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Introduction Workshop - Visualizing Marathon Data Visualisation


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Data Visualisation workshop held by Flink Labs for the data visualization marathon help in Sydney.

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Introduction Workshop - Visualizing Marathon Data Visualisation

  1. 1. Melbourne Trains
  2. 2. Author driven vs Viewer driven
  3. 3. Melbourne Taxis
  4. 4. Exploration and Engagement
  5. 5. The Data’s Journey
  6. 6. Tell a story that you can interact with
  7. 7. Our Process Iteration Explore and analyse Develop detailed data. Define design and Develop and deploy requirements and visualisation visualisation conceptual design. prototypes. Feedback Exploration Design DevelopmentGather and review data Create interactive prototypes Develop select visualisationAssess audience needs Design technical architecture Implement server backendSketch conceptual designs Design detailed interactions Handover and trainingProduce data profile
  8. 8. Author driven vs Viewer driven Martini Glass Author driven, linear narrative initially Opens up to viewer driven at end Tell a story then exploration e.g. Interactive news Interactive Slideshow Balance of author and viewer driven Exploration at each stage Primarily linear narrative Drill Down Story Viewer driven narrative Initial high level overview Viewer then drills into detail e.g. Interactive map J. Heer
  9. 9. Not just the averages
  10. 10. Draw the viewer into the data
  11. 11. Form Visual EncodingOrientation Line Length Line Width SizeShape Curvature Enclosure MotionColour PositionIntensity Hue 2-D Position Grouping Ware
  12. 12. Gestalt Principles of Visual Perception Similarity Similarity Connection Continuity Closure Enclosure Proximity Proximity Proximity
  13. 13. Expanding Toolsets
  14. 14. “Real artists ship”Don’t over reachFocus on the story of the dataUse visual encoding wiselyDon’t make your viewer work too hard at the start