BiTMICRO to Debut 416GB IDE Flash SSD


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BiTMICRO to Debut 416GB IDE Flash SSD

  1. 1. The Leading Source of Ultimate Storage Solutions™ Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 BiTMICRO to Debut 416GB IDE Flash SSD W ith a goal of taking solid state storage to unprecedented levels of performance, capacity and reliability, BiTMICRO Networks, 100MB/sec sustained Reads and Writes and up to 20,000+ IOPS. With operating temperatures ranging from –40 degrees C the pioneer in intelligent IDE/ATA, SCSI, to +85 degrees C, the E-Disk® Altima™ ATA- VME, and Fibre Channel flash disk solid 133 model is suitable for 24x7 deployment state storage solutions announced details even in extremely hostile environments. regarding the forthcoming release of the E-Disk® Altima™ family of flash solid state “For storage users in the military and industrial disks (SSD). markets, high disk capacities equate to longer The first product to be released to market hours, even days, of non-stop operation. Just The E-Disk Altima Flash SSD series is ® ™ is the 2.5-inch E-Disk® Altima™ E2A133BL like enterprise users, these markets desire a realization of BiTMICRO’s goal to deliver ATA-133 model, a flash memory-based continually increasing drive capacities to a comprehensive set of solid state disk SSD designed for military, industrial and (continue to page 2) technologies for mainstream enterprise, commercial users who are looking for faster commercial, industrial and military storage. and bigger storage upgrades for time-tested Featuring the company’s cutting-edge PATA-based systems. This 2.5-inch ATA/ PRICING & EDSA™ flash I/O controller and LUNETA™ ATAPI-7 PATA solid state drive, supporting AVAILABILITY memory flash interface ASICs, E-Disk® PIO 0-4, DMA 0-2 and UDMA 0-6 data Altima™ SSD brings high-capacity and high- transfer modes, will utilize the latest high Sampling for the E-Disk® Altima™ performance yet cost-effective solid state den-sity single level cell (SLC) NAND flash ATA-133 solid state drive is storage to servers, storage networks, as memory chips to deliver an astounding expected to begin in Q1 2008 and well as other storage applications that are storage capacity of up to 416 GB, while ship by March 2008 in capacities subjected to extreme operating conditions. providing 133MB/sec burst with up to ranging from 4GB up to 416GB. For pricing and more E-Disk® in this issue Altima™ flash drive solid state disk storage technology information, Product Update: visit or E-Disk® 3.5” ATA and SCSI Narrow Capacity Offerings contact BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. PAGE 03 at 47929 Fremont Boulevard, CA - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - Features: 94538 USA. SSDs: Continuously Defying the Limits of Altitude for Data Storage PAGE 08 Tel: +1 510-74E-Disk® - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - On the Web: +1 510-743-3475 New Look, New Content: The New E-Disk® Altima™ Product Line Card Fax: +1 510-743-3155 PAGE 11 E-mail: - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -
  2. 2. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 News & Trends Latest Series F Round of Funding Raises $9.3M “We are excited to be part of a dynamic organization that has a long and proud history in flash SSD development ” Buck Carson General Partner, Woodside Investments B iTMICRO Networks recently raised $9.3 million in Series F funding with a team of investors led by Woodside Investments that it is poised to take off in the next few years. Our latest investment in BiTMICRO is testimony to our group’s support for the military, aerospace and consumer markets. “The global storage market is moving towards solid state, and as one of the LP. management team and the execution of its pioneers in this industry, BiTMICRO Networks business strategies.” is all set to become a major player in this The company intends to utilize the additional billion-dollar industry,” said Rey Bruce, capital to further ramp production, sales and BiTMICRO is developing a new generation Chairman, President and CEO of BiTMICRO. marketing operations, as well as support of solid state storage solutions that defines “We are happy to note that investors such aggressive R&D initiatives geared towards the company’s vision for the much awaited as Woodside Investments have taken creating a new generation of flash-based proliferation of flash based storage in the cognizance of this fact and are prepared E-Disk® solid state disk and semiconductor enterprise and consumer markets. These to support the product development efforts storage solutions. With this announcement, high-performance flash SSDs will be that are currently underway at BiTMICRO.” BiTMICRO’s total funding now stands at available in industry standard and small $31.4 million in private funding. storage form factors supporting the latest In 2005, BiTMICRO was cited by high-speed storage