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Nourish the Children Presentation


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“One of the remarkable things that we’ve been able to do as a company is allowing people to give expression to their own yearnings to stand for something more than making money - to have what they do every day impact the lives of children who are affected by some of the world’s hardest problems.”

Steve Lund, Executive Director of Nourish the Children project

Nourish the Children Presentation

  1. 1. NTC is an Innovative Social Enterprise• A partnership between our company and charity partners + 2
  2. 2. The Company Produces• Nu Skin manufactures VitaMeal, formulated for malnourished children• Plants are located in Malawi, S. Africa and China supporting their local economies 3
  3. 3. You Buy• Children truly nourished – Not fed ―empty calories‖ – 25 vitamins and minerals – Balanced nutrition – Each bag feeds a child for a month (30 meals)
  4. 4. Charities DistributeWithout charging a single penny for overhead, administration or transportation.
  5. 5. Company Leverages• Matches donations• Commissions for advocates• Supports the Force for Good Foundation
  6. 6. Recipient of the 2007American Business Award Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program Other finalists… • Shell Oil • Avis Budget Group • Adobe Systems, Inc
  7. 7. NTC Works Total donations172,264,950 meals Through 2009 8
  8. 8. Helps Children Worldwide N. Asia Other Americas 3% 2% 4% China 13%SE Asia 15% Africa 63%
  9. 9. You Give More than Food— You Give Hope• 2 million orphans among the 12 million people of Malawi alone
  10. 10. You Give Education• Distributing through schools draws children to learn
  11. 11. You Give Life• Weaning babies to prevent HIV transfer
  12. 12. You Give a Future• Distributing to disabled children in Malawi, deaf children in China
  13. 13. You Empower PeopleThe School of Agriculture forFamily Independence (SAFI)• Training how to thrive, not just survive, on 1 hectare• Increased production over 400%• Second class now with superior fields
  14. 14. You Touch Lives! Wang Mitian Male, 3 years old, Jiange County Yingcai Kindergarten Class 2.―He was short and skinny, often falling ill. The hospital examination results said that ‗He suffered from malnutrition and his growth was slow‘. Now taking VitaMeal has become the happiest thing in his life.‖ Janet Banda from Malawi Africa was severely malnourished and unable to walk or talk when an orphanage took her in. Within aweek of receiving VitaMeal her tiny body began to normalize
  15. 15. Thousands of Lives! Tupiza from Bolivia is a 7 year old boy that works in the mines to help support his family since this father died a few years ago. He used to eat one meal a day and chew coca to calm the hunger and stay awake. Now he receives a second meal of VitaMeal, and he is doing much better in school.
  16. 16. Thank You EuropeAll time distributor donations8,451,660 meals 17
  17. 17. You DonateTo an authorized charity-- knowing exactly what they are giving and where it is going
  18. 18. You Gave In 2009distributor donated meals 2,506,980 Ambassadors
  19. 19. Now Third Highest Donations30000 US25000 Japan Europe20000 HK Taiwan15000 SE Asia10000 Aus/NZ Canada 5000 S. America China 0 S. Korea Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  20. 20. Thank You Northern Europe VitaMeal Donations per region - 2009 RU 1%North EU East EU 39% 40% 20% West & Central EU
  21. 21. Don‘t take my word2008 Malawi Visitors:• Karin & Christer Solen, Sweden• Liv & Chris Amble, Norway• Carl & Lena Westberg, Sweden
  22. 22. So, what do you do now….• Give VitaMeal on ADR• Encourage all your downline and friends to buy and donate• Remember, VitaMeal offers a PV bonus!
  23. 23. Become an Ambassador4326 Ambassadors 361 Chiefnourishing 16 children Ambassadorsper month nourishing 52 children per month
  24. 24. Help Achieve Scott‘s Goal―Double Our Region- wide Donations!!‖
  25. 25. We Will Help You• 201,000,000 Smiles in 2010 – Country promotions – Materials, celebration
  26. 26. Guidelines– NTC is NOT a charity, partners are charities– Nu Skin does profit from VitaMeal sales • Enables continuity, matching, FFG support, etc.– No solicitations for cash donations • Only people licensed by a charity can solicit cash donations (Charity can raise money and buy VM) • No fund-raisers by NTC, food drive instead– NTC is part of your Nu Skin efforts • Not a separate business opportunity
  27. 27. “Nourish the Childrenmay be 5% of what we do, but it is 95% of who we are.” -- Blake Roney Chairman, Nu Skin Enterprises