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Find Tax Destination S


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Find Tax Destination S

  1. 1. Find Tax Destination SI have spent the day trying to find tax havens where i might like to live. Ive done quite a bit of onlineresearch. My criteria isnt just related to financial issues but it must also be a nice place to reside.Preferably blue sky , sunshine and a few beaches. The following are the ones ive considered today:Panama, Vanuatu, Andorra, panama and nicaragua , and Malta.Panama seems the best of the five. The requirements for getting in are so easy, good health and aproven $500 a month income. Mix that with great beaches , good weather, palms , good nightlife, lowrents, good lifestyle and I think I may have found my next port of call.Of course Costa Rica as well as Vanuatu are both very lovely countries as well as fit my requirementsfor sunshine as well as beaches. Costa Rica particularly has a very good infrastructure and a greatstandard of living Both are a little more hard to get into unless of course youre filthy rich.Andorra is the odd 1 out sunny sufficient but skiing as well as mountains instead of hot temperaturesand beaches. It is supposed to be beautiful though. The scenery is said to be breathtaking. It hasmuch the same advantages because Monaco but if you are renting or buy a house you will payconsiderably less. The problem there is having to deposit money with all of them which you do getwhen you leave but which has not gained something in the way of interest while you have been livingthere.Malta is great. Good weather, sunshine, beaches , friendly locals and a relaxed Mediterraneanlifestyle. If you are an EU national you are free to enter. After three months you apply to become aresident (mind you I have heard which on Gozo nobody actually bothers doing this.) With the help ofan accountant it appears all of that is easy sufficient. You get an identity card , then make anapplication for the necessary health paperwork and you are in. Those people who are retired can endup paying little or no tax in Malta.I wrote the above post several months ago and i have since made my choice. I am here in Malta and imust say it will have its advantages. After my accountancy firm had finished we seem to be payinghardly any tax, also there isnt any council tax and cash in off shoreline accounts does very nicely, notax and good rates of interest. As with all countries your cost of living depends on your own lifestylehowever , you can live cheaply here or of course you can live the millionaire lifestyle and there areplenty of those in Malta. So i did find tax havens and selected one to live in. We still like the appear ofPanama also it may be next. Who knows !lawyers in Costa Rica