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How to execute an effective Recruting and Selection process


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Guide to the recruiting and selection process. Use of Pre-employment Assessment tests in the hiring process. Interviewing techniques. Keys to selecting the best employees in the hiring process.

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How to execute an effective Recruting and Selection process

  1. 1. ● 719.637.8495 PRE-GAME  Create a profile of what your ideal candidate would look like  Transform your profile into actionable items know as a performance profile  Example: Implement a constant contact system within the first 30 days.  Deliver an average of 100 new leads per month through optimization of marketing messages.
  2. 2. ● 719.637.8495 Must Haves Nice to Have Doesn't matter Absolutely Not Assertive Good Listener Advance educational degrees Meek Good Communicator Hard worker Detail oriented 9 to 5 Mentality mentally quick Completed High school patient Bad attitude Impulsive Industry experience Has paperwork avoidance Shy Persuasive Competitive High Intelligence Has analyzer logical personality Willing to travel Warm & Friendly Organized Overly exaggerates everything Willing to work base plus commission Animated Drug user Literate to eighth grade level Expressive social personality Is not worse than an average liar Self-starter Builds Rapport quickly Minimum of two years of successful sales track record Interested in the job Measurable results produced Willing to do necessary paperwork Prefers to work for commission
  3. 3. ● 719.637.8495 Common Mistakes Made by Interviewers  Don’t get emotional attached to candidates  Ever have a manger tell you they like a candidate but have no facts to back it up.  Spend more time talking than the candidate does  Jumping to conclusions and making assumptions  Projecting answers by prefacing questions and asking questions that obviously express a desired answer  Projecting judgment and judging a candidate too quickly
  4. 4. ● 719.637.8495 Who is involved:  Hiring manager  Hiring manager’s supervisor  Other managers from different departments  Hiring manager should be involved in all interviews but only dominate the one they lead, Good to ask clarifying questions.  Peers  Consider having job shadowing days to allow your candidate to get to know your company and you to get to know them more
  5. 5. ● 719.637.8495 Finding candidates  Key is to speak with as many people as possible, this is a numbers game. Make an investment in time needed to find the best people and establish a well thought out process  Referrals  The best source of good candidates  Job Boards  Post on more than one.  Optimize for best placement  Industry specific job boards and associations  Social Media outlets  Direct contact
  6. 6. ● 719.637.8495 Finding candidates…  Temp Agencies  Good for filling lower level positions without much effort, takes the pressure off to find the best or discover the temp meets your expectation.  Recruiting firms  Will typically provide good candidates just be careful.  Outsourced labor solutions  Direct inquiries through career page on web site  Sourcing  Contacting passive candidates
  7. 7. ● 719.637.8495 Resume Screening  Looking for longevity  This is getting harder to do  3 years for lower level people  4-5 for mid  High level positions are wild cards  Career development  Moving up within an organization  Significantly better positions each move  Involved in lots of activities and associations  Clear successes  Look for instance where the candidate sites specific accomplishments that are measurable and significant
  8. 8. ● 719.637.8495 Resumes continued…  Gaps in employment  Great people find jobs in any economy  References  Look for those who list past supervisors as references, either way you need them. These people are proud and not afraid for you to speak with their past bosses  Education  Very little value unless the position absolutely requires some type of special training, other indicators are better predictors of success.
  9. 9. ● 719.637.8495 Resumes continued…  Gaps in employment  Great people find jobs in any economy  References  Look for those who list past supervisors as references, either way you need them. These people are proud and not afraid for you to speak with their past bosses  Cover letters  I don’t read these until I am serious about a candidate, before the first in person interview.  Pay history  Visualize whether this person fits your pay range based on their experience, education and credentials. Are they overqualified?
  10. 10. ● 719.637.8495 Phone screen  Make them feel comfortable  Briefly discuss what you do and the position  Find out what they know about your company and the position, don’t worry if they don’t know much. The ones that know a lot give them a gold star.  Do a chronological interview, find out about all their jobs what they did and why they left. Find out pay history, and future expectations. Manage your time with this one.
  11. 11. ● 719.637.8495 Phone Screen continued….  Discuss deal breakers  Money  Commute  Schedule  Missing relevant skills  Criminal or Credit background issues  Driving record  Lack of good references- Make sure candidate knows you will be checking these upfront
  12. 12. ● 719.637.8495 Phone Screen continued….  Give them an opportunity to ask questions, the type of questions they ask tell you a lot. Take note of these.  Keep it short, under 15 minutes  Reiterate the next steps and set the expectation.
  13. 13. ● 719.637.8495 Skill or other testing  This is a great time to give candidates a skill test or multiple skill tests. If they pass then you know they are worth spending more time with.  Special assignment  For more advanced positions you may want to give them a mini assignment to work on. A coding project or develop a marketing idea. The quality and thoughtfulness of the work is what is most important. Do not mark candidates down for having a poor idea.
  14. 14. ● 719.637.8495 In Person Meeting  Keep pleasantries short, but don’t skip this step.  Be prepared and professional, don’t be late or take phone calls if possible.  Have your interview questions ready. Focus these on accomplishments and work history.  Have follow up questions from the phone screen ready to dig deeper in to areas you have questions about.
  15. 15. ● 719.637.8495 In Person Meeting…  Give the interview at least 20 minutes before passing any judgment  If you like the candidate at the end give them a quick tour, introduce them to a few folks along the way see what happens  Have them do the more in depth assessments at this time.
  16. 16. ● 719.637.8495 Two Really Good Interview Questions  What is the most significant accomplishment you have made in your professional career?  If you got this job how would you handle this problem or significant challenge?
  17. 17. ● 719.637.8495 What is the most significant accomplishment you have made in your professional career?  What challenges did you overcome?  What was the result of the accomplishment?  Why were you chosen?  What was your title and title of those you worked with?  What skills did you use to accomplish this task?  What was your plan for achieving this goal? How did you contribute to the creation of this plan?  Do have examples of where you used initiative?  Do you have examples of how you coached or mentored others?  When did you have to influence and persuade others?  What conflicts did you face and resolve?  How did you grow through out this process?  What was your favorite and least favorite part of this project?  Did you receive recognition for your efforts?
  18. 18. ● 719.637.8495 If you got this job how would you handle this problem or significant challenge?  This is a give and take. An opportunity to work through a real problem or challenge in an open environment.  Give the candidate some tools and information to assist.  Present this question in the phone interview give the candidate some time to ask questions and prepare.  Look for the candidate to ask good questions
  19. 19. ● 719.637.8495 Second Interview  Interview to get more info on questionable areas  Include a new leader in your organization, make sure hiring manager is there too  Take advantage of interview questions provided from their test results  Questions this day should be more behavior questions touching on soft skills or other qualities that are important to success in the position.
  20. 20. ● 719.637.8495 What’s next?  Reference checks  Introduce yourself, make friends if you want this person to open up to you.  Have some basic questions ready, that cover attitude, competency overall ability. Ask good follow up questions to uncover the whole story  Ask about areas you had concerns about in the interview process. If you hit a sore subject you’ll be surprised how candidate they will get.  Check social media, web for issue with candidate  Back ground check, drug screen, credit issues
  21. 21. ● 719.637.8495 Fourth Contact  More follow up interviews  Dinner with spouses  Completion of assigned or presentation  Making the offer