interfaces and high- in its Solid State Disk “We are excited to be part of a dynamic density memory chips. Buyer Preferences Market Report as the organization that has a long and proud most recognized brand in the SSD market. history in flash SSD development,” said Most importantly, BiTMICRO’s design The company’s long list of technological Buck Carson, general partner for Woodside leverages proprietary technology with the achievements includes the introduction of Investments. “The recent entry of a number ever-increasing flash memory densities to the world’s first Ultra320 SCSI flash SSD, the of global semiconductor and Fortune 500 create affordable, yet fast and reliable solid world’s first ATA/UDMA-66 IDE flash SSD and companies in the SSD market suggests state storage alternatives for the enterprise, the world’s first Fibre Channel flash SSD. (continued from page 1) meet exponential growth in their storage requirements,” remarked state mass storage will combine with multi-core processors to deliver Rudy Bruce, Exec. VP for Marketing and Sales and CMO at BiTMICRO unprecedented levels of performance required by next-generation Networks. “The launch of the E-Disk® Altima™ series of cutting-edge operating systems and applications,” he further explained. solid state flash drives will usher in a new computing era, where solid E-Disk Newsletter 2
  3. 3. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 Product Updates Product Change Notice E-Disk® 3.5” ATA and SCSI Narrow E-Disk® ATA/IDE New Firmware 2G10 2 Capacity Offerings PCN-MK-005-00 PCN-MK-003-00 July 26, 2007 1 Effective immediately, BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. will no longer offer August 3, 2007 Effective immediately, all E-Disk ATA/IDE products will be shipping with a ® new standard firmware version 2G10 replacing the current version 2E10. capacities for E-Disk® 3.5” ATA and SCSI Narrow products as listed under This new firmware version includes support for new flash devices. the Affected Products Section below. Withdrawal of these capacities is due to increased difficulty in procuring assembly components. Affected Products: Affected Products (Capacities in MB): 3.5” E-Disk® ATA/IDE Models 3A5, 3A11, 3A16, 3A33, 3A66 2.5” E-Disk® ATA/IDE Models 2A5, 2A11, 2A16, 2A33, 2A66 3.5” ATA and SCSI Narrow 4096, 12288, 20480, 28672, 36864, 45056, 53248, 61440, 69632, Recommendation: 77824 E-Disk® ATA/IDE products with firmware version 2E10 and earlier are not Recommendation: required to upgrade to version 2G10. Please refer to the following capacity offerings (in MB) for E-Disk® 3.5” ATA and SCSI Narrow products. 2048, 6144, 10240, 14336, 18432, 22528, 26624, 30720, 34816, 38912 E-Disk® 2.5” ATA and SCSI Narrow 2.5” SCSI Narrow 3 Capacity Offerings 1024, 5120, 9216, 13312, 17408, 28672, 32768, 36864, 40960, 49152, PCN-MK-004-01 57344, 65536, 73728 August 16, 2007 Recommendation: Effective immediately, BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. will no longer offer Please refer to the following capacity offerings (in MB) for E-Disk® 2.5” capacities for E-Disk® 2.5” ATA and SCSI Narrow products as listed ATA and SCSI Narrow products. under the Affected Products Section below. Withdrawal of these capacities is due to market decline in the stated products and 2.5” ATA increased difficulty in procuring assembly components. 512, 1024, 2048, 2560, 4096, 4608, 5120, 6656, 8192, 8704, 9216, 10240, 13312, 16384, 17408 Affected Products (Capacities in MB): 18432, 24576, 26624, 32768, 34816, 40960, 43008, 49152, 51200 2.5” ATA 2.5” SCSI Narrow 12288, 21504, 25600, 29696, 33792, 37888, 57344, 65536, 73728 512, 2560, 4096, 4608, 6656, 8192, 8704, 12288, 16384, 20480, 24576 Visit for the latest Product updates and notices. E-Disk Newsletter 3
  4. 4. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 Product Updates E-Disk® 3.5” SCSI Wide E-Disk® 3.5” SCSI Wide and Fibre Channel 4 Capacity Offerings Capacity Offerings 5 PCN-MK-006-00 PCN-MK-007-00 August 22, 2007 October 5, 2007 Effective immediately, BiTMICRO® Networks, Inc. will no longer offer capacities for E-Disk® 3.5” Ultra Wide SCSI products as listed under the Effective immediately, BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. will no longer offer Affected Products Section below. Withdrawal of these capacities is due capacities for E-Disk® 3.5” Ultra Wide SCSI and FC products as listed to increased difficulty in procuring assembly components. under the Affected Products Section below. Withdrawal of these capacities is due to increased difficulty in procuring assembly components. Affected Products (Capacities in MB): Affected Products (Capacities in MB): 3.5” Ultra Wide SCSI (D3S40D, D3S40E) 2048, 10240, 18432, 26624, 34816, 43008, 51200, 59392, 67584, 3.5” Ultra Wide SCSI (D3S40D, D3S40E) 75776 81920, 98304, 114688, 131072, 147456 Recommendation: 3.5” Ultra320 SCSI (D3S320D, D3S320E) 8192, 24576, 40960, 57344, 73728, 90112, 106496, 122880, 139264, Please refer to the following capacity offerings (in MB) for E-Disk® 3.5” 155648 Ultra Wide SCSI products. 