How to make a funny children page flip book with flash and 3d effects | 3DPageFlip


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3D Page Flip book software - Use 3D PageFlip Professional to add vivid element to the flipping page to make a funny children page flip book with flash and 3d effects []

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How to make a funny children page flip book with flash and 3d effects | 3DPageFlip

  1. 1. to Make a Funny Children Page Flip Book with Flash And 3dEffects?We all like funny and interesting things, even children. If you would like your children to read a book,you may draw their attention to the book. First, make them interesting, then you can encourage them toread and learn knowledge more easily.Let’s take an English eBook for children as an example. How to make a funny children page flip bookwith flash and 3d effects? Let’s start from here.1. Preparation: Find the original PDF file first. Install the relative flip book software; here 3D PageFlipProfessional will be a better choice than any other software.Run 3D PageFlip Professional and import the PDF file to the flip book. Here will be a benefit for you.You have no need to import the pages you don’t want. Then the book will be more concise and lesselephantine. So I choose the most important pages to import.
  2. 2. Layout: move to ‘Page Layout’ and choose an image from the ‘Background Config>Picture’. Andchange tool bar color to fit the background color. Of course you can make further design if you havetime, such as 3d flip book angle, background music, and flip page thickness.3. Editing page: enter ‘Edit Pages’ in Home toolbar. Insert a flash to vivid the flip page, such aswaving grass. Don’t know how to add flash, go to FAQ: Can I add flash to the 3D page flip book pages?
  3. 3. Add a slide show in the flip book page to help children learn more. Of course you can insert theslide show through image or through a link.FAQ( 3.How to add photo slide show to 3d page flip book? ) to see how to add photo slide show from animage.Even you can add movie tutorial or children’s songs to the 3d flip page. all your hard work for the digitalbook will be the richer content than other usual books.At last, don’t forget to save and convert it to a 3D page flipping book!
  4. 4. course this designing can be used in other field, such as a digital product brochure or photos onlinemagazines.OK! The children’s eBook has finished and you can view the effect from here: Children 3D Page Flip book.RelatedAndroid Reader for 3DP Flip Book Launched – Enjoy Reading on AndroidThe Differences Between 3D eBook and Ordinary eBookUse A 3D Pageflip Book to Design A Multimedia Snoopy Digital Autograph AlbumHow to embed your 3D eBook in your web pageHot ProductsVisit 3DPageFlipFree 3D ebook templates for 3DPageFlip software