ASI Sales Training Flash Memory Products


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ASI Sales Training Flash Memory Products

  1. 1. Product Training Flash Memory Products
  2. 2. Introduction to Flash Memory Technical aspects of flash memory Uses of flash memory Types of flash memory Flash Memory Readers
  3. 3. Technical Aspects of Flash Memory Developed from EEPROM (Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) Technology Low cost, high-density, high speed, low power, high reliability Non-Volatile Storage - keeps data when power is turned off Solid State Devices – no moving parts (except the MicroDrive)
  4. 4. Uses of Flash Memory Digital Cameras MP3 Players PDAs Video Game Console Memory Cards Portable Storage
  5. 5. Types of Flash Memory Compact Flash MicroDrive Memory Stick (Pro) MultiMedia Card Secure Digital SmartMedia Card USB Flash Drives (1.1,2.0) XD Picture Card
  6. 6. Compact Flash 64MB – 2GB Lowest cost flash memory storage solution Built in controller Used in Digital Cameras, PDAs, Handheld Scanners, PCs, Printers Most popular removable mass storage device Non-Volatile Solid State
  7. 7. MicroDrive 340MB – 4GB Used in Digital Cameras, PDAs, PCs CF+ Type II Card Compliant Largest storage capacity Cost efficient Not Solid State Non-Volatile Storage
  8. 8. Memory Stick (Pro) 64MB – 1GB (2GB for Pro) Used in Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, TVs, PDAs, Printers, PCs Transfer Rate of 2.5MB/sec (20MB/sec for Pro) Non-Volatile Solid State 2 memory banks on 1 card Mechanical switch to alternate Memory Stick Pro only compatible with Pro enabled devices
  9. 9. MultiMedia Card 64MB – 128MB Postage stamp size Used in Mobile Phones, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, GPS Devices Non-Volatile Solid State
  10. 10. Secure Digital 64MB – 512MB Postage stamp size Built from MultiMedia Card specifications Used in MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, and cell phones Write protect switch Non-Volatile Solid State
  11. 11. SmartMedia Card 64MB – 128MB 3.3V and 5V cards Used in Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, Digital Voice Recorders Limited to 128MB Non-Volatile Solid State
  12. 12. USB Flash Drives 64MB – 2GB USB 1.1, 2.0 Used in PCs Durable and highly portable PCs and Operating System must have USB support Non-Volatile Solid State
  13. 13. XD Picture Card 64MB – 512MB Used in Olympus and Fuji xD -compatible digital cameras Non-Volatile Solid State
  14. 14. Flash Memory Readers Can read and write to multiple flash memory devices Adds drive letters to your PC (in My Computer) Inexpensive PC or notebook interface Internal and external readers
  15. 15. External Flash Memory Readers In-Win CR-e500 (SKU 19143) 6-in-1 External USB 2.0 SD, MMC, MS, SM, CF, MD Vantec UGT-CR712 (SKU 25234) 7-in-1 External USB 1.1 SD, MMC, MS, MSPro, SM, CF, MD
  16. 16. Internal Flash Memory Readers In-Win CR-i500 (SKU 19144) 7-in-1 USB 2.0 SD, MMC, SM, MS, CF, MD, USB In-Win CR-i530 (SKU 23393, 23680) 10-in-1 USB 2.0 SD, MMC, SM, MS, CF, MD, USB, 1394, MIC In, Audio Out
  17. 17. ASI Whitebox Notebook Flash Memory Readers 5715W M5N CL51 CL50 SD SD SD SD MS MS MMC MS Pro MMC