My ancestors


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My ancestors

  1. 1. My ancestors a short tour through many years
  2. 2. Between 1876 and 1976 about 26 million Italians left their homeland in the direction of several points around the world. At that time, our country came to occupy the third and even second among those receiving immigration .
  3. 3. Among that families that came to our country was my great grandfather´s.They travelled by ship from Italy to Argentina…
  4. 4. They came from a place called Vernazza,on the Italian peninsula..
  5. 5. My great grand father´s name was Vittorio Tulli,who emmigrated with his wife Rosario and his daughter Adelaida looking for a new life trying to escape from the misery that the Second World War left in Europe …
  6. 6. My great grandfathher worked as a metallurgical but he opened his own factory in Buenos Airesa few years alter,fortunatelly,it succeded and he made some money…
  7. 7. Some years later,after having adapted to our coutry,Vittorio and Rosario had a son,Romulo…
  8. 8. The family seemed to be going through a prosperous season when Rosario got sick and finally died.Vittorio closed his factory and fell in a deep depression and after a few years he contracted cancer and died…
  9. 9. Romulo left school and followed is father´s steps and also became a metallurgic,after some years he married a girl from Corrientes called Elena
  10. 10. Altough she already had a daughter,Silvia,and a son,Rodolfo,my father,Romulo accepted them as his own but a few years later they had two sons,Jose and Alejandro…
  11. 11. <ul><li>Each of his sons (except Alejandro)and his daughter got into a family. My father Rodolfo got married with my mother, Monica. They got married when my father was eight ten years old and my mother was sixteen years old.. They had two sons,Marcos and Lucas,and two daughters,apart from me,Debora and Valeria. </li></ul>
  12. 12. Unfortunately in 2005 when my family was already fully formed my grandfather died of a brain tumor
  13. 13. <ul><li>Finally, my mother and my father got divorced because married life became impossible among them. </li></ul><ul><li>In spite of having this family problems, me and my brothers and sisters continued our lives, my brother Marcos became a police officer as my father and he formed a family with a girl who met in the secondary school, Monica and they have now a son called Alejo. </li></ul><ul><li>My sister Valeria got married with a man called Leonardo and they have now two sons, Lautaro and Sebastian. Regarding to my brother Lucas and my sister Debora they are single and continue working, Debora lives alone and Lucas lives with me and my mother in Claypole. </li></ul>