Jamaica's Black Lake Crocodile Adventure


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Jamaica's Black Lake Crocodile Adventure

  1. 1. Jamaicas Black Lake Crocodile AdventureTime to ExploreJamaica is such a beautiful nation , and Negril, as i have said before , has amazing shorelines withcrystal blue water. We would have been just fine staying at our own all- inclusive holiday resort ,because it had precisely what we needed. I want to see everything a country has to offer any timevisiting it and also the Negril side regarding Jamaica was no different.Along Jamaicas southern CoastComfortable and safe excursions are only attained when you use a licensed as well as insuredcompany to offer your tour. There are many tour operators within Jamaica that I believe in. Wealways felt totally safe and comfortable inside our air conditioned van, once we drove to Jamaicassouth coast in the direction of our Black river croc adventure.We drove for about an hour , until we arrived at the town of african american River, located thelocation where the Black River runs into the Caribbean sea. The Black river is Jamaicas longest riverand is an excellent place to see various kinds of animals, such as Egrets, Cranes, and of coursecrocodiles. In fact, the african american River is the primary crocodile area in most of Jamaica. Theparticular river got its name because of its darkish color which is caused from the tannins which stainthe water, not from pollution. In reality I did not see any indications of pollution anywhere in Jamaica.The Crocodile HunterOur tour started at the mouth of the black river exactly where it flows to the Caribbean Sea. I believewe had the best visit guide that was available , because he was entertaining , and as you will study ,and see, did some extra things that we were advised the other tour guides is not going to do, becauseit is too dangerous! We were today all on the boat planning up the Black river in search of Crocodiles.Our own guide did point out some Egrets and several baby crocs that we saw while we were stillgetting started.Looking with regard to Crocs!Well the child crocodile was cute , but we failed to go on this visit to see a baby crocodile, we werelooking for huge crocodiles! Our manual took us upward river quite a distance right up until wereached a split in the river. The area to the left had been the part of the river that flowed down fromthe mountains, and also the water to the right, had been where the Crocodiles tended to congregate.That wasnt long before we saw a large Crocodile laying in the sun on the river bank. We slowed upboat and stumbled on a complete stop. So what happened next was so amazing !WOW! Patricia the particular friendly Crocodile! (for those who have food)I wish to remind everyone that we were in the wild. We were not at any crocodile farm , or zoo, wewere right in the middle of the african american River. All of a sudden, this particular crocodile, ourmanual called "Patricia" began swimming toward the particular boat. While it had been swimming, ourmanual put his submit the water and had been calling the crocodile, saying "come, appear , come,while splashing the water with his palm. When she emerged close to the boat, he or she put somehen skin in the water and also the croc suddenly lunged for the food using a huge splash! he then let
  2. 2. us pet the particular crocodile as your woman came right next to the boat. For some great photos ofour encounter together with Patricia, check out our own blog post.Our manual left Patricia as well as showed us a couple other regulars, and referred to as them over tothe particular boat, but advised us that we cannot get that close to the other people , because theyhad a propensity to jump at the boat , or any fingers and arms that were hanging off the boat. YIKES!A fantastic LunchIt was a great time to connect to the crocodiles in their own environment. When we came back at thepier , we were greeted by having an authentic Jamaican lunchtime ! We all enjoyed that very muchand they stood a very nice eating area there that was secure. The tour was a great deal, as we got togo on the croc adventure, have lunchtime provided, and then it was off to the y.S Falls!all inclusive resort in Costa Rica