How to create master page in SharePoint 2013


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In this document,a developer can find the steps needed to create a Master Page using Design Manager in SharePoint 2013.

As we know that Microsoft has introduced Design Manager concept in SharePoint 2013 to remove the complexity of content place holders which was previously existing in SharePoint 2010/2007. Now we can use HTML5 to create our attractive branding without the need to understand the typical concepts of SharePoint 2013.

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How to create master page in SharePoint 2013

  1. 1. Flexmind Solutions +91-080-41115849 1) Create the Master page layout using HTML5 tags like Header,footer, navigation etc. For reference one can download out of box master page named as Seattle.html and oslo.master from master page gallery. [Note: - Don’t make any change to OOB html master page since these are tightly coupled with actual master page] 2) To upload the master page go to site setting , under look n feel section , click on design manager [Note to add, which feature require to activate if Design manage missing, brief intro on Design manager]
  2. 2. Flexmind Solutions +91-080-41115849 3) Click on Edit master page 4) Click on convert an HTML file to SharePoint master page , pop up open Click on add new item, select the HTML file, from the file location, click ok.
  3. 3. Flexmind Solutions +91-080-41115849
  4. 4. Flexmind Solutions +91-080-41115849 Select the content type as HTML Master Page, provide the name of the style sheet associated to master page. Click on save. 5) Again click on add new item, to upload the CSS file. Content type for the CSS file will be Design File. Then click save. 6) From the Select an asset, change the View to HTML Master Pages, and select the master page you uploaded in step 3. Then click on Insert. 7) Once the Master page uploaded, can preview the master page, open it in new tab
  5. 5. Flexmind Solutions +91-080-41115849 If you want to add more OOB snippets to your master page, click on Snippets on the top bar. Copy paste the required HTML Snippet, and paste it in your HTML master page, this one can do using SharePoint designer or update it in your master page created in step 1 and then again upload the master page as mention in the following steps. 8) Once the Master page uploaded , publish the major version
  6. 6. Flexmind Solutions +91-080-41115849 9) Publish the major version of the CSS file , From Master page gallery 10) Go to Site setting  under look n feel click on Master Page.
  7. 7. Flexmind Solutions +91-080-41115849 Click ok. Visit the URL Our Office Address: Flexmind Solutions Pvt Limited 17 Main 7 Cross, BTM 2nd Stage Bangalore,India. Website: Email: Phone: +91-080-41115849