Living And Working Abroad _ British Family Moves To Spain As Well As Opens An Adventure Travel Company


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Living And Working Abroad _ British Family Moves To Spain As Well As Opens An Adventure Travel Company

  1. 1. Living And Working Abroad : British Family Moves To Spain AsWell As Opens An Adventure Travel CompanyI connected with Mel and Marie recently , from one webmaster to another , through working on ourmutual websites. I discovered that the couple had just recently moved to the country from Britain andset up an adventure travel company that after one only year in business is already doing pretty much.Many of you know already that the country is one of my favourite nations , so I absolutely had to findout how these northern Europeans made the actual transition into the warm south of Andalucia andhow there were adjusting personally, socially and with their new business in this brand new lifestyle.Heres what they had to say:1. Please tell us a little about your background. Where are you through , what is your workbackground ?Mel: Im through Bedworth, Warwickshire, britain. Formerly a coal miner and cop.Marie: Im through Maghera, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, as well as am a healthprofessional.Prior to moving to Spain, all of us lived in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. We have three children; Stuart(nineteen ), Niall (15) as well as Stephanie (14).2. How did generate the idea of opening an adventure holiday company vacation ?Marie: For all of his adult life, Mel has been a keen trail athlete , cyclist and cross-country skier; thechildren as well as myself are also lovers of the great outdoors. As a family we had holidayed all overEurope, including a number of cycling breaks or cracks in Spain. Having experienced the localclimate, the actual stunning scenery and the apparently limitless tracks and incredibly quiet highways, moving to the country to establish our own activity holiday business seemed the perfect choice.3. How did you decide on your location? What type of property did you choose as well as why?Please talk to us about the property purchasing process vacation.Andalucia is the most stunning part of Spain. All of us wanted to avoid the mayhem of the coast, butdidnt want to be a lot more than an hour away from Malaga airport, in order to reduce the travelingtime with regard to guests. It was then just a question associated with drawing a collection on a mapas well as visiting available properties within that circle.We did a lot of browsing on the internet, then made appointments along with estate agents to viewthe actual properties that seemed right. We eventually chose this property because of the stunningsights , the excellent road entry and because, with only a little work, we were able to convert anoutbuilding into a self-contained visitor apartment.The buying process was relatively simple for us. We given power of lawyer to a local lawyer , whothen dealt with everything on our behalf. All wed to do was move over the money anytime it wasrequired. The only real aspect of the process that people would caution people about is the strategiesof some of the auctions. Not all of the properties listed on websites were actually for sale and some ofthose that were available were only available in a much higher price compared to advertised or werenot at all like their descriptions !
  2. 2. 4. Did you have to do any renovations to the property you bought? if thats the case , what was itprefer to deal with Spanish companies and construction workers ?We had to transform a building along with 2 very basic areas and 2 shed kind rooms into the visitoraccommodation. However, we were able to do a large amount of the work ourselves and onlyemployed builders for that more skilled duties. We have learned that you will find good and badbuilders between the Spanish and the uk builders working in your area , but only a properly registeredfirm works with any sort of guarantee. And that is an important thing to consider.5. Please talk to us about Rio-Frio, the adventure holiday company that you founded. When did youstart it ?We founded Rio Frio Holidays in the summertime of 2004, using the intention of offering activityholidays and vacation accommodation specifically tailored to the requirements of our guests, whetherthey tend to be individual travellers, households or groups.6. What does your company offer ? How is it different from other adventure vacation operations?What type of people vacation with your company?We offer holiday accommodation , activity holidays as well as training camps with regard to families,single vacationers , corporate groups as well as groups of sports people. Mel is the primaryguide/coordinator for walking , mountain biking, road cycling and operating ; other activities, such ascanoeing, rock climbing, abseiling as well as archery and provided by local Spanish businesses.We have had appointments from keen cyclists and runners, as well as families wanting the multi-activity break the ones who wanted to just relax in the garden between visits to Granada, Seville andother sightseeing highlights.7. What was it like opening a business vacation ? What processes do you have to go through?Our first step was to employ a good accountant ("Gestoria") who took all of us through the process ofsigning up with the Spanish authorities as self-employed as well as helped us using the bureaucracyof signing up the business with the nearby tourist authorities. He or she also handles our regular taxreturns as well as ensures that we adhere to all of the relevant tax and other legislation.8. Please tell us the way the first year has gone for you with your new business. What has been yourbiggest challenge associated with operating a business inside a new country? what have been yourgreatest rewards of working this business?The very first year has been wonderful ! We have had only positive feedback through all of our guestsas well as their comments, to their friends and in our online guestbook, happen to be our best form ofadvertising.The biggest challenge continues to be identifying where to spend our marketing spending budget. Weare constantly getting calls from sales reps trying to sell all of us advertising space and it is verydifficult to tell which guides are likely to have the greatest impact. We are nevertheless learning!The greatest reward is the thanks of the guests as well as knowing that we have helped someone tohave a great holiday or helped to put them on the right track to achieving their health or workoutgoals.9. How great was your knowledge associated with Spanish when you relocated there? How offers it
  3. 3. improved since then ?We barely spoke a word of spanish between us - and even less Andaluz (the local dialect!) however ,after many hours of effort , we are all well in route to learning the actual language now.10. Please tell us about your interaction using the locals. How much contact do you have withresidents ? What about the cultural adjustment process, adjusting to Spanish culture, originating fromEngland for yourselves and your children?The children went straight into the local Spanish supplementary school. Unfortunately, the actualrecent influx associated with British children leaves the school struggling to cope.Outside of school, things are much better. Our spanish neighbours and buddies are terrific; there is areal sense of community within our village and, through Mels membership of the local cycling club ,we have developed a broad network of spanish friends.Until you relax and accept that the Spanish - especially the bureaucrats - do not work to workdeadlines in the same way that the uk do, life vacation can be quite stressful for that average Brit.However , there is little about the way of life that doesnt emerge favourably in comparison with ukculture.11. What advice would give you someone who would like to move to Spain and begin a businessthere?Do it! And please feel free to drop us the line if you have any kind of specific questions.Thanks, Mel and jessica , for sharing with us how you achieved your dream of living in the actualSouth of the country and good luck with your business. Its great to hear that you simply were able tofit in in your new environment therefore quickly and have handled such a smooth changeover. Itstrue, sometimes you just gotta get it done....Costa Rica marketing