VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit


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VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit

  1. 1. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual VP-2025 Developing Tool (DSP Chip Emulator) Features : > Small size with all extended function, can connect to PC for EMU Mode and stand-alone User Mode. > Flash EMOS system, download program into flash memory, data remain after power removed. > Optional Flash ROM Writer card for user programming and verification. > Complete extension I/O for chip function test. > All line developing service for Embedded O.S. Plug-in software package, and Application Program Library for more convenient design services. Updated: Oct / 10 / 2002 Version : 2.0 EMU board LED BAR power (Program verify) to User Target Board (Reserve) DC+6V Adaptor to Host PC Power Plug Power & J7 Comm Board AGC On/Off Memory R / L MIC Input Selection To ADC0, 1 Port 0 Audio jack Testing Button (Multi-media Speaker) EMU Reset J3 J8 Oscillator Selector J5 RC Osc System reset button O=Xtal, X=RC Frequency Tuning 1
  2. 2. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual Operation Instruction : 1. Power on : Connected Host PC COM port, execute ”Emu2025v20.exe” directly, no need setup, when DSP Emulator connect to PC succeed and shown DSP ON Line red label, when it disconnect with PC or DSP In busy, it will show DSP OFF Line green label. PC COM Port DC 6V / 300 mA Adaptor Power Supply Notice: DC Adaptor = DC +6V, center for positive (+); outside for negative (-). 2. DSP Host Control Program : “Emu2025v20.exe” control console for PC remote DSP utility program, suitable for PC Windows 95 / 98 / Me / 2000 / XP working environment. 3. Upgrade Operation System : Version: 1.60 (and UP) Flash E.M.O.S. supports Emulator O.S. version upgrade function, when user received OS updating notice and please follow the instructions to upgrade O.S. into protected section by directly download to make sure system on best performance. 4. Program Function Instruction: ( Version: 1.60 and up ) === Main menu === --- System Function --- <Open File As> <F1> Open file and prepare to download User task file into Emulator. <Download to DSP> <F2> Download FileName (*.asm) field assigned User task file into Emulator. <Compiling User Prog> <F3> Compiling FileName (*.asm) field assigned User task program, after compiling will close DSP emulating window automatically , if want compile by oneself and watch compiling process, please reference 8th point instruction. <Reset EMU> <F4> Reset Emu2025 and DSP. <Execute User Prog><Go> <F12> Executing and download User task project into Emulator, and assign the control right of Emulator to User program. <Exit > Ctr-X Exit, Terminate program and exit. 2
  3. 3. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual --- Embedded V.R.E. Voice Recognition Function --- <Recognition> <F5> Executing voice recognition function, start up recognize. The P25 of port 2 define as Recording indicator and P24 define as Voice Trigger indicator, when voice triggered, the P24 LED will turn on means catching voice now. <Training> <F6> Train function, choose (1-20) assigned word number and into voice recording and sampling function, when voice recorded will repeat again to make sure recording success. Notice: record procedure is important element for recognize ability. More recurring train will upgrade recognize ability by choose “b.p. learning”, (Back programming train for A.I. function) <Load Voice Pattern> <F7> Download previously saved voice database, file type: <*.ptn>. <Save Voice Pattern> <F8> Retrieve voice pattern database to file <*.ptn>. <Reset V.R.E.> Reset voice recognition engine, and reset all record data patterns. --- Setup --- <Save System Parameters> Save system parameters as task file name and download address when next time user no need key in again. <Restore System Parameters> Restore system parameters as saved. <Communication Port Change> Change PC communication port COM1 / COM2. <Open File and Download Immediately> Choose it when open file and automatically download into emulator. --- Windows state --- <Emulator information> DSP Emulator schematic circuit diagram and DSP chip information, <Flash ROM writer> External Flash ROM Writer card function, supports Primestar 4M (Optional device) Flash ROM chip erase and program download service. --- Help --- <Help> <Ctr-H> System operation command list. <About> <Ctr-A> about system information. 3
