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New Denver EPA Building Topped Off with Green Roof


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New Denver EPA Building Topped Off with Green Roof

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New Denver EPA Building Topped Off with Green Roof

  1. 1. Environmental NEW DENVER EPA BUILDING TOP... Advertise | Submit Free Profile | About Us | Contact Welcome Search: News & Press Releases 6 Free E-Newsletter | Sign I Air & Health & Environmental Soil & Waste & Water & Monitoring & Energy & Home Climate Safety Mgmt. Groundwater Recycling Wastewater Testing Renewables ONLINE MARKETPLACE Technology & Equipment Add your products & services to our Software & Online Solutions marketplace! Training & Education Home > NEW DENVER EPA BUILDING TOPPED OFF WITH Services (Consulting...) GREEN ROOF Silver Sponsors PUBLICATIONS Books, CD-Roms... NEW DENVER EPA BUILDING TOPPED OFF WITH Magazines & Journals GREEN ROOF RESOURCES Source: Weston Solutions, Inc. Articles, Case Studies... Published Nov 07, 2006 Size Reduction & Recycling News & Press Releases Equipment Chicago, IL—November 7, 2006—Denver, CO, like Events Calendar many other American cities, is working hard to Job Search & Recruiting become environmentally responsible. Silver Sponsors The city’s mayor, John Hickenlooper, has announced an extensive sustainability initiative dubbed Portable X-Ray “GreenPrint,” which is an ambitious plan to convert Fluorescence (XRF) city vehicles to hybrids, reduce energy use in city Analysis Technology buildings, and build solar and methane power plants by 2007. PCB Contaminated Soil Remediation So it is not surprising that Denver’s new 232,000-square-foot U. S. Environmental Protection Agency building, which opens in a few months, will Analytical Instruments be a welcome addition to the city and one of the Greenest facilities in Denver—and the country. Providing discount Constructed with an eye toward resource and environmental products for energy efficiency, the building aims to earn Gold purchase and rental certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System. Campbell Scientific, Inc. Environmentally and energy preferable building products and materials were used throughout as were photovoltaic arrays and wind turbines to Noise and Vibration Control: generate electricity. And on the top of the SoundPLAN building—a Green roof. “The architects and developers wanted a Green roof for several reasons,” says Sandra McCullough, with Groundwater Remediation Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®) that installed & Characterization the roof. “One of the main reasons is that Denver Equipment has strict stormwater runoff guidelines, and a Green Air Pollution Control roof helps reduce runoff considerably.” Equipment McCullough says that the architects and developers also wanted a Green roof because it helps reduce energy costs and can contribute to as many as Flow and Level Monitoring Instruments seven points toward LEED certification. Why Modular? Reduction Systems & Shredding Machinery The Green roof installed is an extensive Green roof with low-growing vegetation such as sedum, grasses, and other hearty, drought-resistant plants Quantum Compliance installed in four or five inches of growth media (soil).1 of 2 11/8/2006 9:41 PM
  2. 2. Environmental NEW DENVER EPA BUILDING TOP... However, they had to choose between a Systems, Inc. built-in-place system (where soil is placed right on the roof and plants are put in, as in a traditional garden) or a modular system. EHS Management Software With a modular system, vegetation and growth media are preplanted in modules made of 60 percent recycled plastic. The modules, which come in varying sizes, are then placed on the existing Bioenergy World roof, one after another. “They selected the GreenGrid modular system I.T.Works B.V. because it is cost effective,” says McCullough. “Also, the modules can be picked up if the roof’s photovoltaic panels or other mechanicals need servicing and then replaced when repairs are Environmental & completed. You can’t do that with a built-in-place Remediation Equipment system.” In addition, because the modules can be pre-grown Air Quality Monitoring at the nursery, they can be delivered to the jobsite Technology Specialists when needed. This also allows the plants an opportunity to grow out in their installed state. Thomson Micromedex McCullough adds that the Green roof will be included in a Green tour of Denver scheduled for the upcoming GreenBuild Conference, which will take place in Denver on November 15 through 17, 2006. regAction Environmental Information Mgmt. System For more information, visit, or call Sandra McCullough at 312-424-3319. IMSM Ltd Become a Silver Sponsor >> About GreenGrid® Green Roof System Become a Silver Sponsor GreenGrid® Green Roof System is a proprietary >> technology of ABC Supply Co., Inc. licensed exclusively to Weston Solutions, Inc.—a leading employee-owned environment and redevelopment firm, delivering comprehensive solutions to complex problems for industry and government worldwide. For more information about GreenGrid®, visit or contact Sandra McCullough at (312) 424-3306; Jared Markham in Glastonbury, CT at (860)368-3204; Michael Rieger in Sherman Oaks, CA at (818) 332-1812, or Larry Vanselow in Seattle, WA at (206)521-7692. For more information about WESTON, visit their Web site at ### Terms | Privacy Policy ©1999-2006 Environmental Expert S.L.2 of 2 11/8/2006 9:41 PM