How To Buy A Quality Diamond


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How To Buy A Quality Diamond

  1. 1. How To Buy A Quality DiamondShopping for diamonds is a once in a very lifetime thing for many. There are so many interestingcircumstances to know about diamonds yet getting a good schooling to learn how to buy an excellentdiamond takes a substantial investment of your time. So now is a quick listing to ensure you get thebest quality for your dollars.Checklist #1: Find a good trustworthy Jeweler.Much like how we would not entrust your well being to a quack medical doctor , do not invest yourtime and effort and money with a questionable jeweler. Like excellent doctors, all trustworthy jewelersare accredited by various body such as GIA (Gemological Institute of the united states ), AGS(American Gemological Society) etc all of which will belong to various stone industry tradeorganizations.Checklist #2: accredited diamondsAlways look for diamonds that are certified by simply known laboratories (if at all possible GIA orAGS) and are accompanied by a report report grading diamonds. Certifications by not known labs areusually not necessarily trust worthy and also their grading will not be consistent. Also understanddifferentiate between appraisals which such as h.G (GIA Gemologist) which is made by the graduateof GIA and GIA GTL (Gem Trade laboratory ) which is made by the particular GIA Lab.Checklist # 3: understand your basic 4CsThe four cs are Cut, clearness , Color and carat weight. All diamonds are generally graded based onthese kinds of four criteria. REalizing them will help you decide on the quality of the diamond youdesire and also help you decipher the document survey of the diamonds. Keep in mind if you want aquality stone you should stick to high grades on all of the 4Cs however if you happen to be okay witha stone that looks top quality then you can downgrade a step or two inside the clarity, color and alsocarat without receiving discernable reduction in quality appearance wise.Checklist # 4: have them LooseIf you want to give you the best quality, loose diamonds are the way move. They are not only lesscostly , allowing you to upgrade to raised quality but they might be more precisely appraised by yourindependent evaluator.Checklist # 5 : Use TIAI mean work with a Truly Independent evaluator (not the- that is Africa TIA). Always get your diamondappraised and do not use an in-house appraiser or work with a recommended appraiser instead youshould choose your individual.What you also need to remember is that a independent appraiser really should not be selling anythingto anyone nor making suggestions.Checklist # 6 : Say Ill be back Treated diamonds are generally difficult to spot for a newcomer , however if you use an impartialappraiser (as propose in checklist # 5) they will get it pretty very easily. However you could be boundto a buying a poor diamond if you failed to check for a return insurance plan. Make sure that your
  2. 2. jewelry expert does have one and you also understand the terminology clearly or you wont be able togo back to return it.I know, it is a long check list, but diamonds are forever and when you want to buy a quality diamondthats a little price to pay for a thing that will never depreciate nor lose its beautiful allure with time.whats the price of gold