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Flame Deal Creative Services (2)


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Flame Deal bio, services and client testimonials. Catering, Events, Hospitality, Communications,Branding and Marketing Industry.

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Flame Deal Creative Services (2)

  1. 1.  Bio    Flame  Deal          Flame Belinda Deal was  born  in  Tanzania,  East  Africa  to  an  American  Father  and  a  Vietnamese  Mother  and  raised  in  Statesville,  North  Carolina  where  she  experienced  the  joys  and  challenges  of  growing  up  in  small  town   America.  Her  unique  and  eclectic  upbringing,  paired  with  her  love  of  hospitality,  helped  her  build  her  natural  ability  to  build  relationships  and  her  commitment  to  a  stronger  personal  work  ethic.    After  attending  East  Carolina  University  in  Greenville,  NC,  she  came  to  New  York  City  to  pursue  a  career,  initially  working  in  the  sports  industry;;  she  began  at  Sports  Illustrated  and  Pro  Serv,  a  leading  sports  agency.    But  in  1995,  her  passion  in  hospitality  brought  her  to  join  the  staff  of  the  original  Brother  J in  the  upper  east  side  of  NYC,  where  her  natural  networking  abilities  helped  make  the  bar  and  restaurant  one  of  the  most  popular  nightlife  destinations  in  the  city.    Flame  instinctively  recognized  the  brand  growth  potential,  then  after  rising  to  a  managerial  position  within  the  company;;  she  took  on  the  task  of  creating   atering,  private  party  division  and  in  2005  launched  Savor  catering.        After  building  the  hugely  successful  line  of  businesses,  Ms.  Deal  decided  to  sell  her  partnership  to  follow  her  entrepreneurial  spirit  and  passion  for  creative  event  services.    Today,  Flame  is  the  founder/owner  of  FLAME DEAL a  New  York  City  based  company  specializing  in    for  client  creative  service   needs   from   business   development,   marketing,   event   planning,   production,   design   &   catering,   that   combines   personal   attention   with  international  fusions,  comfort,  sophistication,  expertise  and  ease.        Regardless  of  scope  or  location  all  events  are  treated  with  passion,  integrity  and  creativity;;   from   social   to   corporate,   to   product   launches,   fundraisers,   bar/bat   mitzvahs   to   weddings.   Flame   draws   inspirations   from   her   rich   life  experiences  and  industry  relationships;;  in  order  to  produce,  build,  manage,  large  and  small  events  and  creative  services.  .      Sample Client List:    NY  Jets,  Manhattan  Automobile  Company,  Fresh  Air  Fund,  First  American  Title  Insurance,  KPMG,  Morgan  Stanley,  Columbia  University,  Royal  Bank  of  Scotland,  Poker  4  Life,  VH-­1,  Entertainment  Weekly,  US  Weekly,  to  name  a  few.    Flame   is   a   proud   member   of   the   National   Association   of   Women-­Owned   Business,   (NAWBO):   Asian   women   in   Business   (AWIB):   Accredited  Member  of  Better  Business  Bureau  (BBB),  Manhattan  Chamber  of  Commerce,  International  caterers  Association  (ICA):  North  Carolina  Society  of  New   York,   Greater   New   York   Chamber   of   Commerce,   National   Association   of   Catering   Executives   (NACE):     (ABC)   Association   of   Bridal  Consultants.   She   proudly   dedicates   her  personal     time   researching   with   intuitive   ability   to   connect   the   right   businesses   for   economic    growth  and  development,    supports  the  culinary  job  training  and  placement  opportunities  a  non  for  profit  organization,  consortium  worker  education  (CWE).   A   portion   of   her   business   proceeds   are   donated   to   organizations   addressing   child   abuse   prevention,   youth   development   programs   and  ASPCA.     Flame  Deal  LLC,  135  West  26th  Street,  4th  Floor,  NY,  NY  10001/  O  212-­991-­9910  C:  646-­520-­5525  F:  646-­895-­7564      
  2. 2.   C L I E N T T EST I M O N I A LS C O RP O R A T E I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful service and spreads last night! Our event was a tremendous success, and your involvement was certainly part of it. I am sorry that I couldnt spare two minutes to sample everything, but I only heard amazing things from the guests - especially the desserts! I would love to set up some time to sample your menus, as so many of our events require catering needs here in NYC Your staff was also fantastic, so please pass on my sincere thanks to the group. I only wish I couldve devoted more time to you and your preparations! Hopefully we can set something up soon, and I look forward to working with you again! --Lauren Sadowski, Marketing Coordinator, E N T E RT A I N M E N T W E E K LY   Dr. Fisher was elated, ABC was thrilled and we are all looking forward to the special when it airs in January in conjunction with the release of her book. .. You have been a pleasure to work with! Thank you for your cheerful attitude, attention to detail and superior insight. The food was absolutely fantastic. Not only was the selection varied and unique but also quite delicious. The presentation of the food was beautiful and the trays with our logo added that special touch. Your chef, captain and server were extremely professional and did a wonderful job that evening. My sincere thanks to everyone involved in partnering with us to make our event successful. Well done! --Sarah Naughton, Senior Manager, Partnerships and Business Development, C H E M ISTRY.C OM and M A T C H.C O M    and  your  employees  were  great.  