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The Lotus Games Media Kit


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The Lotus Games Media Kit

Published in: Marketing
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The Lotus Games Media Kit

  1. 1. Tom Murphy Creator Dallas Santana Executive Producer Kenji Claudio Producer
  2. 2. Meet the Female Athletes who Have the Star Quality of Cover Models
  3. 3. 2018CHINA
  4. 4. Lauren Sieckmann Lauren Sieckmann - AVP Pro Volleyball player and Model
  5. 5. Roxy Louw Pro Surfer, Model & TV Ambassador
  6. 6. Samantha Culiver Team USA Skeleton Rider Former Division 1 NCAA Pole-vaulter Team USA Olympics
  7. 7. Xan Rogers Three-time USA National Masters champ swimming
  8. 8. Football player for LFL- champion 2009-2010 Fitness Model USAF Sgt. Jennifer Dela Rosa
  9. 9. Kaleigh Gilchrist Water Polo 2016 Olympics
  10. 10. Michelle Waterson MMA Fighter, Invicta FC atom weight champion
  11. 11. Legends Women’s Football League Las Vegas Sin LAUREN FOGLE
  12. 12. SierraMercier Triple Gold Medalist US Figure Skating Team/Olympic Contender and Miss  Queen of the Universe Finalist
  13. 13. First Place Freestlye and Breast Stroke -3rd place freestyle USA Junior Olympics Entering Swimming Only AntonellaOliva
  14. 14. The fashion of sports the lifestyle
  15. 15. The Fashion of Sports The Lifestyle of Beauty
  16. 16. Lotus Games 2017 will invite two of these new Olympians to compete!
  17. 17. Lolo Jones Olympic Track Star/Bobsled
  18. 18. Allison Stokke Pole Vault
  19. 19. Melanie Adams Pole Vault
  20. 20. Aly Raisman Gymnastics
  21. 21. Melanie Adams - Pole Vault
  22. 22. Sheila Zadorsky Soccer
  23. 23. Adeline Gray Wrestling
  24. 24. Lauren Sesselman - Soccer
  25. 25. Anastasia Ashley Surfer
  26. 26. Federica Pellegrini Swimmer *Gold Medalist 2008
  27. 27. Natasha Hastings Track and Field
  28. 28. Ashlyn Harris Soccer
  29. 29. The Lotus Games 2015-2016 Palm Springs, CA.
  30. 30. Let the Games Begin! The Lotus Games On Location 2018 10 Star Athletes, 10 Sports, One winner! Twitter:@thelotusgames Instagram: @thelotusgames Facebook: The Lotus Games
  31. 31. The stars of their sports square off in a “modern decathlon” competition. The Lotus Games Athletes supporting the “Health of our Oceans and the Habitats of Endangered Animals”.
  32. 32. “Keep Our Oceans Beautiful” and Save Endangered Species is the heartbeat of the Lotus Games ● Our footprint will extend to CHINA, COSTA RICA, PUERTO RICO-USA, and all future shoot locations. ● The Lotus Games will be proactive in driving and leveraging active membership to saving local water ecosystems and endangered animals ● Pre-event appearances by Lotus games superstars will ricochet through their personal and our corporate social media networks.
  33. 33. THE LOTUS GAMES: CHARTER MANDATE AND BYLAWS 1. Dedicated to the celebration of women athletes, and their inspiration, no matter the age. 2. The advancement and promotion of a diverse constellation of women sports, and the celebration of their most charismatic influential athletes. 3. Strive to create new ambassadors to these sports ,and inspire new participants to a lifestyle of fitness, athletic achievement and beauty. 4. Instill pride and camaraderie in women team sports. Bring female high school and college sport dropouts, back to the courts, track, pitch, courses, fields, stadiums, and surf. 5. Provide a Continuous Showcase of challenging, unusual, and sometimes-difficult fringe sports, testing different athletic skill sets. 6. Fashion First! - Dress the best, with the best! Featured active-ware designers from around the world elevate our athletes to a standard of sartorial splendor that today’s high energy women aspire too. In the End... A Celebrity will emerge, a graceful noble, powerful queen. The bright, majestic star that burns the brightest, and stays the longest… ❖
  34. 34. The white lotus is the most exotic and erotic flower on earth Growing in water under the sun, it’s elegant and delicate center, has a ring of yellow color. In various religions it cleans the mist around the mind, and helps thinking and meditation.