  4. 4. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual === Speed Icons === --- Open File As --- <Filename = xxxxxxx > field assigned program name for download. Start address below [GO] button for program start address. --- Filename (*.asm) --- This field assigned Emulator task program name (no need to input extended filename “.???” ). --- GO , Start Address --- Below [GO] button is program start address field, Notice: address should be 5-digits of HEX numbers, Default = [08000] . --- Compiler --- DSP assembly language compiler, push it will automatically compile assigned task file “xxxx.asm” to “xxxx.tsk” for download preparing. --- RESET --- Reset Host control system and DSP emulator, when DSP off line it will not effect unless push the RESET button of Emulator too, and then push RESET of Host console to complete reset procedure. === Chip Control Console === Emulator manual DOS command control area, type “?” <enter> for Command list as previous DOS debugging environment. === DSP Status === DSP register state report, only refreshed when DSP On line. 5. Create Working Directory : Create a new directory and copy all DSP test file into new directory from Primestar CD:VoiceWorks for all user test necessary files. “Emu2025v20.exe” for emulator tool program to connect PC Host control console utility. “Application Note” is application program library. 6. Reset System : when console shown DSP OFF Line, push DSP Emulator RESET button of upper left corner, then push Host console <Reset> function key to make sure system on-line. 7. Executing example program : Copy all application program library from the directory “Application Note ADPCM-Play*.* “ to work directory, main program always ”Adpcx25.asm” and voice data file is ”radix_30k.adm”, attached file ”Standard25.inc” for all programs public macro instruction definition of necessary files. Example Program Explanation _ > ADPCM-Play Adpcx25.asm : DSP for ADPCM data codec example program, default program start address is 8000h for user application program sections, Compiling and download into Emulator and <GO> for executing, attached example compressed voice file “radix_30k.adm” is generated by ADPCM data compress tool. 4
  5. 5. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual > ADPCM-Play (ROM) Adpcm25.asm : DSP for ADPCM voice compressed file real mode example. use P25K DSP Reset address vectors : 4000h address of real mode, only acceptable for external ROM stand-alone mode, not acceptable for emulator unless through Flash ROM writer and VRM-2026 test board. (This program is only for demo what the different of USER mode and REAL mode ) **** Warning **** Do not download any program into Emulator protected section below 8000h of system protect section, EMOS will show warning message. If downloaded nor-operation system program into protect section, it will damaged system and cannot recovery, > PCM Rec-Play Pcx25.asm & PCM-Play Pcm-play.asm : is DSP PCM record / play example program, use pulse code modulation un-compress by direct quantification voice processing example. > WFM Rec-Play Wfx25.asm : is W.F.M. (Wave Form Modulation) voice compress / decompress example compress data with 1/4 data ratio and save data in 8-bit to 2-bit, input= 8-bit and output= 2-bit, suitable for answering machine, long-time recording and children education toy of voice processing application. 8. Setup task program filename: in “Filename (.asm)=” input ”adpcx25”, push <Compiler> button after compiling OK, it will call a DOS window and with task filename, when fail will show error message, if not find *.tsk” file to download, User may open a DOS control console window, setup executing path and work directory, input “nasm adpcx25.asm” <enter> to start compile. (Compiler name is “nasm.exe”). 5
  6. 6. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual 9. Download program to Emulator : When complete program compiling, push “Open File As” or <F2> button. The “*.tsk” file will download into Emulator’s Flash Memory from assigned start address, when compiling successful it will generate “*.tsk” file for download, if fail please refer to step_8 and find error message or input wrong filename or wrong directory name also will cause mistakes. 