Blackhawks CMC Update 130318


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Blackhawks CMC Update 130318

  1. 1. Hooyah BLACKHAWKS CMC Update 18 March 2013 Note from Skipper Congratulations Shipmates!3/15/2013Blackhawks in Norfolk and forward in Bahrain,Despite a few minor hiccups, we had an overall fantastic day of flying and missioncompletion. Very nice work! Four Blackhawk aircraft in the air yesterday (1 inBahrain, 3 in Norfolk). We flew 29.4 hours total (including 8.3 in Bahrain) andcompleted seven missions including MOP, Q-24, Formation, Night DLQs, NightCurrency, a Day Stan check ride and a successful Aircraft Commander check for LTSebastiano.In addition, I had the pleasure of thanking four fantastic Blackhawks here in Norfolkwho were specifically identified by our CPO Mess for their hard work and dedication -AE1 Whyte, AWS2 Gifford, LS2 Allen, and AZ2 Weiss. More to follow.We are rapidly on our way to making yesterdays fly day the norm for our squadron.Keep up the great work. AWS2 (AW/NAC) Brian AckleyR, Skipper First to Qualify Forward in Reenergized EAWS Program Awards Quarters 5 March 2013. Well done to awardees: LT Zerda, MNC Scott, AT1 Henry, AM1 RIichardson, AM2 Gibson, AZ2 Bartholomew, AD3 Felix and newly qualified Plane Captains: AWS3 Kring, AWS3 Masterson, AMAN Trouttowns, AE3 Garrick, AD3 Casillaslopez, and AT3 Watry. CO Spot Recognition: AE1 Whyte, AWS2 Gifford, LS2 Allen, & AZ2 Weiss