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Flex Seal Brite is a wonderful product that makes many common household repairs quick and easy to do. Just clean the surface, shake the can and spray Flex Seal Brite on. Besides the obvious shingle patch or leaking gutter repairs I have thought of a lot of other ideas that are perfect for Flex Seal Brite. Need a non-slip surface on your front steps? How about using Flex Seal Brite for a flexible patch on your garden hose? Flex Seal Brite is essentially a liquid rubber that you can just spray on to any surface that you want. Since it is waterproof, many people like to use Flex Seal Brite to fix leaks, repair pipes, or even repair shingles. Flex Seal Brite spray is a flexible, easy-to-use solution for every home owner.

Flex Seal Brite is the perfect product to have around when you need a quick fix that is strong, flexible and waterproof too. Chances are you have probably seen the Flex Seal Brite short informercial that is played on TV at least once. In it, the creator of Flex Seal Brite actually takes a boat with a screen door for a bottom out into the water. The screen door has been coated in Flex Seal Brite and actually keeps the boat afloat!

This is kind of funny, but it also proves an important point about Flex Seal Brite - this stuff is truly waterproof and works to be able to patch “any size” hole. Now granted, most of us aren’t going to use Flex Seal Brite to patch a screen door sized hole in a boat, but the demonstration shows us just how effective Flex Seal Brite spray can be!

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Flex Seal Brite

  1. 1. Flex Seal Brite As Seen On TV• Flex Seal Brite is the easy way to coat, seal and stop leaks fast• Flex Seal Brite is liquid rubber in a can• A watertight, flexible rubberized coating• Flex Seal Brite seals out water and lasts for years• Once Flex Seal Brite is dry, it can be painted any color
  2. 2. Flex Seal BriteAs Seen On TV
  3. 3. Flex Seal Brite As Seen On TVUse Flex Seal for:• Gutters• Roofs• Pipes• Window Trim• Cement Driveways• Fountains & MoreCOVERAGE:• One Large can treats 2 to 8 square feet depending on coating thickness.• One Jumbo can treats 2 to 12 square feet depending on coating thickness