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How To Choose The Right Gourmet Coffee Club RegularMembership For YouMembership in a premium coffee club is a fun experien...
example.Single origin (varietal) specialty coffee selections from:1) southern America: Colombian Supremo. Brazilian Santos...
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How To Choose The Right Gourmet Coffee Club Regular Membership For You


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How To Choose The Right Gourmet Coffee Club Regular Membership For You

  1. 1. How To Choose The Right Gourmet Coffee Club RegularMembership For YouMembership in a premium coffee club is a fun experience for people who love gourmet coffee.A great gift to give someone is fresh , roast-to-order specialty espresso delivered to their frontdoorstep each month. A espresso club membership is a wonderful way for coffee lovers to try newcoffees from around the world!For most consumers, the choice of a gourmet espresso club is based upon a few factors forexample ,1. Flexibility: Can you choose whole bean coffee or ground? Flavored or unflavored coffees? normalor decaffeinated? how about a variety of espresso coffees ? Are the choices wide enough or may bethe selection limited by the organization ?2. Cost: What is the price for the coffee club member ? How does the pricing compare, is itaggressive for the same quality and coffee grade? does the club deliver coffee in 12 ounce bags or16 ounce (one pound) bags? the actual bag size does make a difference in the quantity of coffee youenjoy as well as in the effective cost per cup.3. Club policies: may be the refund policy clearly stated on the website and do you understand thisbefore placing your own order? Is it possible to location a pending order on hold? how about makingchanges in the quantity or selection of coffees you receive each month?4. Freshness: One of the benefits of the coffee club regular membership is that top quality nichecoffee beans are roasted fresh after you order them online. Theyre packed and shipped the sameday theyre roasted. The roasted coffee you get is superior in flavor to what you can buy off the shelfat retail stores , supermarkets or additional establishments. why ? Coffee offered through retailestablishments usually sits in the shops for weeks and weeks because of the period required from theroasted source to the point of purchase.The frequency and quantity of coffee ordered varies according to every coffee club.For example, a good alternative to consider is a premium coffee club that offers the choice of one(one ) full pound, or two (2) one pound bags, or four (4) one pound bags, or five (5) one pound bagsfrom the finest gourmet niche coffee each month, newly roasted and delivered directly to your homefor one low price, with free shipping. Flexible choices like these meet the needs of the casual coffeedrinker in addition to satisfy coffee enthusiasts who drink several cups per day and enjoy tryingdifferent espresso selections.What selections are available from premium coffee clubs?That depends on the online espresso club owners imagination and willingness to offer a wideselection of top grade specialty coffees such as the best grade Colombian Supremo, Kenya aa Fancy(not just kenya AA), Mexican Altura Superior (not merely asian Altura), and Sumatra MandhelingGrade number one (not merely Sumatra Mandheling or Sumatran) in addition to many other suchchoices of specialty coffee varietals and blends.A top quality gourmet espresso club offers niche coffee selections through sources such as these, for
  2. 2. example.Single origin (varietal) specialty coffee selections from:1) southern America: Colombian Supremo. Brazilian Santos Bourbon. Colombian Supremo natural.Peruvian Shade grown Organic (Fair trade )2) Central America and Mexico: Costa Rican Tarrazu. Guatemalan Antigua. Panama Boquete.Salvador High Grown natural. Mexican Altura superior.3) East Africa: Ethiopian Longberry Harrar. Kenya Fancy aa. Tanzania Peaberry north Highlands.4) indonesia and New Guinea: Java Estate. Sumatra Mandheling Grade #1. Celebes KalossiToraja. Papua New Guinea AA Estate.5) Private Blends associated with Specialty Coffee: The Brazil Blend. Custom House Blend(signature Blend). The breakfast Blend. French roast Blend. Mocha-Java blend. Viennese Blend.Kona Blend. Jamaican azure Mountain Blend.6) Espresso Coffee Blends: Classic Italian espresso. Hearty Spanish espresso. Smooth Viennaroast Espresso. Decaffeinated espresso (Italian)7) caffeine free Specialty Coffees including Colombian Supremo Decaf. Costa Rican SHB Decaf.Custom house Blend Decaf. Mocha Java Blend Decaf. Mexican Altura Decaf. Sumatra Estate Decaf.Kenya AA Decaf Java Estate Decaf.8) Flavored premium Specialty Coffees. NOrmal or Decaf. For example,Hazelnut is easily the most popular flavored espresso , smooth and subtle. It is often combined withadditional flavors to accent hazelnuts complex flavor user profile such as vanilla, chocolate , cream,cinnamon, almond, pecan, chestnut, and macadamia nut amongst others.Vanilla flavored coffee is the most popular spice coffee, with french Vanilla, Creme Brulee, andVanilla Almond being among the preferred variations.Chocolate flavored coffees include many flavor variations for example banana, banana nut , cherry,cinnamon hazelnut, coconut, fudge, hazelnut, mint, mousse, orange , raspberry, Swiss almond, Dutchchocolate or white chocolate. The list goes on!If you like flavored coffees you definitely need a membership in a espresso club that offers at least65 different flavored coffees!A espresso club membership is a great opportunity to "travel the planet from your cup year-roundand learn about the beans , culture, traditions and music of countries such as Brazil, Jamaica,Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Panama, panama and nicaragua , , Guatemala, Hawaii, mexico , Java,Sumatra, Celebes (Sulawesi), Papua brand new Guinea, Tanzania, kenya , and Ethiopia, to name afew.If you have not became a member of a coffee membership before, what are you waiting for?subscribe to a coffee membership membership or shock someone with one as a gift! In themeantime, how about joining me for a great cup associated with top grade Mexican Altura Superiorspecialty espresso from the premium developing region in Mexicos Central highlands?Costa Rica marketing