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Driver Training, Incentives & Rewards - Class 8 Trucks


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Fleet Advantage Fleet Safety Tips for Driver Training, Incentives & Rewards - Class 8 Trucks

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Driver Training, Incentives & Rewards - Class 8 Trucks

  1. 1. Driver Training, Incentives & Rewards
  2. 2. Driver Training • Management must lead the way and be involved in the pursuit of an ongoing culture of safety when it comes to a good driver orientation & training program. • Driver safety training and communication should be provided on an ongoing basis. Even the most experienced drivers benefit from repeated training and reminders. • Drivers need to acknowledge their awareness and understanding of DOT & company safety rules, policies, procedures and expectations.
  3. 3. Driver Training What should be covered during driver training? • All Safety related items including: – DOT Regulations-including Hours of Service & CSA – ELD use or log completion training – Accident reporting/DOT reportable & alcohol/drug screening – Proper lifting and hand truck use – Forklift certification as required • Pre/post trip vehicle inspections & maintenance • Proper equipment use, defensive driving techniques and fuel mpg • Company policies & paperwork procedures
  4. 4. Driver Training • Establish fleet MPG targets and cite safety incidents in terms of “per million miles” – Corporate buy-in for fuel savings and safety – Train drivers on proper fuel efficient operations • Consider enrolling drivers in Smith System® defensive driving courses • Conduct the following documented driver observations: – Quarterly “ride-along” on routes with drivers – Monthly pre/post trip observations
  5. 5. Reasons to incent & reward drivers • Conduct quarterly safety meetings to review various topics of importance to the operation and reward drivers for their performance, for example: – Establish fuel saving incentives: “Share the Savings” Fuel economy – driver shares a percentage of fuel saved on a quarterly basis beyond the set targets. Example:
  6. 6. Reasons to incent & reward drivers Driver reward/incentive programs help make safe driving part of your business culture. Drivers should understand that safe driving behaviors contribute to the bottom line. Incentive ideas: • Safety – All drivers with zero safety incidents should be recognized. Some ideas are: – Receive an annual payout – Safety award – Driver name placed in a drawing and are eligible to win a weekend trip with spouse or cash payout