Top 10 Aeroplanes to fly to your dream destination


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Top 10 Aeroplanes to fly to your dream destination

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Top 10 Aeroplanes to fly to your dream destination

  1. 1. The 747-400 is the most recent model of the 747 series and it is currently one of the fastest commercial models available. It can fit up to 416 passengers and is used for many long haul flights, therefore it boasts features such as a double deck and 3 class seating options
  2. 2. This is the worlds largest twin jet and holds over 300 passengers. It is fuel efficient compared to other wide level body jets. Seats are set out in a 3- 4-3 formation and there is a generous amount of leg room
  3. 3. This is a narrow bodied jet with one aisle and 2 seats each side. The Embraer 195 are most commonly used for short haul domestic flights, it seats around 100 passengers. Airlines that use this model of aircraft are Flybe and Lufthasa Cityline, a German Airline
  4. 4. With capacity for 124 passengers, the Airbus A319 are available in a single or double class configuration. It is also possible to get an Airbus with a full business class layout to travel in extra comfort and style
  5. 5. This single engine plane was flown by Charles Lindburgh in 1927 on the first non- stop flight from New York to Paris. In the tiny cockpit Lindburgh had little room to stretch his legs on his flight which took 33 hours 30 minutes
  6. 6. This is a mid-size jet which carries between 168 and 279 passengers. This model is used for civilian flights, main airline users include Delta Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines. However this model is also used by militaries and governments such as the US, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia
  7. 7. The Airbus A330 is used by Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Emirates. It comes in a few different models, the 200, the 200F and the 300 with slight variations between them all. It was developed from the Airbus 340 with common wing components and fuselage
  8. 8. A much less common airliner, the Fokker 100 was launched in the 1980’s . Now the main airlines that use this model are Avianca and KLM Cityhopper. It has a slightly unusual seating configuration with 2 seats on one side of the aisle and 3 on the other
  9. 9. 1903, North Carolina, Wilmington beach saw the first piloted flight by Orville Wright. The Flyer was build by the Wright brothers and the plane remained airborne for 12 seconds, lifting 37 metres off the ground. The Smithsonian Air and Space museum boasts a full history of the Wright Brothers achievements
  10. 10. Although it retired in 2003, flying on Concorde was one of the most memorable flying experiences. This supersonic airliner had supercruise capability and could fly from New York to Paris in just 3.5 hours
  11. 11. Flightline would like to thank: Lady Annderground Francois roche rmoriz ahisgett Irargerich Eisenbaher Ricardo (Kadinho) Villela Foxtounge Rob Shenk danrandom Kossi@finedays