3.5” Fibre Channel 1024, 5120, 8192, 9216, 13312, 16384, 24576, 32768, 40960, 49152, 8192, 24576, 40960, 57344, 73728, 90112, 106496, 122880, 139264, 57344, 65536, 73728, 81920, 98304, 114688, 131072, 147456 155648 Recommendation: The capacity offerings (in MB) listed below continue to be available until E-Disk® 2.5” ATA February 29, 2008. Please refer to Product Discontinuation Notice for 6 Capacity Offerings E-Disk® 3.5” SCSI Wide Series posted under BiTMICRO Networks’ Support PCN-MK-007-00 page. October 5, 2007 E-Disk® 3.5” Ultra Wide SCSI 1024, 5120, 8192, 9216, 13312, 16384, 24576, 32768, 40960, 49152, Effective immediately, BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. will no longer offer 57344, 65536, 73728 capacities for E-Disk® 2.5” ATA products as listed under the Affected Products Section below. Withdrawal of these capacities is due to E-Disk® 3.5” Ultra320 SCSI increased difficulty in procuring assembly components. 2048, 4096, 6144, 10240, 12288, 14336, 20480, 28672, 36864, 45056, 53248, 61440, 69632, 77824 Affected Products (Capacities in MB): Please refer to the following capacity offerings (in MB) for: 2.5” ATA 2048, 8192, 10240, 16384, 18432, 24576, 26624, 32768, 34816, E-Disk® 3.5” Fibre Channel 40960, 43008, 49152, 51200 2048, 4096, 6144, 10240, 12288, 14336, 20480, 28672, 36864, 45056, 53248, 61440, 69632, 77824 Recommendation: Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your BiTMICRO Sales The capacity offerings (in MB) listed below for E-Disk 2.5” ATA ® Representative at products continue to be available until January 31, 2008. Please refer to or at 510-743-3475. Product Discontinuation Notice for E-Disk® 2.5” ATA/IDE Series posted under BiTMICRO Networks’ Support page. E-mail Alerts 2.5” ATA If you would like to receive product updates and notifications, please 512, 1024, 2560, 4096, 4608, 5120, 6656, 8704, 9216, 13312, 17408 sign up at E-Disk Newsletter 4
  5. 5. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 Events SIGGRAPH August 5 – 9, 2007 San Diego, California USA Booth no. 347 Various E-Disk Altima products ™ The BiTMICRO booth at Siggraph ® caught the attention of many trade visitors with its catch y backdrop. showcased at the event. More than 24,000 trade visitors came to San Diego for the 34th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. A good mix of artists, research scientists, gaming experts, developers, filmmakers, and academics from 79 countries came for the annual conference and exhibition. BiTMICRO Networks was among the 230 companies who exhibited in the event showcasing the company’s latest E-Disk® Altima™ line-up. It was BiTMICRO’s 4th time to join the event which targets both enterprise and consumer markets. Next Generation Data Center Conference & Expo August 6 - 9, 2007 The Moscone Center San Francisco, CA Booth no. 519 Facade wherein attendees of the Expo line-up to check the various exhibito rs break during the Marius and Jewelle take a o. NGDC event in San Francisc The latest in data center technologies and strategies were featured at the Next Generation Data Center Conference and Expo 2007 held in San Francisco, California. BiTMICRO Networks shared the exhibit floor with hundreds of other key exhibitors. Highlighting its E-Disk® Altima™ solid-state disks, the BiTMICRO booth attracted lots of industry players both from the media and enterprise end user markets. The event highlighted technologies that can support emerging trends and mission critical applications impacting the data center, including storage, servers, networking, and communications. E-Disk Newsletter 5
  6. 6. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 Events DSEi September 11-14, 2007 Excel, London, UK Booth no. 1011A A showcase of the latest E-D ® th at DSEi 2007. isk Altima Jamie Bruce mans the boo product line-up. Another successful Defence Systems and Equipment International Exhibition was staged in Excel, London last September 11-14, 2007. Quick facts proved this with 27 national pavilions occupied by 1352 exhibitors from 40 countries. More than 26,000 visitors attended 4 days of the show. BiTMICRO Networks strengthened its presence in the military and defense industries by participating in this event, considered as the world’s most prestigious defence exhibition. Highlight of the company’s participation was the announcement of the upcoming E-Disk® Altima™ 416GB IDE flash solid-state disk in 2.5” form factor delivering 133MB/sec burst and 100MB/sec sustained read and write rates. UE UPCOMING EVENTS Storage Networking World - Fall PT/EXPO COMM CHINA 2007 Booth PP14 Booth 2313 October 15-18, 2007 October 23-27, 2007 Gaylord Texan China International Dallas, Texas Exhibition Center Beijing, China International Telemetering Oracle Open World 2007 Conference Booth 2634, Moscone South Booth 905 November 11-15, 2007 October 22-25, 2007 Moscone Center Riviera Hotel & Convention Center San Francisco, CA Las Vegas, NV Supercomputing 2007 Booth 110 November 10-16, 2007 Reno-Sparks Convention Center Reno, NV, USA E-Disk Newsletter 6
