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  1. 1. JTB PTE LTD/ JTB KYUSHU 77 Robinson Road #10-02A Robinson77 Singapore 068896 Tel: 63205310 Fax: 65353823 Itinerary to Kyushu / Victoria School Date City Time Activity 27OCT Singapore 1.00am Depart Singapore on board SQ656 to Fukuoka MON Fukuoka 8.05am Reach Fukuoka /Greeted by JTB Representative 9.00am Transfer to Minamata Minamata 12:30pm Lunch at local restaurant 1:30pm Visit Minamata Disease Municipal Museum ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ The museum was opened on January 4, 1993, in the aim of passing on the lessons of Minamata disease to future generations. Since then, it has been attracting visitors from around Japan and overseas, and is generating keen interest in pollution problems. The objectives of the Minamata Disease Municipal Museum are as follows: to collect and display materials relating to Minamata disease; to provide an honest and sincere appraisal of the past and present situation of Minamata disease; to serve as a warning to future generations and express the sincere hope that environmental disasters like Minamata disease never occur again. Learning Objectives: To learn more about the Minamata disease To relate what Singapore can do to avoid this kind of incident from happening to us To bring the consequences of pollution closer to heart To analyze the effects of urbanization To understand the human behaviour behind the pollution To learn what the authorities did to help Minamata recover physically, socially and emotionally. 2:20pm ¡ ¡ Lecture on Minamata Disease kataribe ¡ ¡ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ £ £ £ £ Visit Kumamoto Environment Center ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ They provide environment classes on request for visitors to learn more about various environmental issues. The facility has ten thousand books on various environments and five hundred videos or DVDs. You will enjoy learning about the relation between our life and the environment at the Ecology House. Learning Objectives: To learn about the environmental issues in other countries To understand how the local authorities control the issues To find out how the locals are educated on protecting the environment To understand how life and environment depends heavily on each other Transfer to Hotel Yunoko 5.00pm Arrival at Hotel 5.10pm Accommodation (Fouth-sharing):Yunoko Sankaikan equal Hotel 28OCT (Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner:H) ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ TUE Minamata 7.30am Morning breakfast at Hotel 190011-058 1 Creation date 2008/08/28  
  2. 2. JTB PTE LTD/ JTB KYUSHU 77 Robinson Road #10-02A Robinson77 Singapore 068896 Tel: 63205310 Fax: 65353823 8.30am 9.00am Transfer to Minamata Visit R B S Co., Ltd. Tsukinoura Center ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ They use Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to build and carry on our facilities where human waste and water purifying sludge are recycled as manure. They accept the human waste and water purifying sludge which are collected from Minamata, Tsunagimachi and Ashikitamachi. Then they apply microbes to process the waste and sludge by using an RBS, reactor biosystem. This processed waste and sludge are dehydrated, dried and then recycled as manure. The features of the RBS are that: it is capable of processing in concentrated form, it is highly effective at suppressing odor, the sludge has many beneficial properties and it is also highly effective at eliminating contamination. Therefore, they can process concentrated solution without the need for dilution and our plant is space-saving, does not generate much order and does not require special deodorizing equipment. Manure made from good sludge contains rich organic matter and minerals and so has acquired a favorable reputation in the Minamata and Ashikita areas. Learning Objectives: To learn how human waste can be recycled To consider how this system can work in Singapore To understand the operational techniques used in the recycling and compare it with Singapore’s NeWater 10.00am Izumi 11.00am Transfer to Izumi-city Cranes in Izumi § § § § Those cranes come to