1 PIZZATO Winery and Vineyards General Information


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Just a few words about Pizzato winery and vineyards.

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1 PIZZATO Winery and Vineyards General Information

  1. 1. Plínio Pizzato Family
  2. 2. The CompanyFlavio Pizzato Chief winemaker
  3. 3. Flavio Pizzato Chief winemaker/General manager Background • Electronic Engineer and Viticulture and Winemaking Degree • Especialização/Mestrado Eng. Produção • Extension wine making courses in Argentina; wine tech & bizz trips to Italy, GER, USA, Chile, Uruguay, France and South Africa • MBA on Wine Marketing
  4. 4. Winery Location Santa Lúcia, Vale dos Vinhedos, Brasil
  5. 5. Winery Location
  6. 6. Winery Location Santa Lúcia, Vale dos Vinhedos, Brasil
  7. 7. PIZZATO: highlights Decanter Wine Magazine, October 2016 94 points for Pizzato DNA99 93 points for Pizzato VERTIGO Nature 2013 Descorchados 2016 by Patricio Tapia 2nd time Brazilian wines covered (only sparklings) Pizzato Nature VERTIGO is best overall sparkling @ 93 points; Guia ADEGA 2015/2016 for Brazilian Wines/Sparklings Best individual winery performance (2x more 90+ points wines compared to 2nd best); best red, white and sparkling overall; Best of the year: 5 of 19 are Pizzato/Fausto; 14 wines at 90+ points.
  8. 8. PIZZATO: highlights Decanter Wine Magazine, October 2015 90 points for Fausto Chardonnay (among the top 10 south american Chardonnays) Tim Atkin December 2015 “Best Brazilian wine I ever tasted”; Descorchados 2015 by Patricio Tapia 1st time Brazilian wines (only sparklings) covered Pizzato Nature VERTIGO is revelation wine; 2nd best performance with 5 sparklings w/ 90+ points Luca Gardini, La Gazza Golosa, Italy (2015) World’s TOP 100 wines 2015: 91 points for Pizzato DNA99 Single Vineyard Merlot 2008 (only 2 South American wines in the list) Guia ADEGA 2014/2015 for Brazilian Wines/Sparklings 2nd best individual winery performance; 3 wines/sparkling among the top 10
  9. 9. PIZZATO: highlights Revista GOSTO, 2015 Best Brazilian Wine: Pizzato DNA99 Single Vineyard Merlot WeinWelt, April 2014 Best Brazilian Wine in Germany: Pizzato CONCENTUS Guia Baco, 2014 (official brazilian wine guide) Best Brazilian Merlot: Pizzato DNA 99 Single Vineyard Merlot Guia ADEGA 2013/2014 for Brazilian Wines/Sparklings Best individual winery performance, best wine (still and sparkling), best red, best white, best rosé; 6 wines/sparklings with 90+ points
  10. 10. PIZZATO: highlights “...whose wines were among the most exciting of my trip: sparkling and whites were delicious and the reds exceptional for their depth and clarity of fruit, especially the Concentus 2007 (…), and both the 2008 and 2005 DNA99 Merlot, the 2005 being voted Brazil’s best red wine…” Steven Spurrier, Decanter, May, 2013 “...The merlotking from Brasil …” Svein Lindn, Norway Wine writer, June, 2013 “... you can taste some of that earth in virtually every wine produced here.” “…the most terroir-driven wines I encountered in Brazil.” Gregory dal Piaz, Snooth.com, 2012 “...The Fausto line shows good, fresh varietal wines, while the Pizzato label provides reds with exceptional depth and clarity of fruit… 93 points for Pizzato DNA99 2008” Steven Spurrier, Decanter, Oct, 2013
  11. 11. PIZZATO: highlights Best brazilian wine: 2008 Pizzato dna99 Single Vineyard Merlot Best chardonnay: 2012 Pizzato Chardonnay Best rosé: 2012 Fausto Rosé 6 wines/sparklings with 90+ points Best overall performance. Brazilian Wine Guide 2013-2014 by Adega (580 brazilian wines/sparklings evaluated) Best Brazilian red wine: 2005 Pizzato dna99 Single Vineyard Merlot Expovinis Brasil 2011 For several vintages, best red wine with Merlot and also best white with Chardonnay. Double gold and gold medals with Merlots, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pizzato sparkling etc. Local contests, Brazilian wine guides, International contests etc
  12. 12. BRASIL Serra Gaúcha • Vale dos Vinhedos • Indicação de Procedência (IPVV) • Denominação de Origem (DOVV) • Wines with good aging potencial, medium to full bodied, elegants (more old world style than new world style – cool/temperate climate wine style) • Best results with Merlot!
  13. 13. PIZZATO vineyards & wines: brief • Family based business w/ long grapegrowing history on top grapes for the top Brazilian wineries; • Founded em 1998 (as winery); – 1999 – first wine; – 2000/sept : market debut with Pizzato Merlot – 2000 – 2003: Pizzato Merlot it’s a huge success  basis for the future DO Vale dos Vinhedos – 2005 – first white; 2006 – first fizz / 1st export – 2009 – fizz expanded(market demand in Brazil) – 2010 – start to participate in international fairs – 2011-2015 – growing in fizz also; international highlights • 2011, 2012 – crescimento
  14. 14. The Business • Family owned, family managed • Plínio Pizzato Family: Plínio and Diva, Flavio, Flavia, Jane & Ivo (in memoriam) • Brands: – Pizzato: grapes from GI Vale dos Vinhedos (IPVV,DOVV) – Fausto: grapes from Dr Fausto vineyard, Serra Gaúcha • Still selling part of the grapes and wine as bulk – 260.000 bottles as bottled wine (Pizzato and Fausto brands) – 50.000 liters bulk wine – 100 tons of grapes
  15. 15. The Markets – bottled wine 80 % Domestic market: Mainly to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais 20% Export market: Began in 2005; Regular international promotion started in 2010 (fairs and promo); Destinations: USA (California, Texas, Florida, NY, IL), Canada (Quebec, Ontario, Alberta), France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, UK, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Venezuela, Japan and China
  16. 16. The Vineyards Santa Lúcia, Vale dos Vinhedos, Serra Gaúcha  Established in 1968  Currently @ 26 hectares  Main grapes: Merlot, Tannat and Chardonnay (Pinot Noir, Alicante Bouschet, Egiodola, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc also grown)
  17. 17. The Vineyards DR FAUSTO de Castro, Dois Lajeados, Serra Gaúcha  Established in 1982  Currently @ 19 hectares  Main grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Tannat, Merlot
  18. 18. The Wines FAUSTO Brand • Grapes from Dr FAUSTO de Castro, Dois Lajeados (Dr Fausto Vineyard) • Fruity, medium bodied, younger than Pizzato branded wines PIZZATO Brand • Grapes from Vale dos Vinhedos, Bento Gonçalves (Santa Lúcia, Vale dos Vinhedos vineyard) • Medium to full bodied wines, aged wines, more complexity • IPVV, DOVV (first GI ever in Brazil and first DO ever in Brazil, respectively)
  19. 19. PIZZATO Site / Contact www.pizzato.net pizzato@pizzato.net facebook.com/PIZZATO.Vinicola By: Flavio Pizzato – Chief winemaker flavio@pizzato.net +55 54 98136 0164 (mobile) CHEERS!