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Your first days

speaking task

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Your first days

  2. 2. Job description • A Job Description is an outline of all that entails a job position. It contains the job title name, main purpose of the job, day-to-day tasks and duties and any special working conditions. • Example:
  3. 3. Same concept with your boss • It’s mean that both of you and your boss have the same concept of what your job should be. • Example:
  4. 4. Boss Expectation • It’s means you must talk to the boss about his expectations and how you can help him to reach the expectations. • Example:
  5. 5. Respect your boss • It’s means you must like and respect the person you work for, trouble ahead you. • Example:
  6. 6. Help the boss do his job better • It’s mean that you as a secretary must help your boss to do his job better than before. • Example:
  7. 7. Develop confidence • You must increase your confidence in your abilities to do your job. • Example:
  8. 8. The boss trust you • The boss give you trust to do your work in helping him. • Example: