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Dream todeployment


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From Dream to Deployment: Our Journey to Python / Django

Published in: Internet, Technology
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Dream todeployment

  2. 2. Who Are We? Timothy Allen, IT Director, WRDS Advanced Initiatives David Roller, Systems Administrator, Core Services We are members of the Wharton DevTAP (details later) implementation team Python / Django enthusiasts
  3. 3. Who Are We Not? We are not Miley Cyrus We are not the entire DevTAP team; implementation is not the entire DevTAP process We are not Python / Django Experts (yet!) As disappointed as you may be that we are not Miley Cyrus, we will try to bring a live performance today anyway… that doesn’t turn your stomach
  4. 4. The DevTAP Process: Repeatability Was Key!
  5. 5. Didn’t You Hear the Canary Singing? ColdFusion is Long Since Dead! We did wait too long; DevTAP was founded to ensure this never happens again! However, ColdFusion is still quite profitable for Adobe. (Source: Terry Ryan, Adobe Evangelist) It is long past time to move on from ColdFusion, clearly. But we still have time to make an informed decision, and transition deliberately. The canary in the coal mine ain’t just singing, it is pelting it out like a diva!
  6. 6. General Requirements, Identified by Wharton Computing Leadership
  7. 7. Technical Requirements, Identified by the Wharton DevTAP Team
  8. 8. Wharton Business Requirements, Identified by the DevTAP Team
  9. 9. Objective Process Developed for Evaluating Technology - the “Framework Assessment Framework”
  10. 10. Seven Language / Frameworks Were Put Through the Process
  11. 11. Three Finalists & the Reference Project: Make the Process a Web Site
  12. 12. General Project Requirements: Developed in All Three Frameworks Framework user & group management Authentication features & support Rich ORM feature set Shibboleth & CoSign Support Error handling Flexibility for both small, medium, and large sized projects
  13. 13. Frequent Use Project Requirements: Developed in All Three Frameworks Email & messaging Reporting, charting, and downloading Scheduled tasks Administration tools Search Features APIs: consuming & providing web services
  14. 14. Methodology Project Requirements: Developed in All Three Frameworks MVC design pattern (the “MTV” pet peeve) Test driven development Object-oriented Code readability and portability Modular & reusable Conventions
  15. 15. And Now for Something Completely Different: Implementation! Taking the theoretical (everything thus far) to the actual Reality bites. Bite it back!
  16. 16. And Now for Something Completely Different: Implementation! Support multiple environments: Windows, Mac, Linux (Vagrant, Server Development, Test, Stage Production), and Solaris. The Holy Grail: identical environments on a per- Project basis across all possible environments virtualenv is your friend!
  17. 17. Code on Screen Productions, in Conjunction with Live Demos & Making Conor Happy Industries, Proudly Present…
  18. 18. Configuration: Apache and Python virtualenvs
  19. 19. User Space Development: On a Shared Dev Server
  20. 20. Local Development: On Your Machine, or Vagrant
  21. 21. A Team Effort, Within Wharton and Beyond Tim Allen Robert Botto David Brubaker Rich Dengel Joe Dougherty Steve Erdman Andrew Feierabend Matthew Frew Lew Goettner Praveen Halpe Jennifer Kelley Brandon Krakowsky Jason Lehman Mark Mehalik Greg Barendt (UPHS) Margaret Frances (ISC) John Kiser (University Library) Nathan Mische Sanjay Modi Amy Ortwein John Piotrowski Grant Reitz David Roller Andrew Saraceni Mark Sherretta Eric Stein Ryan Sullivan Ka-Wing Tam Sarah Toms Steve Turoscy Shawn Zamechek Michael McLaughlin (ISC) Conor Schaefer (SEAS) John Speno (ISC)
  22. 22. Get Involved: Campus Wide Code Collaboration Get in touch to be involved; DevTAP repository is live! https://stash.wharton.upenn. edu/projects/PENN_SHARED Thank you! Questions?
  23. 23. Join Us at Happy Hour, and Feel Free to Strike Up a Chat!