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  1. 1. SPANSION® FLASH MEMORY MirrorBit SPI ® FL Family
  2. 2. MirrorBit® SPI FL Family Solutions for Communications, Consumer Electronics, Networking and PCs and Peripherals SERIAL FLASH MEMORY AT A GLANCE SPI solutions transfer data one bit at a time, rather than sending eight, 16 or 32 bits in parallel. As a result, solutions require fewer connections and pins per package, which simplifies design, lowers cost and reduces form factors. SPI devices are therefore well suited for cost- and space-constrained applications. Serial PeriPheral interface (SPi) SolutionS advantages of Serial flash (SPi) from a leader in nor flaSh memory SPI Flash memory is rapidly gaining acceptance for code storage and other non-volatile memory applications. The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) enables a reduced ASIC or controller pin count, resulting in smaller packages that use less board space for overall system cost savings. It is an ideal solution for integrating Flash memory in: • Communications and networking devices, including DSL and cable modems, cordless phones, and wireless LANs • PC peripherals like optical and hard disk drives, LCD monitors, printers, copiers and fax machines, and PC BIOS • Consumer electronics products such as automotive entertainment, digital TVs, DVD player/recorders, game consoles, GPS systems, and Set-Top-Boxes Broad Product Portfolio low Power conSumPtion for Densities for Spansion® MirrorBit SPI Flash memory devices range PortaBle deviceS from 4 Mb to 128 Mb with uniform 64 Kb sectors, and 4 Mb with Battery-powered handheld devices require power-efficient boot/parameter sectors. The 128 Mb device also features an components. Deep Power Down mode allows the device to draw optional 256 Kb sector architecture. the lowest current (1.5μA typical), enabling system designers to satisfy tight power budgets. Combined with the small form factor of the Serial interface, low power consumption makes Spansion SPI Flash memory an ideal solution for portable products such as PDAs, GPS, gaming devices, and cordless phones.
  3. 3. “Spansion’s commitment to the serial Flash memory market will give customers the added confidence they need to implement this cost-effective, simplified interface.” ALEx CHEN, DIRECtOR OF SALES AND MARkEtINg FOR MEDIAtEk SuPerior Quality, reliaBility, and Service KEY FEATURES MirrorBit SPI Flash memory is backed by a reputation for • Ambient operating temperature -40 to +85 C superior reliability. All Spansion manufacturing facilities are ISO certified and maintain the highest level of process control, • Hardware/Software write protect testing, and packaging quality. • Seamless migration across densities using same package, pinout and commands Spansion’s support organization has unparalleled expertise in • Industry standard packages servicing the needs of customers. They go beyond technical support to solve unique integration problems in the areas of • Low power consumption with Deep Power Down mode software and board design. leading Performance for faSt Boot timeS Today’s embedded applications demand performance, and Spansion delivers with 104 MHz performance for the 128 Mb device and 50 MHz across 4 Mb to 64 Mb. Fast clock speed allows product users to enjoy faster boot times, a key differentiating feature for end customers in highly competitive embedded product markets. Clock Device Density Frequency Voltage Sector Architecture Package S25FL040A 4 Mb (512 Kb x 8) 50 MHz 2.7 – 3.6 V Uniform 64 KB SOIC-8, USON-8 Top or bottom boot sector S25FL008A 8 Mb (1 Mb x 8) 50 MHz 2.7 – 3.6 V Uniform 64 KB SOIC-8, USON-8 S25FL016A 16 Mb (2 Mb x 8) 50 MHz 2.7 – 3.6 V Uniform 64 KB SOIC-16, WSON-8, SOIC-8 S25FL032A 32 Mb (4 Mb x 8) 50 MHz 2.7 – 3.6 V Uniform 64 KB SOIC-16 S25FL064A 64 Mb (8 Mb x 8) 50 MHz 2.7 – 3.6 V Uniform 64 KB SOIC-16 3 S25FL128P 128 Mb (8 Mb x 8) 104 MHz 2.7 – 3.6 V Uniform 64 KB or 256 KB SOIC-16, WSON-8
  4. 4. ultra-Slim PackageS SPEED SYSTEM DESIGN WITH Spansion takes efficient SPI packaging a step further with ultra-slim SPANSION’S INNOVATIVE TOOLS 0.5mm height USON packages. These advanced packages have Spansion also offers hardware and software support no leads, making them ideal for micro hard disk drives in popular to help customers quickly design Spansion SPI Flash portables devices such as MP3 players and cellular handsets. memory devices into embedded products: Spansion is promoting an industry standard package, command • The Spansion™ USB Programmer (SUP) is set, and pinout with multiple second sources. Packaging options a cost-effective single-device Flash memory include 8-pin SOIC (4 – 16 Mb), 16-pin SOIC (16 – 128 Mb) and programmer, perfect for in-field verification and 8-contact SON (4 –16 Mb, 128 Mb). To help reduce lead in our failure testing. environment, Spansion offers lead-free* materials for all packages with RoHS compliance. • The SPI Low Level Driver (sLLD) is a free pre-tested, production-grade driver that easily Pin descriptions integrates with any embedded system. • CAD Modeling Software is available at www. spansion.com, where system designers can find a wide range of simulation models based on industry standard including IBIS, VHDL, and Verilog. the factS SPeak for themSelveS: mirrorBit ® SPi flaSh memory iS the Smart choice • 50 MHz clock speed across all densities from 4 Mb to 64 Mb, 104 MHz for 128 Mb • Low power with Deep Power Down mode (1.5 μA typical) • Industry-standard SPI command set and pinout • Ultra-slim 0.50 mm height USON Packages (at some densities) • Superior hardware and software support with world-class systems engineering expertise • World-class Spansion quality and product availability for more information AbOut SPANSION To learn how Spansion can help you bring products to market Spansion is a leading Flash memory solutions provider, dedicated to enabling, storing and protecting faster, please visit www.spansion.com or contact your local digital content in wireless, automotive, networking Spansion distributor. and consumer electronics applications. Spansion, previously a joint venture of AMD and Fujitsu, is the largest company in the world dedicated exclusively to designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling Flash memory solutions. www.spansion.com SPANSI O N 915 Deguigne Drive PO Box 3453 Sunnyvale, CA 94088-3453, USA Tel 408-962-2500 1-866-SPANSION *Spansion lead-free products meet the lead-free definition in IPC/JEDEC standard: J-StD-020B © 2007 Spansion®, the Spansion Logo® , MirrorBit®, ORNAND™, HD-SIM™ and combinations thereof, are trademarks of Spansion LLC. Spansion, the Spansion Logo 33659C and MirrorBit are registered in the US and other countries. Other names used are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. NOV 2007