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AGB- Nordic


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AGB- Nordic

  1. 1. A Different Imprinting 50 millions 12 milliards 330% 150 milliards EURO INVESTED IN RECENT YEARS ANNUAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF LABEL FOR FOOD PRODUCTS ANNUAL CAPACITY PRODUCTION OF MAGAZINE’S PAGES TURNOVER INCREASE IN THE LAST 10 YEARS 90% CUSTOMER FIDELITY IN THE LAST 10 YEARS 30% TURNOVER FOR THE EUROPEAN MARKET Figures Always Tell Stories One by one, you just see the machines. If you look at them all together you can catch the project the vision It’s the full picture of the situation that makes the real difference , between one investment and the other. Any technological choice, define the efficiency, credibility and company competitiveness’ level. But all choices are made by people . Machineries are only instruments: necessary, but in any case, only instruments. All AGB’s men and women are always looking for efficiency, but even innovation for a unique mission, to recover efficiency to its customers in the production chain, providing them with all the economies of scale of a plant fully integrated for all stages of processing in which flexibility and industrial power are part of the organizational culture and technological choices. Just think of the introduction, first in Europe, of the 64 pages duplex roto offset Komori, the most advanced technology that can be used to carry out the most different runs; of the introduction of the Lithrone S40P Komori 8 colors and of the offste 6 colors Speed Master XL 105, machine that together with the 2 lines of die cutting Bobst gave new chances to the printing and packaging of labels in the food , beverage and pet food market. Or also of the installation first in Italy of the two roto offset GOSS M600 A24 and Heidelberg M600 B24. A different imprinting is the ultimate synthesis of our philosophy. Having a diffe- rent imprinting implies the need of making onself known, for what one’s capable of doing , for what one produces and also for how one produces it. We believe that - more than ever today - production capacity and excellence of the result can not be separated. That investing in technological innovation is essential but insufficient without the potential technical, entrepreneurial and creative of the people. That a different way of producing, more respectful of people and environment, is possible. We believe that the real differential AGB, our particular imprinting, is to have always thought that innovation, talent of people and excellence are nothing but synonyms. They say that a company and the quality of its people are measured by results and not by target born from a serious business thinking. They say that behind there are business decisions that have been able to anticipate market changes. And they also say that , on long distances , only companies that invest thinking about the benefits that will accrue for the customers, can be defined reliable. Since 1961, an industrial tradition evolving
  2. 2. ROTO OFFSET: • Heidelberg M 600 B 24, cut off 630 mm, 18 types of folding, with fibre optic connection to CTP and autoplate – 1st INSTALLATION IN ITALY. • Goss M 600 A 24, cut off 577,85 mm, with fibre optic connection to CTP andautoplate–1stINSTALLATIONINITALYOFITSPARTICULARFORMAT. • 2 Komori 32 pages, cut off 1.250 mm, in duplex version on 4 and 5 colorswithfibreopticconnectiontoCTPandautoplate–1stINSTALLATION IN EUROPE capable of provide: • Rotooffsetprintingproductsin5colors. • Sealvarnishonallpagesofasection. • Self covered products saddlestitched directly from the machine output with 16, 32, 48, and 64 pages with remarkable scale economies as well some innovation of product. • Sealvarnishonthefirstandthelastpageofthesaddlestitchedsections. SHEETFED OFFSET: • HeidelbergSpeedMasterXL105-6+LX,75x105(6colors+sealvarnish) speed 18.000 copies/h with spectrophotometric color measurement. • LithroneS4OPKomori8colors,72x103withsheetreversingmechanism withfibreopticconnectionto CTPand autoplate • U.V. Roland varnish line + polymerization line GTS/UV. Size 88x127 cm. • U.V.Nebiolovarnishline+polymerizationnewlineGTS/UV.Size100x70cm. FLEXOGRAPHY CeruttiMaxinovaS4flexorotary -oneofthefirstinstallationinItaly,capable ofproducingupto96tabloidpages. Hot Foil and embossing: MachineFTPGSC77,formatmax 560x760 mm, embossing and hotfoil stampingforcolouredandglittery effects. PRINTING •••••••••••••••••••••••• FINISHING •••••••••••••••••••• SADDLE STITCHING LINES • 3 Muller Martini lines: 8 gathering units plus cover feeder with: - Element gluing products. - Streamfeeder loader. - Robot palletizers output. PERFECT BINDING LINES 2 perfect binding lines: • Muller Martini Bolero, with automatic loaders. • Muller Martini Corona, 1st installation of its kind in Italy, in terms of completeness and accessories , with the pos- sibility to produce: - 8 pages gatefold cover , flush with the internal page size. - Insertion of reversed signature. - Gluing of a card into a signature. - Magazines with polyurethane glue. CELLOPHANE 2 Lines of cellophane packaging: • Stima lines with 2 inserting of gadget/DVD machine , label machine with or without drier. CUTTING LINES • Two cutting lines Heidelberg polar 137XT Autotrim - knock up–electronicweighingandcountingpapermachine-automatic wrapper machine. FOLDING • MBO folding mod. K72 4KTL. • MBO folding mod. K760 6SKTL + glue. Everything printed will become news or politics, information on what we are eating or drinking or where we will go on holiday. It will arrive under someone’s eyes under the shape of the instruction for us. And it must be printed well, no matters if it is the label of a tomato can, the one of cats food or sparkling water, a catalogue or a newspaper , a magazine or a flyer with the weekly supermarket offers. Because in AGB the innovation is useful for this too, to make sure that everything is thinking in big, in the interest of its customers. There are no small things of little importance Digital data that just in a few seconds flies from clients to us and from us they return rapidly back to the client. Everywhere they are. All of this is possible thanks to a time and cost-saving advanced workflow system of the pre-press: - Server FTP with an optical fibre connection with a 10Mb/s capacity - HTTPS system file manager, with cyan proof available and real time web approval. Aculturalorganizationthatsince’90considerstheEuropeanmarketasdomesticmarket. Berlin two steps away from Salerno and just a few meters from Paris. The value and the production quality of the company has halped to gain some very important official acknowledgements: • ISO 9001 Quality Management System. • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. • SA 8000 Social Accountability. • Deloitte & Touche S.p.a. financial plan certification. • Certification of Protecting of the Chain of Custodity according to FSC and PEFC standards. Since 2005 Arti Grafiche Boccia has joined the U.N. Global Compact worldwide network, which supports and promotes the ten Global Compact principles in the areas of human rights, labour , environment and anti-corruption. DIE CUTTING LINES • BOBST sp 104-E , speed 8.000 cp/h, with the capacity of working paper starting from 80 gr/mq, cardboard until 2.000 gr/mq and corrugated cardboard until 4 mm. shape of die cutting until 740x1040 mm. • BOBST SP 1120-ER speed 5.500 cp/h, with the capacity of working paper starting from 80 gr/mq, cardboard until 2.000 gr/mq and corrugated cardboard until 4 mm. shape of die cutting until 795x1120 mm.
  3. 3. Main office: Via Tiberio Claudio Felice 7 - 84131 Salerno - ట 089 303322 Skejbytoften 32 - DK - 8200 Arhus N ట +45 2829 6500