not only do we provide flawless planning and design, based on international lightingnorms, but we make sure to adhere to the clients desires and needs as well. Werecommend only the best suited suppliers of lighting fixtures in each project. Nameslike Bega, Trilux, WE-EF, Louis Poulsen, Osram are just a few of which supplyproducts of outstanding quality, efficiency and beauty.Apart from the aesthetic quality of our lighting concepts, we ensure that fixtures arecost efficient, with anti-glare and low consumption properties. For informed decisionmaking we provide electricity-saving and ROI computations of a project.TELCS is among the leaders in the lighting consultancy business today.We will not stop there because excellence and client satisfaction is our mission andour goal is to be the best in the industry. Consult TELCS and experience what intricacy light has to offer.
  4. 4. COMMERCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL: Offices and commercial areas need different qualities of light. In general offices,glare has to be minimized and illumination levels should be evenly balanced, tomaintain the performance of the employees throughout the day. In executive offices,lighting must allow anything from efficient working atmosphere to a relaxing meetingplace. In commercial places like shopping centers, museums, and retail hubs, generalillumination is essential, however, accent lighting must emphasize areas of interestto make the place more pleasant and appealing.In addition, modern luminaries for commercial and institutional places must havehigh output ratios to save on electricity for lighting and cooling.
  5. 5. SHELL SHARED SERVICES CENTRE (2008/2009)Location: Makati City, PhilippinesShell Shared Services Centre serves as an information hub for all its international affiliatesand clients. Operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, the building features an efficient smart light-ing system. Operated by sensors, the system determines whether there is sufficient lightingon the work areas or turns-off certain areas where human activity is no longer present.The energy saving approach has earned the lighting design a PLATINUM Leadership inEnergy & Environmental Design (LEED) status. A 37% reduction of lighting powerconsumption was achieved by using high efficient and low glare lighting fixtures. This resultsto cost savings of more than 1 million USD a year compared to a standard lighting layout. GENERAL OFFICE
  8. 8. BRITTANY MOSAIC BUILDING (2007- ongoing)Location: Makati City, PhilippinesThis high-end condominium building is set to rise in the heart of Makati City. TELCS iscreating the lighting concepts of the Façade, all common interior and exterior areasincluding the pool area.The façade and rooftop illumination has to positively distinguish itself from surroundingbuildings and must be low on electrical consumption. In the common areas we are creatingan inviting atmosphere and the pool area will just amaze with narrow lines of lights onbeams as well as with color changing water scenes achieved by quality underwater fixtures. POOL AREA EXTERIOR LIGHTING CONCEPT
  9. 9. PRIMER STAR BUILDING (2007/2008)Location: Manila, PhilippinesPrimer is an 8-storey multi-function building that serves as a high-end retail-space, officebuilding, has executive suites and even includes kitchens with living-rooms for executiveuse.The TELCS design showcases low energy consumption & minimal glare lighting fixturesand each area of the project was designed according to its specific use.Private suites are given a cozy and ambient lighting with dimmable halogens for a morecomfortable feel. Executive offices are illuminated to be conducive for work by using anti-glare fixtures, yet are at the same time relaxing enough. Regular offices are given evenillumination using low energy consumption fixtures. The retail area, where high endproducts are displayed, received a mix of diffuse illumination with highly efficient Trilux PLdown lights and directional track lights to emphasize the merchandise.RETAIL AREA=
  11. 11. J-TOWER (2009)Location: Pasig City, PhilippinesJ-Tower is a fourty-two storey executive office and serviced apartment building located inOrtigas, Pasig City.Elegant Lobbies leading to the Serviced Apartment Rooms and bright lobbies for the officeside. The upper floors consists of several function rooms and lounges, and an impressivepool deck.