  7. 7. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 Features SSDs: Continuously Defying the Limits of Altitude for Data Storage Joanne de Peralta, BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. SSDs’ burgeoning role in data storage is continuously expanding possibilities in military operations as well as scientific research Military systems have long been the regular market for solid-state disks (SSD). Even now that the consumer industry is slowly adopting SSD for its new generation of products, the technology is still directly identified as a primary storage tool of the defense sector. For industry watchers who have been closely following the ascent of this technology, it doesn’t come as a surprise at all. After all, as defined solid- state disk is a non-volatile, high performance storage device with no moving parts. This is the basic premise why SSDs are being fielded out to highly rugged environments, high altitudes included where conventional hard disk drives are most likely to malfunction. SSDs come with non-volatile and high density flash chips, resulting in high storage capacities in small form factors. Likewise, the absence of mechanical parts inside the device keeps the wear and tear to the minimum. in applications where weight is calculated to the last pound. The SSD’s advantage over the rotating hard disk drive is clearly stated in’s article entitled “Why Most Analysts are Wrong about Capacity and Price Solid State Disks”. It says, “The customer value proposition in hostile As the technology matures, manufacturers offer increasing capacities. environments is that SSDs operate in environments in which hard disks are Although the military and industrial markets are not that price sensitive as unsuitable, and where SSDs have superior weight, power, reliability or other compared to the consumer market, the rapid drop in prices of flash chips key attributes.” Simply put, hard disk drives could not offer provide the best directly affects how the leading players in the storage industry map out their form factor and functionality in extreme conditions. product lines. In most tradeshows, manufacturers are now boasting of higher capacities, even beating their own offerings a few months back. According Addressing the limitations of high altitude apps to ComputerWorld Storage, “an 8GB chip that cost $11.36 at the end of In high altitude applications, ruggedness in a data storage device can be 2006 currently costs $8.47 on the spot market. That’s a drop of 25% in six tantamount to the success of the operation or project itself. This type of months.” computing environment is characterized by temperature fluctuations, shock, vibration, dust, moisture, magnetic fields, limited space and non-availability SSDs when first introduced to the military market offer less than a gigabyte of of power source among others. data storage. But now, SSDs can come with as much as a terabyte of data in one unit. This much capacity can record a year’s surveillance data in airborne For humans, it takes a lot applications. of preparation to ready the physical and emotional self Ruggedness for combat. So how does it In high altitude applications, ruggedness in a High altitude applications go for SSDs? Where does its data storage device can be tantamount to the require an operating power to combat extreme temperature of -40C to success of the operation or project itself. conditions in high altitude 85C (industrial) range or applications come from? even better. Mechanical hard drives are limited to Form Factor an operating temperature Solid-state disks are direct drop-in replacements for HDDs. It can come in range of +5°C to +55°C which cannot guarantee a flawless performance small form factors if necessary for a high-altitude application. It can come in when sent up. SSDs on the other hand have been built with such conditions handy 1.8” up to 3.5” form factors to fit in most computing devices. Compared in mind. Extreme temperatures do not affect its performance, thus vouching to hard disk drives, it can cut the weight by half giving it a premium advantage for data integrity. E-Disk Newsletter 7