Izumi in Kagoshima prefecture to pass the winter from mid Ooctober to March. About 10 thousand NABEDURU, 3 thousand MANADURU, and few KURODURU, ANEHADURU, KANADADURU, SODEGURODURU come here every winter. We usually stayed in TURUMITEI, a little inn just around the feeding area and slept and woke up with the chattering and croaking of cranes. Many who love bird wathcin stay this in 12.00pm Lunch at local restaurant 1.00pm 3.00pm Transfer to Yabe Village Arrival at TSUJYUN Bridge 4.00pm ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ 5.00pm Transfer to Gokase Arrival at Gokase Accommodation (3-5sharing):Farm Stay (Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner:H) © © © © 29OCT WED Gokase 7.30am Morning breakfast at farm family 8.00am 190011-058 2 Creation date 2008/08/28  
  3. 3. JTB PTE LTD/ JTB KYUSHU 77 Robinson Road #10-02A Robinson77 Singapore 068896 Tel: 63205310 Fax: 65353823 9.00am Transfer to Aso Arrival at SHIRAKAWA RIVERHEAD ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ 60 tons of natural mineral water spring from the underground every minutes.You can drink and bottle the clear water directly from the source.Local people make effort to keep good condition. Aso 10.00am 10.30am Transfer to Mt.Aso Transfer to Aso Kusasenri © © © © Overlooking Mt. Nakadake emitting smoke, This vast praire is proud of a best location. It spreads out at the foot of north in Mt. Eboshidake, and a central big pond and pastured horses creats a pastoral scenery. Experience various outdoor activities including horse riding, or simply enjoy the splendid sceneries throughout the year such as vivid green in summer and a visionary of silver snow in winter. ¨ ¨ Mt. Aso by private coach to visit Active Volcano Crater by cable car and also view ¨ ¨ the Volcano Museum ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ Mt. Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan, and is among the largest in the world. It stands in Kumamoto Prefecture, on the island of Kyushu. Its peak is 1592 m above sea level. Its caldera is 25 km across north to south and 18 km across east to west. The caldera has a circumference of around 120 km (75 miles), although sources vary on the exact distance. The central cone group of Aso The central cone group consists of five mountains: Mt. Neko, Mt. Taka, Mt. Naka, Mt. Eboshi, and Mt. Kishima. The highest point is the 1592 m of Mt. Taka. The crater of Mt. Naka, the west side of which is accessible by road, contains an active volcano which continuously emits smoke and has occasional 12.00pm eruptions. 1.00pm Lunch at local restaurant 3.00pm Transfer to Kumamoto Visit Kumamoto Castle § § § § Kumamoto Castle is a castle in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan that has been opened to the public for tours. A large, and in its day, an extremely well fortified Japanese castle. The donjon (castle central keep) is a concrete reconstruction built in 1960, but several ancillary wooden buildings remain of the original castle. The castle was besieged during the Satsuma Rebellion, and was sacked and burned after a 53-day siege. In nearby San-no- Maru Park is the Hosokawa Gyobu-tei, the former residence of Hosokawa clan, the Higo daimyo. This traditional wooden mansion has a fine Japanese garden located in its grounds. The signature curved stone walls known as musha-gaeshi, as well as wooden overhangs were designed to prevent foes from penetrating the castle. Rock falls were also used as deterrents. 4.40pm Transfer to Kumamoto port 5.10pm Arrival at Kumamoto port(Via Shimabara) Arrival at Shimabara Transfer to Hotel 190011-058 3 Creation date 2008/08/28  
