Flooring Canada Carpets for the Way you Live Brochure


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Become a carpet expert with this highly educational brochure. Information includes choosing the right carpet cushion for your floor, a glossary of carpet types and fibers, and a comprehensive listing of our most popular carpet brands and their individual benefits.

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Flooring Canada Carpets for the Way you Live Brochure

  1. 1. Carpet for the WayYou Live overview
  2. 2. cushionAt Flooring Canada®, we understandthe importance of choice. Choosing the RightOur wide selection of carpet brands gives you Carpet Cushion…choices you won’t find anywhere else. From renowned Carpet cushion extends the life of your carpet. By reducingbrand names like Stainmaster® carpet to our pile-height loss and pile crushing, carpet cushion can help keepsuperior-quality signature brands, Flooring Canada® a carpet new-looking and thereby stretch its usable life span. In addition, cushion imparts resiliency and resistance to pressure,offers style, performance, and value. which contribute to a carpet’s feeling of luxury. And with cushion, it’s possible to select the degree of luxury or firmness of treadWhether you’re looking for carpet that indulges you desire.your feet, expresses your personality, or is built towithstand your family’s active lifestyle while still Additional benefits of carpet cushion:looking new, Flooring Canada® has the flooring • Extends carpet lifeyou need and the selection you deserve. • Adds comfort and performance • Reduces impact on floor by one-half • Absorbs more sound • Improves overall thermal insulation • Provides added luxury There are three types of carpet cushions. Most are available in varying weights, densities, and thicknesses to accommodate your desired feeling underfoot and level of traffic. Foam PRIME similar to the type of cushion used in furniture, mattresses, and car seats; recommended for light to moderate traffic BONDED OR REBOND made from recycled foam; most often features a surface net for easy installation and improved performance Rubber WAFFLED a soft, resilient cushion with a luxurious feel FLAT a firm, dense cushion often used in large commercial applications and with loop carpet Fiber NATURAL made with felt, animal hair, or jute SYNTHETIC made with nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and acrylics
  3. 3. carpetCarpet Types Natural Fibers PLUSH OR CUT-PILE has loops trimmed WOOL comfortable, durable, naturally beautiful, and off with yarn bundles standing straight up. generally considered the ‘ultimate’ fiber. Soil-resistant, Repeated pre-shearing creates a luxurious but set-in stains may be difficult to remove. More appearance. A great ‘whole house’ carpet, expensive than synthetics. medium durability. Popular varieties include saxony plush: short, densely packed tufts; SISAL made from fiber derived from a cactus plant. textured plush: decoratively versatile, textured Stronger and more durable than other natural fibers, surface helps hide footprints and vacuum earthy and rough-textured like jute. Sisal carpets usually marks; velvet plush: lightly twisted cut-piles contain jute, hemp, sea grass, and coconut fibers. with a uniform colour and luxurious appearance that’s ideal for formal areas. SEA GRASS adds a wonderful natural look and feel to any room. Can be damaged by chemicals BERBER LOOP-PILE high level loop with and is susceptible to mold and insects. complete yarn loops that stand upright, creates a nubby, rugged texture that looks natural and handcrafted. Tight loop texture helps hide foot and vacuum marks. Uncut COIR extracted from the husks of coconuts, coir is loops tend to wear better than cut-pile. one of the most environmentally-friendly fibers. Tough, hardwearing, and versatile, with natural aesthetic appeal. Rich and bold textures. Often blended with sisal. BERBER CUT-PILE newer Berber look with colour and interest of traditional loop Berbers but the great plush feel of thick, cut-pile carpet. Very versatile, ideal for casual rooms, Synthetic Fibers kids rooms, etc. Subtle colour flecks help NYLON considered the most versatile fiber. Durable, excellent soil hide soil. resistance, less costly than wool but one of the most expensive of synthetics. Can be damaged by prolonged exposure to sunlight. CUT-AND-LOOP PILE combined cut and looped fibers provide a variety of surface POLYESTER softer, slightly less durable, and less expensive than textures or carved/sculptured effects for nylon. The softer fiber accepts dyes well, making brilliant colours medium durability. Multiple colours and levels possible. Stain resistance superior to other, more popular fibers. hide dirt and footprints in formal or informal areas. Also available in solid colours. POLYPROPYLENE (OLEFIN) extremely durable, colourfast, absorbs no moisture, with superior stain resistance. Ideal for loop- COMMERCIAL LOOP versatile styles in a pile carpets, also made into ribbon-type yarn used in outdoor durable, long-wearing surface pile engineered carpet. Low cost, limited colours. for high-traffic areas. Captivating colour choices and textured surfaces suitable for professional and practical installations. ACRYLICS resemble wool more than other synthetic fibers and resist fading. Look for this symbol to identify our earth-friendly products. AD
