Relevance of Midway (CVN70CMC corner 1Jun07)


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Relevance of Midway to Leaders at all levels during CVN70's RCOH

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Relevance of Midway (CVN70CMC corner 1Jun07)

  1. 1. ----- Original Message ----- From: Mallo, Glenn (CVN70 CMC) To: Sent: Fri, 1 June 2007 19:41:31 Subject: Carrier Warriors and the Battle of Midway (CMC Corner 1Jun07) Greetings Team CARL VINSON! On the 65th anniversary of our naval victory at the Battle of Midway, let us take pause and reflect on the significance of this historic event above and beyond the battle itself. Our CNO, Admiral Mullen recently wrote that "the remembrance of our victory at Midway is about our Sailors" and that the "fuel of victory" is "grit and teamwork." CNO made the connection between the battle and the fight we carry on today by recognizing how the "shipmates we have and the ones we have lost in this war are just as strong and just as brave as those who fought and won World War II". Last but not the least, CNO called on us all to "honor them all, past and present for their courage" because this is what the "Battle of Midway really means." For us with Team CARL VINSON, our mission of “building a new era for our ship, our people, and our legacy” is an extension of the tremendous amount of teamwork in aircraft carrier shipbuilding and repair during World War II. Our committed partnership with shipyard workers today in bringing warship USS CARL VINSON back into the GWOT fight echoes the efforts of a team of Sailors and shipyard workers who, 65 years ago, committed themselves to the gargantuan task of rapidly restoring the carrier Yorktown. Despite pulling in the shipyard with damages estimated to take several months to repair, those who have gone before us took on the impossible and delivered Yorktown to help fight and win the Battle of Midway. The spirit and courageous determination of the Sailors who fought at the Battle of Midway is indeed a source of inspiration for us all. CNO’s story of AOAN Pete Montalvo, who bravely manned an anti- aircraft gun mount aboard the carrier Yorktown in the heat of the battle, was as much about one of the many "guys who won the war for us" as it was also about Sailors who "fought hard, not confident of victory necessarily but confident in themselves and in their training." To honor those who have gone before us, it is only fitting that we continue to adapt and overcome the challenges of our time and deliver results not excuses. At this stage of our carrier’s RCOH, we can boost confidence in ourselves and in our training by recommitting ourselves towards the pursuit of excellence in damage control expertise, warfare qualifications, and in-rate technical proficiency. Please look forward to the announcement of Battle of Midway events from our Chiefs-In-Training and the Naval Heritage committee. They have lined up a number of presentations, forums, and static displays during our month-long commemoration of the Battle of Midway. I know that you will find exposure to our proud Carrier Warrior tradition both educational as well as inspirational. Also invite you to visit the Navy websites at and One Team, One Fight. Keep up the Vinson Pride! V/R CMDCM (AW/SW) Glenn Mallo