  13. 13. COMMERCIAL, INSTITUTIONAL & RETAIL PROJECTS: Commercial, Offices & Institutional: Shell Shared Services Centre 2008 / 2009 LEED Silver Certification 2.8 ha. Office J – Tower 2007 / 2009 Brittany Mosaic Building 2007 - on going Vera Meseguer s.a., Industrial Facade enhancement, Spain 2006 CLC Building, Call center 2006 Tourist Center, Internet Payment 2006 DHL Danzas, lobby 2005 Bernie Thomson Office, Bali, Indonesia 2005 Taps Office, Davao 2005 Nortel Networks 2004 TM Building, Call center 2004 DBX Forwarding 2004 Yes Pinoy – IT Office 2004 D&L Enterprises, Pigment Factory office renovation 2003 Quisumbing Law Office 2003 Retail areas: Mustang Jeans Worldwide Store Concept 2010 The Optical Shop; 2 branches 2009 Primer Star Building 2008 4000 sq.m. Mix-use building of retail and office Metrodrug Office renovation 2007 Acqua Salon 2007 Greenhills Shopping Center Park & Parking 2005 / 2006 Tiendesitas Shopping Complex 2005 3ha, indoor & outdoor areas Philux Pine Wood Furniture; 3 Retail Shops 2004 250 – 350 sq.m. Retail shops South Supermarket 2004 Healthy Options, Festival Mall 2004 Cotabato Mall 2003 40,000 sq.m. Retail Mall Davids Salon 2003 Bench Retail outlets; 4 branches 2003 Bench Fix Salon 2003 Public areas: Lorna Belen Faith Chapel 2007 Unified School Cafeteria 2007 Fernandez Museum 2006 / 2007 TEAM Ministry Stage Lighting 2006 German School, Manila 2006 Goethe Institut 2005 / 2006 Ortigas Park, outdoor areas 2005 Student Dorm / My Place 2004 / 2005 German Embassy, Makati City 2004 / 2005 Saint Benilde School 2003
  14. 14. HOTEL AND RESTAURANTS: Lighting itself has been considered by many to either make or break an interior.TELCS enhances the splendor of any hotel, restaurant or bar through well plannedand executed lighting designs. Architectural features like columns, gaps on walls,tapered ceilings, artifacts and paintings are highlighted and brightness levels mayvary, to change the degree of importance throughout the day. A customized light-impression will help to draw the right crowd, from business to stylish or hip.
  15. 15. UMU RESTAURANT, Dusit Thani (2007)Location: Makati City, PhilippinesReceived the Las Vegas Hotel World Award Voted among the top four luxury restaurants worldwide during the 2008 Las Vegas HotelWorld Expo, the Umu Restaurant displays the highest art of lighting a restaurant in abreathtaking and seemingly simple way. The 1,000-square metres Japanese Restaurant gives different impressions in its manyareas. When guests enter the Restaurant, they are greeted by a custom-made Japanesericepaper fixture and lit bamboo poles, with a far glimpse of a three-dimensional veneerwall in the Robata area. The wall is emphasised by perfectly aligned uplights, givingsoothing but mysterious shadow-effects. Barrels filled with fruits and vegetables arehighlighted without any spill light on the floors, and so are sake barrels in overheadshelves. All dining-tables and counters have just the right amount of light, coming out of invisiblelight sources, with precise cut-off to avoid glare. Walking toward the Main Dining Room, guests pass the feature wall on the left andsome private dining rooms on the right, suddenly seeing a symmetrical light- arrangementon the wall. This computer-engineered wall is claimed to be the first-of-its-kind in the worldand makes an art piece out of an ordinary wall. Words alone cannot simply describe thebeauty of the wall. For all those that have not seen enough beauty, the way leads to another set of privatedining rooms with a view to the garden. An ordinary Hallway was transformed into a feature of itself. Undulating lines of light,interrupted by glare-free downlights can only be described with the words of a guest whosat down when first seeing it and said: “This is so beautiful!” Amazingly, the lasting impression is that of a cozy and beautiful restaurant but withample light to see your food and partner, without knowing where the light comes from.Technical infos: the total electrical consumption was kept at only 20.7W/square metres.The light changes automatically to energy saving mode during set-up and cleaning timesand displays the special features only during the presence of guests. All private diningrooms have 5 lightscenes from which the guests can choose.
  16. 16. ALHAMBRA HOTEL AND SPA RESORT (2008-ongoing)Location: Mainland, China This Grand Mediterranean inspired hotel and spa resort could be described as aplace fit for a king. At nighttime this enormous landmark could not be missed not only becauseof its sheer size but with its bright lights. Lights that create a warm and inviting atmosphere butalso adapt to the needs of being efficient and energy friendly due to its low powerconsumption. After all, this unique 6 star hotel impresses on every aspect you can see andimagine.