  8. 8. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 Features Security was contracted by a private aerospace company to develop a ground- Security features are readily available for most solid-state disks. For breaking design that goes beyond the limits of traditional spacecraft BiTMICRO’s E-Disk® SSD, the securErase® function allows classified data to architecture. After finalizing the new design, SpaceQuest looked around for be deleted completely, quickly and beyond retrieval. This patented security a reliable storage drive for the spacecraft’s computer vision system during feature eliminates the danger of confidential information being retrieved and orbit. used against the data owners. SpaceQuest decided to deploy non-volatile E-Disk® ATA/IDE solid state disks. Power Consumption The E-Disk® SSD has a proven track record in ruggedized applications, Drives equipped with flash memory chips consume 70 percent less power operating reliably even in high-altitudes (up to 120,000 feet) and extreme than rotating hard disk drives. This is exceptionally beneficial in high altitude operating temperatures (–60°C to + 95°C). Upon installation, company applications as power source is hardly available once airborne vehicle takes engineers delightfully noted that the pure solid state E-Disk® ATA/IDE flash off. The less power a drive needs the longer it can store data without the need drive consumed minimal power and integrated well with the spacecraft’s to recharge. network of computers connected by proprietary bus and interfaces. Solid State Disk in actual deployment This is just citing few of the documented cases where solid-state disk BiTMICRO’s E-Disk® Solid State Drive proved how much SSD can contribute validates its claim of having the brain, brawn and mechanism to be deployed to scientific research when it was employed for the Cosmic Rays Energe- in extreme conditions such as in high altitude applications. Successful SSD tics And Mass (CREAM) project. CREAM is a National Aeronautics and Space deployments in the field of research translate to bolder attempts to study Administration (NASA)-sponsored high-altitude balloon experiment led by top outer space and find out what is beneath the skies. universities in the US. It was an investigative effort to find out the composition of ultra high-energy cosmic rays. Solid-state drives eliminate the limits of altitude when it comes to data storage. For now, it can be the extent of SSDs role in research but looking at Using a 43 GB E-Disk® flash disk drive on board a Long Duration Balloon the continuous development of the product, it will not be long before it takes (LDB), the team was able to record about 36GB of heavy nuclei data. The on a pivotal role in further discovering and conquering the world out there. unmanned balloon surpassed its previous record with an on-flight travel of 41 days and 22 hours near the edge of space at 125,000 feet. Although flash In the military on the other hand, solid state disks further solidify their role as memory is not entirely insensitive to cosmic rays, E-Disk® solid state flash a key storage device for surveillance, reconnaissance and exploratory efforts drives utilized Toshiba flash chips, which have very low cosmic ray sensitivity in high altitude environments. Barriers are continuously being broken to give because Toshiba’s “inside-store” trench cell stores more charge. way to a more efficient system in the defense sector. At the end of the day, solid-state disks strengthen the military’s full battle gear giving the power to A Test of Durability secure data even in the harshest conditions. SpaceQuest, Ltd, a spacecraft avionics developer based in Fairfax, Virginia, E-Disk Newsletter 8
  9. 9. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 On the Web KB KNOWLEDGE BASE ® PowerGuard FAQs, Part II What are the Different PowerGuard® Modes? the external power to the E-Disk® storage device falls below approximately +4.7 V during operation of the device. Save Mode is the default mode for all ANSWER: types of PowerGuard® data protection units, including PowerGuard® II & III. PowerGuard® comes in three models that provide different levels of data Power-Down Erase Mode protection, namely: This mode causes the E-Disk® storage device to erase automatically and ir- PowerGuard® Mode Features retrievably all data stored in the E-Disk® storage device if external power to the E-Disk® storage device falls below the threshold voltage. PowerGuard I - Save Mode ® Flushes Cache Data to Flash, Plus Option for “Instant Erasure” of Flash Data (External Power Required) SAVE MODE PowerGuard® II - Erase Mode Save Mode, Plus Option for Power Down Erase PowerGuard® III - Standby Mode Erase Mode, Plus Extra Internal Power to Extend Decision Time POWER DONE ERASE MODE to Erase or Keep Flash Data PowerGuard® III offers the highest level of data protection. It incorporates a 3-position manual switch that is located on the mechanical assembly con- taining the charge-carrying devices and its associated circuitry. STANDBY MODE The different operating modes for PowerGuard are described below: ® Save Mode This mode causes the storage device to automatically flush all dirty data saved in volatile memory, such as cache memory, to non-volatile memory if E-Disk Newsletter 9
