Criteo Live 2015 - Keynote Cross Channel/Device - Florian Heinemann


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Criteo Live 2015 - Keynote Cross Channel/Device - Florian Heinemann

  1. 1. A Holistic Approach to Contacting Customers – Cross Channel and Cross Device Dr. Florian Heinemann Criteo Live, Munich, June 17th 2015
  2. 2. “Biddable Media“ / RTA in 2015 – A (subjective perspective) at the status quo 1 Relative ímportance of “High/Deep Reach Login- Platforms“ 2015 t The increase in importance of the large platforms is irreversible and will continue (with some new platforms entering) Market Share of “High/Deep Reach Login-Plattformen“ (Google, FB, AMZ, Apple, Alibaba etc.)
  3. 3. RTA-based CRM-activities are currently under-developed vis-a-vis their potential 2 Strength of user/customer engagement Potential for syste- matization Contact with unknown user User interaction with application Initial action/ purchase Repeat action/ purchase Audience Targeting Re-Targeting CRM RTA Realized scaling/ systematiza- tion in RTA User/Customer Journey
  4. 4. 3 CRM… • due to its effect on marketing cost (ratio) is becoming a focus topic of advertisers very early in the development of their marketing programs • is one of the few areas where advertisers have a – potential and very specific(!) – know how/information advantage compared to the “high/deep reach login platforms“ (Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.) “CRM is the new SEO“
  5. 5. “Core CRM“ can act as a basis for scaling traffic acquisition – Facebook leads the way… 4 1 „Core CRM“ 2a „Engagement CRM“ 2b „Look-alike CRM“ Technical and logical infrastructure ideally can be applied accross all approaches
  6. 6. RTA-CRM is among the more costly CRM channels/ approaches, but can be targeted in a very granular way 5 Effective CPM (distribution + media + concept) Onsite / Person. Email Mob. Push Notif. Re- Targe ting FB Cust. Audi- ence RTA- CRM Inserts (inter- nal media) Inserts (exter- nal media) SMS CRM- Out- bound Calls
  7. 7. Ideally, activities in/on all channels/devices are part of an orchestrated approach to contact existing customers/leads 6 High-Bid RTA Campaign (FC: max. 4/24h) Push Notification in Mobile App E-Mail Promotion No opening within 24h Low-Bid RTA campaign (FC: max. 2/24) No Click within 24h Customer profile/segment • High CLV • Mobile App User • High CLV • Purchases primarily discounted products • Last purchase in “sports“ category • Mobile App User • Low CLV • Last purchase was partial return • Last purchase in “dresses” category • Permission email marketing „Fritz“ „Frida“ 1. Contact 2. ContactNo Response … … … But an orchestrated approach requires the appropriate infrastructure
  8. 8. This orchestrating system ideally should work largely with existing infrastructure 7 Central Logic-Reporting Engine contains: ● DMP ● Bidder/DSP ● Adserver ● API for 3rd party systems/tools ● Optimization layer ● Reporting Engine CRM / DWH Data Behavioral Data (incl. Cross Device) 3rd Party Data Transaction Data Data Sources / Input Logic-/Reporting-Engine Execution – Output Layer “User & Business Data sagesMes-sages / Content/ Creatives Res- ponse Data 1 Cross Channel Messages Email Push Notif. FB Cust. Aud. RTA 2 Personaliza- tion of applications
  9. 9. As always – there are lots of details/aspects to consider during the implementation… 8 • Organisational responsibility – cross-functional topic, who is in the lead? • Sensible infrastructure: − Proprietary vs. 3rd party components − Restriction on logic vs. „physical“ distribution (of messages) • Optimal channel/message mix: − Expansive vs. cheap − Online/digital vs. “offline“ • Sensible trigger-events • Adequate optimization approaches: − Single contacts/channels vs. integrated journey − Direct response vs. total response
  10. 10. Contact details Dr. Florian Heinemann Founding Partner & Managing Director Project A Ventures GmbH & Co. KG Julie-Wolfthorn-Straße 1 10115 Berlin / Germany eMail: Twitter: @fheinemann