  17. 17. MANILA PENINSULA 5-STAR HOTEL(2009)Location: Makati, Philippines A stylish 5-star hotel that is part of the Peninsula Hotel Chain. Manila Peninsula recently invested in major renovations to ensure that the conference and meeting venues meet the expectations of their customers. And a well planned lighting design, its great intentions for customers are attained. Usage of highly efficient fixtures for the function rooms to provide ambiance and different moods to accommodate any type of activity, and still have lower energy consumption.
  18. 18. OAKWOOD (2008 / 2009) Location: Ortigas, Philippines Oakwood is a 42-storey Hotel and serviced apartment building located opposite the Asian Development Bank in Ortigas. The facade is defined by a tri-color borderless lighting effect which stands out from its surroundings, using energy-saving high-end metal halide, high pressured sodium, and LED fixtures. Inside, guests are welcomed with an elegant lobby and are even more impressed with the amazing pool area that features a night sky replica, especially designed and planned for the project. OR (R EXTER EXTERI
  19. 19. TAAL VISTA HOTEL EXPANSION (2008)Location: Tagaytay City, Philippines Sitting atop of a cliff, the Taal Vista Hotel has been always a prominent vacationlandmark on the highlands of tagaytay-a province south of Manila. Aside from being a hotel,it also caters to various events and functions like weddings, conferences and conventions.Stepping out, onto the ridge-side terrace , guests are immediately awestruck at the sight ofthe majestic Tall volcano sitting on a lake to this hotel which this hotel was named after.Inside, the hotel is just as amazing with its luxurious amenities like the lobby, loungebar and its classy yet innovative main ballroom. Its versatile lighting system creates theperfect atmosphere for any given occasional and easily competes with the outside view.
  20. 20. KAILAI HOTEL (2007)Location: Yizhou, ChinaEach part of this hotel has a connection to China’s rich tradition. To achieve modernity,lighting designs were incorporated to give accents on floorings, ceilings, walls, columns, &art pieces. Floors with leaf & square patterns were lit from underneath, slits on ceilingswere highlighted, Chinese art and sculptures were given emphasis, water features becamemagical through color changing effects. All of these were done to create attraction forguests and visitors. Most of all to assure the 5-Star status of the building.VIP ROOM
  22. 22. HOTEL & RESTAURANT PROJECTS: Restaurants: UMU Restaurant (Dusit Thani) 2008 Continental Restaurant 2007 Pinky Roxas Restaurant 2007 Martini Bar (Mandarin Hotel) 2006 Deutscher Club 2006 BJVY Gardens 2005 Old Harry’s Pub 2005 Soleil 2003 Havanna Cafe 2003 R12 2003 Nuvo Restaurant 2002 Cigar Bar 2000 Wasabi 1999 Souffle 1998 Hotels, Spas and Resorts: Alhambra Hotel & Spa Resort 2008/2010 6 Star Hotel, Hainan China exterior and indoor illumination of Hotel public areas and Villas. Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila 2010 Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati Philippines 2009 5-star hotel Sirae Mount, Phuket, Thailand 2007 Landscaping illumination of 5ha privately owned resort and indoor illumination of houses Kailai Hotel, Yizhou, China 2007 Hans Schoof Hotel, Bohol 2007 Facade, pool and landscape illumination of 3ha area Taal Vista Hotel Expansion 2006/2007 all new indoor, outdoor areas Mandarin Oriental Manila 2006 Re-engineering, all indoor and outdoor areas The Farm in San Benito, Lipa 2005 14ha Spa, Indoor, outdoor and landscaping Badian Island Resort and Spa 2005 Indoor and Outdoor areas, Landscaping Airport Manor Suites 2005 All indoor and outdoor areas Legend Villas Hotel, Manila 2004/2005 All indoor and outdoor areas Taal Vista Lodge 2004/2005 Public areas and ballroom Legend Villas Palawan 2004 Public Areas, Ballroom and Landscaping
  23. 23. INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING In an industrial setting, an essential aspect of a progressive company is tohave a healthy and productive workforce. Through effective lighting, TELCS iscapable of creating such an environment. We provide adequate, glare-freelighting to any industrial facility, scientifically calculated to yield higherproductivity and efficiency in their manufacturing and processing activities.Particular consideration for the longevity of the fixtures to be used ensures lessmaintenance. Although industrial facilities lean on the technical, TELCS makessure that humanity will still exist.