10. Executing Program : Press [GO] or <F12> button or directly command from Chip Control Console window as ”go 8000” <enter>, ( notice : “go” address should be in 4-digits of HEX code ). Connect a PC multi-media speaker to ear jack to listen ADPCM decompress original sound. L R 11. End program & back to Host control : Press DSP Emulator “RESET” hardware reset button will force DSP return to Host control console, and back DSP ON Line. 12. V.R.E. Voice Recognition Engine : DSP P25K series also supports S.O.C. of system embedded system for standard application chip like V.R.E. (Voice Recognition Engine) become VP-2000 voice recognition chip, with open structure design provides user most flexible developing environment and allowed customer’s application program call function of voice recognition engine in run-time and total controlling. Emu2025 Developing tool supports two software package of V.R.E.(voice recognition engine), one already inside emulator of EMOS system program section for user call-up VRE functions. another one by plug-in ”vre.pac” software package file after emulator developing stage then become stand-alone mode to one chip, for details please refer to “VRDemo.asm” example code. 13. Voice Recognition Function : when DSP ON Line then voice recognition function is ready for work, press [Reset V.R.E.] to reset and clear all voice pattern first. Start [Train] to train and record your voice by choose Word Number (1-20) to take user’s voice sample. To record voice sample for example work 1= “Computer”, work 2= “Turn-On” …etc, The voice label time length should from 0.20 second to 1.6 seconds to be accepted, 6
  7. 7. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual When complete train voice then press [Recog] to start voice recognition, say a voice to MIC then get voice recognition result, for example: “c=1” means word number (1-14h) hexadecimal code, “Rej=xxx” means voice pattern reject value, lower reject value means recognize more approaching, the regular reject value is around 0C 00h to 05 00h (16-bits), Use [Load PTN], [Save PTN] function to save and recall recorded voice file for change user or voice word definition. 14. User voice recognition engine V.R.E. : For User application program call voice recognition function as follow_ Call vtrec ; Voice detective recording Call vtrek ; Voice detective recording + key scan Call vplay ; Voice playback Call recog ; Recognition word Call nwtrn : New train a word of voice Call rctrn ; Recurring train a word of voice Call delwd ; Delete a word Call resvp ; Reset V.R.E. ( For detail information please refer to VRDemo.asm voice recognition application sample code. ) 7
  8. 8. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual 15. Technical Information : < System > System clock: X’tal= 16MHz / 24MHz, R/C oscillator: can be adjusted. Power consumption: (DSP board) DC +3.00V, Icc= 8 to 12 mA. (Emulator) DC +6.00V, Icc= 45 mA (Total with RS-232 comm I/O) < Flash ROM Memory > The emulator (Version: 1.60 and up) support emulator inside system 4M-bit flash memory for 512kb, when user download program to emulator, it will remain data when ever power off and until next time downloaded new task. < Communication I/O > Emulator using the port 2 (P27,P26) for serial communication hand shake with host PC, which P27 as output for data output and P26 as input for data input. The Timer_0 define as buad rate control and setup to 19,200 bits per second. < User program jump > The emulator (Version: 1.1 and up) support EMU / User two mode select, which using P07 as input when P07=1 (normal) system reset go to emulator mode (Flash O.S. start address = 4000h), when switch P07=0 system reset go to user program directly (User Program code, start address = 8000h), it may help user to execute user program directly as stand alone mode for verify without any emulator O.S. control. < V.R.E. Voice Recognition Engine > The system of VP-2025 SOC chip (System On Chip) supports voice recognition function which using software plug-in technology supports user for developing voice recognition function, By plug-in “vre.pac” software package into user program, user may call up the included voice recognition service routines to obtain voice recognition function. 8
  9. 9. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual . < Memory mapping > based on P25300 EMU emulation chip (0000h – 1FFFh) DSP On chip SRAM area. 0000h – 00FFh System sort addressing registers. 0000h – 006Fh System O.S. and V.R.E. reserved. 0070h – 00F0h For user application program, common registers. 00F0h – 00FFh System stack and interrupt vectors. 0100h – 0FFFh Free of define. 1000h – 1FFFh V.R.E. runtime recording buffer. 2000h – 3FFFh Not decoded. (4000h – 7FFFh) Emulator on board operation system program area. 4000h – 7FFFh Emulator Operation System (EMOS) (8000h – FFFFh) Emulator on board User application program area. 8000h – FFFFh For user application program or data, notice the program code section is up to 32 kb, but data section no limited. 01 0000h – 07 FFFFh Extended Flash / Mask ROM memory data memory space. 9