  4. 4. Constructed with the most exquisite fibers and made by the most One of the oldest and most respected names in the carpet industry,skilled hands, Bedford Mills™ carpets are the epitome of style, Downs® has been synonymous with superbly constructed, elegant,design, and elegance. Bedford Mills™ sets a new standard for and uniquely styled carpets for nearly 150 years. Today, the Downs®carpet luxury through its dedication to the highest standards of tradition of quality, integrity, and unsurpassed luxury continues to bequality and meticulous workmanship. appreciated and enjoyed by active families who require unbeatable performance and the best warranty package in the industry.You’ll discover natural fibers, including exotic grasses, and traditional,durable nylon choices in rich hues and unparalleled textures. Whetheryour floor is a focal point or backdrop, your home will command The Downs® warranty features a 15-year, nonprorated,attention when you decorate with the Bedford Mills™ Collection. “No Exclusions” Stain-Protection Plan that covers the most stubborn stains, including: • Coffee • Apple juice • Bleach • Red wine • Fruit punch • Grape juice • Acne medication • Lipstick • Cola • Vomit • Plant food • Grease • Mustard • Paint In addition, Downs® carpets carry a Lifetime Installation Warranty and a 25-year Limited Wear warranty that protects against fiber loss caused by abrasive wear. Should you sell your home during the term of the warranty, it is transferable to the new owner. Downs® carpets boast an extensive line of colours and a broad range of styling options. Plus, they’ve earned a Five-Star rating for premium performance. Serviced by 3M, Makers of Scotchgard™ Protector THE CARPET YOU WERE MEANT TO OWN
  5. 5. Resista® is the ideal carpet for today’s active households.It carries a 10-year “No Exclusion” Stain Warranty against allfood and beverages, plus a 30-day Satisfaction AssuranceReplacement Warranty.Resista’s advanced fiber technology actually repels liquids,making cleanup a snap! Simply blot away food andbeverage spills like:• Coffee • Cola • Grape juice • And more!• Fruit punch • Apple juice • Mustard Visionary designers from the trend-setting studios of Design Distinctions™ passionately gather the boldest colours, the most transitional and contemporary patterns, and the most inspiringResista® delivers unsurpassed performance and supreme textures to create a unique collection of definitive flooring products.softness through specially engineered polyester fibers. Thesefibers are blended for enhanced colour clarity and offered in a The Design Distinctions™ carpet line includes naturals and wovenfashionable array of bright, rich colours that resist fading. The fibers, in multilevel cut-pile carpets featuring tone-on-tone, animalsame fiber technology ensures long-lasting texture and years prints and bold geometrics. The sophisticated high-design evokesof enjoyment. exotic locales and motifs — ideal for expressing your personal style. Put your foot down…on flooring that’s distinctly you! The most recognized and trusted name in the carpet industry, Stainmaster® is known for durability, style, and easy cleanup. Stainmaster® is also a leader in fiber innovations. Designed to complement your life and your furniture, Stainmaster® offers luxurious style and incredible colours that stand up to years of everyday living. Stainmaster® carpet provides excellent resistance to staining, fuzzing, shedding, matting, and static shock.
  6. 6. The Home Craft™ Collection showcases a complete selection of attractive and affordable carpet suitable for long-wearing performance in every room. With the needs of the new home buyer in mind, Home Craft™ offers a Never-Miss-A-Closing guarantee.Hearth & Home™ carpets represent real style and real value. Perfectfor anyone who’s starting out or starting over, Hearth & Home™ offersthe quality and durability consumers demand at reasonable prices tosuit every lifestyle and every budget. Because Hearth & Home™carpets are available in a huge selection of colours and patterns(including plushes, shags, saxonies, and more), finding a product tosuit current furnishings and décor is simple. With Hearth & Home™,decorating on a budget can be rewarding and beautiful. Gibraltar™ Commercial Carpets are the perfect solution for many residential spaces. Constructed of the highest-performance fibers, they are available in rolls or modular carpet tiles in an array of patterns, textures and colours. Gibraltar’s modular system combines versatility, easy care, and extraordinary value with guaranteed performance. Gibraltar™ means durability and strength for every commercial need; bring this performance to your home office, basement, breezeway, media room, play room, or whole house.In-demand styling suited to tastes from contemporary to traditional,from lounge to lodge and everything in between, Floorcraft™ carpetsfeature only quality materials manufactured to exacting standardsand using the most innovative techniques. Floorcraft’s newbroadloom line highlights cutting-edge designs in patterns,textures, deeply-etched multilevels, and saxonies. For the most invalue, performance, and style, Floorcraft™ is the right choice forexceptional quality that’s affordable.
  7. 7. Carpet for the Way You Live. www.flooringcanada.ca August 2010. FC632.