  24. 24. SUNPOWER FAB 3 (2009 - ongoing)Location: MalaysiaSun Power Corporation, one of the top manufacturers of solar equipment in the world, iscurrently building its latest plant in Malaysia. A plant with superlatives: a 48 hectare sitecomposed of 2ha office building, 12 hectares of air conditioned fabrication facilities, guard-houses (gateway) and parking lots.To enhance the projects magnificent features like bi-facial solar panels, building facadesand surroundings, Telcs used high efficient halogens, metal halides and high end LED fix-tures. Automated lighting systems are used to provide safety and security but more import-ant to conserve energy with the use of sensors and timers.Providing high-end batten fixtures on production areas, considering the machine layouts,working environment, obstructions, airflow, safety, etc. helps to improve the work flow ofthe employees and increases the quality output.Together with SUNPOWER, TELCS goal is to achieve a Platinum Award in Leadership inEnergy & Environmental Design (LEEDS) with a maximum of 5 watt/m2 power consumptionfor its lighting layout.MAIN OFFICE LOBBY
  28. 28. SUNPOWER FAB2 (2007)Location: Batangas City, PhilippinesTELCS’s task for SUNPOWER’s new 4ha factory was to create pleasant facades, lobbiesand waiting areas for employees and guests alike while being energy efficient.Therefore, the general illumination was created with highly efficient (>83%) Trilux downlights for the inside areas and asymmetrical Bega downlights for the exterior.For a dramatic look, columns were outlined with narrow angle LED fixtures. Osram’s highefficient IRC Halogen bulbs were used to highlight Sunpower’s Logo and special features inall areas. By following this concept, a high-tech factory achieved the inviting look of a cozyliving room through the use of high-tech but energy saving lights. MAIN LOBBY 3D Rendering before execution
  29. 29. MAIN LOBBYThe actual photo after implementation EXTERIOR 3D Rendering before execution EXTERIOR
  30. 30. The actual photo after implementationROYAL TECHNOFREEZE (2009/2010)Location: Laguna, PhilippinesRoyal Technofreeze is a brand new cold storage facility with the goal to be voted the mostmodern facility in the country.The lighting needed to be efficient, non thawing and able to work at temperatures from -50°Celsius to office environment. TELCS had to identify the best-suited fixtures for eachtemperature gradient and task.The choice for subzero temperatures were highly efficient Norka coldroom fixtures,while processing areas were fitted with enclosed Norka Erfurt fixtures with1000,000h industrial grade ballast for low maintenance.In the offices newly developed Trilux fixtures with 91% efficiency were chosen, whileoutdoor areas were fitted with WE-EF floodlights and Trilux dustproof fixtures. Allfixtures were glare free and specifically chosen for the tasks they had to fulfill. -22° COLD CHILLER ROOM
  31. 31. +8° SORTING AREA+8° HALLWAY
  32. 32. PHILIP MORRIS WAREHOUSE (2009/2010)Location: Taguig City, PhilippinesPhilip Morris facility consists of six (6) warehouses, each having 741 square meters of floorspace. The previous lighting set-up of 250w mercury bulbs and inefficient 40w fluorescentbulbs, consumed 32.5 KW with an average of 50lux illumination.TELCS changed the facility to 5.6KW with improved light levels of minimum 65lux averagein all areas. Fixtures were specifically selected to improve illumination at work planelevels but also on the face of the storage racks.
  33. 33. WACKER MACHINERY PHILIPPINES, INC. (2007)Location: Cavite City, PhilippinesWacker is an international producer of industrial equipments and machineries forconstruction purposes and its plant in the Philippines consists of a large production area aswell as several offices.The objective for TELCS was to achieve quality illumination in the large production areaand in the technical and executive offices, while reducing the plants power consumption.We achieved the goal by the use of high-end fluorescent fixtures and accurate computercalculations to determine the location of the lighting. For example, in the offices low glareTrilux 3694-RPV fixtures with 84% efficiency were used, to provide an ideal workingenvironment for its employees. For the exterior, We-ef floodlights were strategically placedthroughout the compound to illuminate the grounds of the facility and ensure safety. EXTERIOR PRODUCTION AREA
  34. 34. INDUSTRIAL AND FACTORIES PROJECTS: Sunpower corporation FAB3, Malaysia 2009/2010 LEED certified 50 ha. Facility Royal Techno Freeze Cold Storage 2009/2010 Philip Morris Warehouse 2009/2010 Sunpower Corporation FAB2 2007 Wacker Machinery Philippines, Inc. 2006/2007 Industrial Façade enhancement, Spain 2006 Lufthansa Technik Training Center 2006 Royal Cargo Cold Storage Facility 2005 Destilleria Limtuaco 2005 D & L Enterprises, Pigment Factory Renovation 2004
  35. 35. LANDSCAPE LIGHTING When darkness descends, surroundings change dramatically. TELCS can bringout the beauty of any landscape by well planned concepts - emphasizing flowers,trees, special plants, bushes, and other landscape highlights. The goal is not only tomake things visible but stand out, positioning the fixtures in such a way that beamdirection and viewing direction coincide and glare is thus avoided. The uniquenessof every landscape can be accented by various lighting fixtures designed for outdooruse, making sure that they can withstand any weather condition.