  4. 4. JTB PTE LTD/ JTB KYUSHU 77 Robinson Road #10-02A Robinson77 Singapore 068896 Tel: 63205310 Fax: 65353823 5.30pm Accommodation (4-5persons-sharing): Shimabara Nanpuro or equal Hotel **Experience Japanese hot spring and traditional dishes** [ ] (Breakfast: Lunch: © © © © Dinner:H) 30OCT Shimabara 7.30am Morning breakfast at hotel THU 8.00am Transfer to Nagasaki Nagasaki is the capital and the largest city of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. It was formerly part of Nishisonogi Distrit.It was a center of European influence in the sixteenth century. Nagasaki became a major Imperial Japanese Navy base during the First Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War.During World War II, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki made Nagasaki the second city in the world to be subject to nuclear warfare. Nagasaki 10.00am Visit Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum § § § § There is a section which introduces the scenery and customs of Nagasaki just before the atomic bombing. A clock that stopped at 11:02 a.m., the moment of the explosion, is displayed to show how the people were destroyed in an instant. There is also a section that shows the devastating scene of Nagasaki just after the atomic bombing, this section provides visitors with an understanding of the fearsome destructive power and horrors of the atomic bombing. The 3rd section provides visitors with an opportunity to think about issues related to war, nuclear weapons and peace in order to realize a world without nuclear weapons. The Video room stores documentary films related to the atomic bombing are shown. The facilities include a QA corner regarding the atomic bombing and peace, and a reference system to find documents such as Nagasaki' Peace Declaration. s Learning Objectives: To learn about the history of WWII To witness the tragedy from the other side – the Japanese To learn how War affects the civilians the most To understand the effect of nuclear weapons Visit Nagasaki Peace Park Nagasaki Peace Park commemorates the city' destruction by the s atomic bomb dropped on August 9, 1945. In the park stand the massive Peace Statue as well as various other statues. A monument with a black pillar marks the atomic explosion' s epicenter in the nearby Hypocenter Park and stores the name list of bomb victims. Above the park stands the sobering Nagasaki A-Bomb Museum. 12.00pm Transfer to School Exchange (**plan / Nagasaki area ) For exsample Welcome Ceremony Classroom Visit Lunch with Japanese students/Lunch box Club Watching/Participation 190011-058 4 Creation date 2008/08/28  
  5. 5. JTB PTE LTD/ JTB KYUSHU 77 Robinson Road #10-02A Robinson77 Singapore 068896 Tel: 63205310 Fax: 65353823 Accommodation:Home stay in Nagasaki (Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner:Home) © © © © 31OCT Morning breakfast at Home FRI Exchange program**(HOMESTAY) Each stay host family Accommodation:Home stay in Nagasaki (Breakfast:Home Lunch:Home Dinner:Home) Dinner at each home 01NOV Nagasaki 7.30am Morning breakfast at Hotel SAT 8.00am Transfer to Tanushimaru Tanushimaru 10.00am Arrival at Tanushimaru ¨ ¨ Experience fruit picking(Persimmon or Japanese ¨ ¨ Orange) 11.00am Transfer to Transfer to Tosu City Dazaifu 11.30am Arrival at Tosu City [ ] Lunch at local restaurant 1.30pm Transfer to Dazaifu 2.00pm Visit Dazaifu Tenmangu This shrine worships Sugawara Michizane as quot;God of Scholarshipquot;. In 901, Michizane was suddenly demoted from Udaijin (Minister of the Right) to an official of Dazaifu, and died in this place two years after. Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine was built at his final resting place, and its present main shrine (important cultural asset) was built in 1591(Tensei 19). Learning Objectives: To pay respect to one of the great thinkers in history – Sugawara Michizane To appreciate the architecture of the Tenmangu 3.30pm Transfer to Fukuoka 4.00pm Transfer to Citizene’s Safety of FUKUOKA dial 999 training big wind experience earthquake experience fire control experience etc….. 5.00pm Transfer to Fukuoka shopping area Aeon Mall Lucle 190011-058 5 Creation date 2008/08/28  
  6. 6. JTB PTE LTD/ JTB KYUSHU 77 Robinson Road #10-02A Robinson77 Singapore 068896 Tel: 63205310 Fax: 65353823 7.00pm Dinner at local restaurant Accommodation (twin-sharing):Chisan Hotel Hakata (Breakfast:© © © © Lunch: Dinner: ) ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ 02NOV Fukuoka 7.00am Morning breakfast at Hotel SUN 8.00am Transfer to Fukuoka airport 10.20am On board SQ 655 to Singapore Singapore 3.50pm Reach Singapore (Breakfast:© © Lunch: © © ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ Dinner: ) ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ 190011-058 6 Creation date 2008/08/28