  10. 10. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual 16. New release & updated : New release updated emulator ver: 1.60 suports more system functions : a. Flash ROM O.S. : New System Memory upgrade to 512 KB on board, can download program or data to all memory sections. b. Support Flash ROM Writer : Using additional flash ROM writer cord into target I/O , with system embedded Flash ROM Writer function, for erase / program Primestar’s 4M flash ROM. c. User call up for system service : sd_byte address = 400Fh For send byte data to host PC for debugging. (High level) s_in address = 4012h Receiving byte data from host PC. s_out address = 4015h Sending byte to host PC. (Low level) c. Usage Limits : Emulator O.S. define Port2 as system usage, in most of case user should avoid to use it_ P27 output Serial data output P26 input Serial data input P21 output Flash ROM Writer control P20 output O.S. Flash ROM write control P07 input Emu / User mode select, ( 1= Emu mode, 0=User mode ) Timer_0 As SIO buad rate control Ext_CS0 output For Flash ROM writer CS control Flash Operation System Reserced for 4000h - 6000h V.R.E. Voice Pattern Voice Recognition Engine (Internal) Used for voice pattern 6000h - 7FFFh 10
  11. 11. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual Notices & Advices: a. To use NASM assembly compiler, user need open a DOS emulation window as console mode, then type <nasm *.asm> and start compiling as command mode. b. Voice recognition function now provides of Speaker Dependent algorithm, for more advanced function like Speaker Independent algorithm is on developing, and next step for Speaker Verification, Continuous Recognition, Phrase and Syntax recognition …and advanced model of new technology will announce in future step by step. c. Voice receive voice distance is based on DSP internal CMOS OP gain control with MIC_0 of R7 resistor value. Default 2M£[ is maximal value for receive distance around 3M meters, To adjustment R7=1M£[ will make OP Gain lower and cause near of voice receive distance but increase recognition ability, The voice recognition effect in depend on SNR%, signal & back ground noise ratio%. when R7=750K£[ and OP Gain become smaller, voice receive distance more closer about 20 cm, speaker need say more close to MIC but will cause better voice recognition effects. d. When user application change new MIC or adjust OP Gain value, all the Voice Patterns need to reset and will re-modification by train by repeat b.p. learning to achieving best performance. e. New Flash EMOS operation system support program download and on time re-writer function for complete on board 4M-bit flash memory, when power off the downloaded data remain. f. Important : in any cases don’t download program into protected section below 8000h (4000h – 7FFFh) memory section, system will show warning message, only when update operation system user need make sure and download EMOS program into bootable section or it will cause system failure and only only change the internal Flash ROM to recovery system. g. Emulator use P20 / P27 / P07 / TMR_0 for system necessary basic functions, user need setup it in run-time when ever time reset cause system common definition will change mode setup. 11
  12. 12. VP-2025 Developing Tool Kit PRIMESTAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Emu2025 Operation Manual 17. Flash EMOS Ver:2.0 (OCT / 5 / 2002) New release & updated information : a. New Version 2.0 and up version updated DSP ADC noise reducing, in hardware circuit need jump a Diod (+) -> Pin_10 Power Down and Diod (-) -> Pin_61 P07 to be complete auto noise reduce on reset procedure of new version EMOS. b. Download and refresh operation system by “VP25_ROM_V20.tsk” to 04000h and restart system to complete system OS upgrade. ( Notice : When hardware not add Diod before jumping circuit, do not upgrade OS or it will cause system can not reset or send emulator back to PTC to refreshing hardware and EMOS. ) c. New update function of Flash ROM Writer increase <Erase> for all chip erase function and <Program> for start program chip function, and also supports multi-session programming service, 18. Flash EMOS Ver:3.0 (JAN / 20 / 2003) New release & updated information : a. New version 3.0 EMOS only supports for P25500 and P25600 of 24MHz high speed version. b. Download and refresh operation system by “P25K24MV3.tsk” to 04000h and restart system to obtain new function. DSP P25K , VRE, VP-2025 Emulator already registered © 2003 PTC Primestar Technology Corporation. 12