Blackhawks CMC update 130725


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Blackhawks CMC update 130725

  1. 1. Always Ready. Mission Focused. Committed to Excellence. Motivated to Succeed. CMC Update Jul 2013 Always Ready. We must be ready, always! Our missions require us to maintain a steady, on-demand, world-wide capability. We must take care of ourselves, our aircraft, and our mission systems. Get ready, Be ready, Stay ready! Mission Focused. We are a National Asset that can and will respond to any number of world-wide events. We must remain focused on the mission and prepare ourselves accordingly. Every single member of the Blackhawk Team is important to mission success. We must perform when called upon. Clear the Way, Move the Fleet, Save the Day! Committed to Excellence. Commit yourself to doing things the right way! Demand the best from our aircraft and mission systems. Do not accept substandard or broken equipment as a fact of life – gripe it and replace it. Operate “by the book,” PERIOD! Use ORM and make risk decisions at the right level. Ask questions and learn. I don’t expect perfection, I expect you to perform your best. I am committed to giving you my best! Train, Learn, Perform! Motivated to Succeed. Stay motivated and work hard to make yourself and your shipmates better. Success breeds success! Take ownership of YOUR squadron and strive to keep the BLACKHAWKS the best in the Navy. Be proud of your service, be proud of your squadron! A.M.C.M. = WHAT we do. WHO we are. Hurricane 16 Wreath Laying Norfolk Night DLQs AUG 2 Blackhawks SUMMER PICNIC at OCEAN BREEZE Upcoming Events AUG 13-21 Blackhawks University AUG 20-23 HM-15 AMI (Aviation Maintenance Inspection) Operation Homecoming July 25, 2013