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A work for English about our great holiday.

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  1. 1. Escola Básica de Canidelo December 2011 Subject: English Flávia Meireles Costa 8ºB Nº12
  2. 2. Christmas is the day that celebrate the birth of Jesus. This date isn’t celebrate in the countries in the same way. It depend of the customs that the people have in their country. It represent the peace and the union.
  3. 3. Christmas is a holiday commemorate every year, usually in 25th December, that celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a Christian commemoration, but many people that aren’t Christian celebrate at the same time this holiday.
  4. 4. Christmas is a holiday that celebrate the birth of Jesus and represent the peace and the union, but there are many ways to celebrate it. The costums are different by a country to another one.
  5. 5. In Portugal, the holiday is commemorate in 25th December. The cities and the villages exhibit a very festive look before Christmas. Decorate the public buildings and in some places put enormous Christmas pines. The cribs and the pines embellish many houses.
  6. 6. The family pass time together. Children think that the person that give presents is Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) that enter in the house down the chimney. They open the presents in the night of 24th December or in the morning of 25th December. The typical food is cod with potatoes and stuffed turkey.
  7. 7. In Italy, the traditions vary with the regions. Italian children receive the presents in different days. In the north of Italy is Father Christmas, Babbo Natale or the Little Jesus, that bring the presents in the day of 25th December.
  8. 8. In Rome, the capital, Befana (a witch very old but nice) fly in a sweep and throw the presents into the chimneys. The typical food is turkey, tradicional paste and a very good red wine.
  9. 9. Christmas is a very popular commemoration in United States of America. There all the family help with the decoration of the house. Hang stockings in the chimney, put cards of Good Celebrations in the walls and make garlands of popcorns.
  10. 10. The people decorate the Christmas tree with canes of colourful sugar. They send postcards to friends and family. The houses are decorate with light bulbs. In Christmas, children sing by streets and sometimes they receive a coin. In USA, Father Christmas is called by Santa Claus. The typical food is turkey and French toasts.
  11. 11. In Germany, some families make calendars very originals with ribbons and little packets decoratives. On each Sunday of Advent they light a candle of a crown. In this season, the people eat many cakes. Children like help their mothers in the kitchen. In the night of 24th December, the Little Jesus or Santa Claus bring the presents to the Christmas Tree.
  12. 12. In the day of S. Nicolau, children left the shoes at the door of the bedroom. At time of dinner, mother bring the goose roast with red cabbage and apples. In Epiphany, children disguise of Wise Men and write their initials in the doors of the houses. In Germany, the typical food are pork, smoked pork sausage and sausage.
  13. 13. In England, in the month of December people send postcards to the family and the friends. The postcards stay in the walls and they only can be removed in 6th January. All the houses are decorate in green and red. Many children write letters to Santa Claus. Christmas supper has, always, turkey with chestnuts and the famous pudding.
  14. 14. In the night of Christmas, children walk in the streets and sing Christmas songs. In return, people give them little presents and candies. In their houses, children hang enormous stockings in the bed to receive presents. To Santa Claus and his reindeers, they left cakes and Port Wine in the Christmas Tree.
  15. 15. To Swiss children, Christmas is the happiness of play in the snow, sledge and ski. The houses and the pines are decorated with many lights. Before the presents of Father Christmas children receive sacks that have an orange, a chocolate and sweet bread.
  16. 16. In Brazil, Christmas is commemorate in a climate very hot. Like in Portugal, the most typical dish is turkey or cod and milk pudding. Some Brazilian people, celebrate Christmas in the beach. They make picnics and eat meat. It is typical eat too tropical fruits (pineapple, melon, mango, grapes, …).
  17. 17. Christmas is a holiday that is commemorate in many countries. It celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The customs are different depend of the country that celebrate it. This is a Christian celebration but many people that aren’t Christian celebrate Christmas too.
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