  36. 36. TIENDESITAS COMMERCIAL COMPLEX (2005)Location: Ortigas Center, Pasig City, PhilippinesTiendesitas is a vast shopping complex in the heart of Pasig City.The main task was to create even illumination for the 60m long cogon-roofs. These wereoriginally illuminated with 8 pieces of 400W High Pressure Sodium Floodlights, whichcreated uneven illumination.TELCS replaced these fixtures with 2 pieces of Bega High Pressure Sodium Bi-symmetricallight fixtures, resulting in even illumination throughout the whole rooftop with lower energyconsumption.Within the interior, all incandescent bulb fixtures were modified and upgraded to moreefficient low-voltage IRC halogens.The landscaping throughout the complex was enhanced with perfectly positioned halogens,complemented by ropelight effects and customized miniature halogen fixtures to highlightfeatured items such as cartwheels, gazebos and parked “Kalesas” (horse-drawn carriages)located around the complex, creating a captivating atmosphere.All these lighting effects made the complex more noticeable from the adjacent highway.
  37. 37. THE FARM AT SAN BENITO, HEALTH SPALocation: San Benito, Lipa, Batangas, PhilippinesTELCS created the lighting concept of indoor and outdoor areas of the 14ha area of one ofthe top Spas in Asia.Created out of former coconut groves, a breathtaking Balinese garden landscape wascreated, with artificial waterfalls, infinity pools and many beautiful cottages and rooms. All ofthose areas had to be lit in enhancing, but electricity saving way. The meandering pathshad to be lit well enough for safety, but little enough to keep the romantic paradise intact.
  38. 38. VICKY LEE’S BEACH GETAWAY 2006)Location: Nasugbu, Batangas City, Philippines
  39. 39. MICHAEL RAEUBER RESIDENCE (2006 / 2007 / 2008)Location: Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
  40. 40. ARCHIE KING RESIDENCE (2005)Location: Forbes Park, Makati City, Philippines
  41. 41. LANDSCAPE PROJECTS: BJVY Gardens Landscape 2009 Hans Schoofer Hotel, Bohol façade, 2007 Pool and landscape illumination of 3ha. Michael Raeuber Landscape, Ayala Alabang 2006 Vicky Lee’s Beach Getaway 2006 Greenhills Shopping Center Park & Parking 2005/2006 The Farm in San Benito, Lipa 2005 14 ha. Health Spa Archie King, Garden Landscape 2005 Tiendesitas Commercial Complex 2005 Tiendesitas Shopping Complex 2005 3 ha. indoor & outdoor areas Ortigas Park, outdoor areas 2005 Fred Uytengsu, Garden Landscape 2004 Badian Island Resort and Spa 2005
  42. 42. PRIVATE RESIDENCES Home is a state of mind. It has to cater to representative, as well as cozy orromantic moods and sometimes even allow us to do tasks at midnight. Dependingon the mood we are in, we want it to be reflected by our lights. Best if this happensby the flick of one switch only. From bright to dramatic to cozy! The TELCS team makes sure that all those needs are fulfilled, with the exactquantities needed, whether it is emphasizing an art piece in a corner, or yourbeloved coffee area.