  10. 10. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 Instant Erase Mode PowerGuard® Instant Erase Activation When activated, all normal operations of the E-Disk® storage device will What is the minimum time that the Instant Erase (IE) pins need to be shorted cease and all data in the entire E-Disk® storage device will be immediately in order to activate the Instant Erase function? and irretrievably erased regardless of whether the PowerGuard® unit is in the Save or Power-Down Erase mode. The PowerGuard® I and II versions will not ANSWER: operate correctly if the Instant Erase mode is activated after external power is removed from the E-Disk® drive unit. Instant Erase is activated immediately after pins 3 and 4 (on the 3-Block LED) are shorted. The erase process will continue even if the pins are no longer With PowerGuard® III, activation of the Instant Erase mode will immediately shorted. and completely erase all stored data when the PowerGuard® unit is placed in Standby Mode as long as sufficient energy is still available in the super To reset and return the E-Disk® flash drive to Idle mode, user should remove capacitors. the jumper and wait for the Instant Erase process to finish. The same is true for other modes of PowerGuard®. Standby Mode Instant Erase also has a polling feature that can be enabled or disabled by Standby mode allows the disk to be removed from the external power source the user through the E-Disk® Analyzer (EDA) or vendor-specific commands. and transported for an extended amount of time, while maintaining the ability With polling disabled, the unit will initiate erase immediately after the pins to erase all the non-volatile memory upon activation of an easily accessible are shorted. push button switch. With polling enabled, the user can set a poll count (n-value), in 21ms incre- ments for E-Disk® ATA/IDE flash drives. For example, with polling enabled and n = 5, the IE pins would have to be shorted for 105 ms before the erase begins. This feature is used to filter out any glitches that may trigger an un- Is PowerGuard® required for securErase®? intentional Instant Erase. ANSWER: PowerGuard® is the hardware complement of securErase®. PowerGuard® provides sufficient standby energy for securErase® to complete the data sani- No, PowerGuard® is not required tization process in case of external power interruption. For as long as the E- or securErase® implementa- Disk® SSD is powered up externally, securErase® can be executed via SCSI or tion. A built-in firmware utility in ATA/IDE commands, jumper settings, or by a user supplied external switch. E-Disk® SSDs, securErase® is the registered trademark for any type of erasure functionality in BiTMICRO® products that renders the data completely irretrievable. securErase® can be performed through software (i.e., E-Disk® Analyzer, low-level ATA/IDE or SCSI For other useful information on command) or through hardware (i.e., units with PowerGuard® or E-Disk® SSDs, visit the specially-configured units without BiTMICRO KnowledgeBase at PowerGuard®). E-Disk Newsletter 10
  11. 11. Volume No. 4 Issue No. 3 3Q2007 On the Web E-Disk® Newsletter New Look, Editorial New Content Lyndon Santos Jun Alejo BiTMICRO Networks has published a new product Joanne De Peralta line card that highlights the company’s forthcoming E-Disk® Ana Patricia Locsin Altima family of solid state disks. The line card details the entire product lineup, including key specifications such as capacities, About the Newsletter transfer rates, and shock/vibration The E-Disk®Newsletter is a resistance. PDF copies of the quarterly publication of BiTMICRO line card may be downloaded via Networks. BiTMICRO reserves the Partner Source section of BiTMICRO’s the right to change or improve corporate website, while print copies are distributed at various specifications described in the new tradeshows where BiTMICRO is exhibiting at. product announcements at any time without notice. The company assumes no responsibility for any error that may appear in this FlashCircle Partner Program document. For newsletter-related concerns or suggestions, contact webmaster@E-Disk®.com. BiTMICRO Partners and resellers can protect their accounts by registering prospects About BiTMICRO to BiTMICRO’s sales database. Download BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., a the Partner Account Registration Form by privately held California corporation, logging on to the Partner Source section of is the world’s premier supplier the BiTMICRO website. Under 2.0 Forms, of high performance solid-state click Resellers, then open or save the disk, flash drive, and storage file in either Word or PDF format. management solutions. Email the form to bbadenhop@ or fax it to (510) 47929 Fremont Blvd 743-3155. Fremont 94538, CA, USA Tel: (510) 743-3193 Email: Web: Be the first to get the latest info! BiTMICRO Networks leads the way in intelligent solid state storage solutions for enterprise, industrial, aerospace, avionics, military and embedded applications. Sign up for our newsletter at http://www. and get all the information you need to maximize your investment in a faster and more reliable storage! E-Disk Newsletter 11