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Tell Your Story Visually

Tell your story visually.

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Tell Your Story Visually

  1. 1.     TELL YOUR STORY VISUALLY 90% 90% OF INFORMATION TRANSMITTED TO THE BRAIN IS VISUAL “STORIES CHANGE OUR BRAINS” - Dr. Paul Zak, Director, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, Claremont Graduate University 1900% INCREASE IN MENTIONS BY TELLING STORIES VS. USING TRADITIONAL MESSAGING 67% 67% OF U.S. CONSUMERS TRUST CLEAR PHOTOS MORE THAN PRODUCT RATINGS 44% 44% OF SOCIAL MEDIA USERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO ENGAGE WITH VISUAL BRANDS Why Stories? Why Visual? Why Use FlashStock? 25% 25% INCREASE IN CONVERSION BY USING AUTHENTIC, CUSTOM IMAGERY Sources: 1. creative-instagram-photo/292906/ 2. how_stories_change_brain 3. social-media, performics_us/performics-life-on- demand-2012-summary-deck 4. content-is-a-guaranteed-winner/ 5. 33423/19-Reasons-You-Should-Include- Visual-Content-in-Your-Marketing- Data.aspx 6.  Thanks to Roman Kovbasyuk, Martin Vanco, Till Teenck, and Kokopako from the Noun Project for imagery 7. 70% HIGHER ANNUALIZED REVENUE GROWTH FOR STORYTELLING BRANDS 320% 320% INCREASE IN ENGAGEMENT BY CLIENTS USING FLASHSTOCK PHOTOS