  43. 43. VICKY LEES BEACH GETAWAY (2006)Location: Nasugbu, Batangas City, PhilippinesA getaway beach resort, consisting of five differently styled pavilions. TELCS created afairytale lighting atmosphere for facades, indoors and landscaped areas.By giving each building its own distinct atmosphere, the owners were able to unwind in apavilion suited to their current weekend mood.While the insides were different in theme, the outdoor illumination unified the rest-houses.The lights gave glare free drama to the landscape without interfering with the beautiful starfilled night sky. 3D Rendering before execution The actual photo after implementation
  44. 44. 3D Rendering before executionThe actual photo after implementation
  45. 45. NGUYEN RESIDENCES (2008 / 2009)Location: Ayala Alabang Village,PhilippinesNguyen residence is a renovation of an existing bungalow style house with a lot area of1,324m2.The lighting design had to create a party-place for the young adults of the family andshowcase its contemporary modern architecture.From a “boring” house to a lively place, the lighting transformation was designed to keep itsresidents enjoy the pleasure of living in a party place. This effect was achieved throughlight scenes that cater to the different moods and activities enjoyed at home.The lanai and pool area are the main attractions where anyone can unwind, loosen up orbe tempted to take a dip into the pool lit by color changing LEDs.
  46. 46. AYALA VACATION HOUSE (2009)Location: Anvaya Cove, Bataan, PhilippinesThis four pavilion vacation home sits atop the hills of Anvaya Cove on a lot area of 1,097m 2and offers a stunning view over the nearby ocean.The lighting emphasizes its tropical design by highlighting the expensive wooden ceilings,stone finishes on walls and wood cladded columns. Energy efficient fluorescent fixtures andhalogen uplights were used to create a lasting impression while being environmentallyfriendly. To perfect the design, steps were illuminated by LED’s to create a floating effectand waterfalls at the main entrance welcomes guests and residents.
  47. 47. MICHAEL RAUBER RESIDENCE (2006/2007)Location: Marzell, GermanyLocated in Germany, this lighting project required careful planning starting from the designstage, due to the fact that ceilings were made out of concrete and did not allow changes inlocations of fixtures after pouring of concrete.The house has a total living area of more than 600sqm, separated into flats. In addition awellness area, a gallery and large balconies had to be lit. While one part needs tasklighting, the other part needs a playful approach with highlights on paintings and columns.All lights had to be energy efficient and low in maintenance.The final effect was a house with multipurpose abilities, homey on one hand, butrepresentative and bright enough for important tasks as well.
  48. 48. AYALA RESIDENCE (2006)Location: Dasmariñas Village, Makati City, PhilippinesA high-end, two-storey residential project. TELCS created unique approaches in giving lightto the interior and exterior of the house. A combination of low consumption, dimmable PLsand high efficient halogen lights were used to provide pleasant general illumination.Directional halogens were placed to highlight paintings and art pieces, narrow-beamedinground uplights were used to highlight columns.A remote dimming system was integrated into the lighting design to provide different levelsof ambiance throughout the house.
  49. 49. PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS: Jaime Ayala Vacation House, Anvaya Cove 2009 Nguyen Residence 2009 Roberto Fernandez Vacation Home, Punta Fuego 2009 Stecan Realty Residence 2007 Siy-Yap Residence 2009 Heinrich Merkt Residence 2007 Andreas Katzer Residence 2007 Antonio Militante Residence 2007 Ho Gil Lee, Kawayan Cove 2006 Michael Raeuber Residence, Marzell, Germany 2006 / 2007 Michael Raeuber Residence, Ayala Alabang 2006 Bambi Manosa Residence 2006 Jaime Ayala Residence, Dasmariñas Village, Makati 2006 Lorna Belen Residence 2006 Hagedorn Residence 2006 Alfredo Matta Residences, Alabang 2005 Alfredo Matta Residence, Westgrove 2005 Marisol Ramirez Residence 2005 Archie King Residence 2005 Iyo Del Rosario Residence 2005 Knox residence, Punta Fuego 2004 Belen King Residence 2004 Poblador Residence – Forbes Park 2004 Grand Berbenwood private house, Cebu 2004 Mathijs Aarts, Davao 2004 Fred Uytengsu (Landscaping only) 2004 Jambi Madrigal 2004 / 2005 Tonyboy Cojuangco Residence, Pacific Plaza 2003 Paco Magsaysay Residence, Ayala Alabang 2002 Henry Sy house, Forbes Park North 2001 Harley Tiu Residence, Palladium 2000 Jean Sy Residence, One Roxas Triangle 2000