Everything  was  refilled  before  it  needed  to   be,  and  they  were  seriously  serving  the  clients.  The  spare  ribs  were  definitely  a  hit  (you  were  right),  as  was   Again,  everything  was  absolutely  great.  Delicious  food.  Clients  were  happy.  We  were  happy.  It  was  perfect.      -­‐-­‐Jennifer  Ryan.  COUNTRY  LIVING  MAGAZINE   "I wanted to touch base post-event and extend our thanks for a job well done on Monday at the world financial center for the start! Launch! Your chef and team were thorough and able to respond to our changing needs onsite with efficiency. The high level of their professionalism did not go unnoticed" --Misty p., Event Coordinator V I V I D Marketing and H E A L T H Y C H O I C E "Flame, I want to say thank you for everything! Your staff is great and the food was excellent. I want to thank you for coming and for how everything was just so well done! Everything was superbly executed. You are awesome and I would happily recommend you and your team a thousand times." -- E rika Cremona, Event Coordinator, A N H E USE R B USC H M ARK E T I N G that  from  now  on  -­‐  unless  you  have  Flame  Deal  on  your  side  for  an  event  you  will  suffer.  Flame,  you   promised  and  delivered  a  one  point  of  contact  -­‐  turn  key  event  solution  that  included  design,  planning,   décor,  and  the  best  tasting  catered  food  in  NYC.     Best  of  All    your  team  was  on  time  and  totally  under  b      Yuri  Frid,  Director  of  Business  Development,  MANHATTAN  AUTOMOBILE  COMPANY   the  extra  mile  for  her  client.  Her  events  are  impeccably  run,  and  she  does  it  all  with  flair  while  staying   gracious  under  pressure.  The  food  quality  for  our  events  has  been  outstanding  and  the  presentation  for  the     -­‐-­‐Daniele  Menache,  Vice  -­‐President  &  Managing  Director  of  Global  Events,  ALLIANCE  BERNSTEIN     The event was amazing, in large part because of you all, and I am so happy to have been able to work with you. Flame  Deal  LLC,  135  West  26th  Street,  4th  Floor,  NY,  NY  10001/  O  212-­991-­9910  C:  646-­520-­5525  F:  646-­895-­7564      
  3. 3. --Joanna Tucker, Associate Director of Promotions and Events. N I C H E M E D I A (G O T H A M M A G A Z I N E and H A MPT O NS M A G A Z I N E)   requirements.  Her  company  is  a  great  asset  to  our  marketing  events.  Great  to  be  associated  with  Flame   Deal  Events.  -­‐-­‐Patrick  Fogarty,  Vice-­‐  President,  FIRST  AMERICAN  TITLE  INSURANCE     - The presentation of all the dishes were beautiful. The lamb chops were a huge hit! I also heard the sushi was outrageous and fresh. The flowers were awesome a great show piece. You did a wonderful job. Thank You! --Kimberly Marenus, KPMG LLP. -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐  Jann  Yogman,  President  and  Founder,  NEW  YEARS  NATION   ssion  at  what  she  does  and  is  committed  to     -­‐-­‐    Shintaro  Okomoto,  President,  OKOMOTO  STUDIOS     -class all the way. She really personalizes everything, from customer to service to choosing the menu to execution. Maybe its her " southern ways." I also have to say that the food was delicious. We brought her on board to launch the opening of a new nightclub downtown called Le Royale in the West Village and they were just fantastic. I hope to invo -- Nicole Wright , President, Bon Vivant LL C- Venue Launch Event.F undraisers and Non- For-Profit- E vents -­‐Doherty  Earth  Observatory  Open  House  occurs  every  year.  Every  year  over  3500  people  come  to  this  small   campus  to  view  and  interact  with  the  200+  scientific  presentations  and  exhibits  related  to  earth  and  environmental   sciences.  A  complex  event  that  is  always  highly  successful,  except  for  the  Food  Tent.      Since  2002,  the  food  tent  has  been   a  source  of  frustration    even  when  we  kept  it  simple.  But  in  2007  we  gave  the  contract  to  Flame  Deal  and  were   impressed  and  definitely  relieved  because  we  knew  we  had  solved  our  Food  Tent  nightmare.  Flame  Deal  was  organized,   professional,  creative  and  most  importantly,  GREEN.        We  are  looking  forward  to  them  joining  us  again  and  again  and   again.   -­‐Vilma  Gallagher,  Events  Manager,  The  Earth  Institute  of  Columbia  University  &  Stacey  Vassallo,  Development  Officer,   LAMONT-­‐  DOHERTY    EARTH  OBSERVATORY    of  COLUMBIA  UNIVERSITY.   thank you very much for this critical aspect of the night. We are grateful for all your hard work and it really showed through the delicious spread of sustenance you provided. We look forward to working with you again next year! -- E than Ruby, Founder, PO K E R 4 L I F E Everyone said positive things about the food and the service. In fact I think that there are people in the office who may contact you about further events of ours. We are always in need of caterers who are flexible and can work under our hectic last minute conditions. Thanks again! -- Douglas Mercer, D O C T ORS WI T H OU T B ORD E RS/Medecins Sans F rontieres or us. H er service particularly was attentive and detailed. W e are not the easiest company to satisfy but F lam -- Jared Winley, Public and Media Relations , N E W YORK J E TS Flame  Deal  LLC,  135  West  26th  Street,  4th  Floor,  NY,  NY  10001/  O  212-­991-­9910  C:  646-­520-­5525  F:  646-­895-­7564      
  4. 4.   Wedding  Testimonials   Spring extra mile for us from beginning to end. We enjoyed planning our event with you because you made us feel comfortable and we loved your personality as well as your staff. Our guests loved the food... From the first tasting right down through our wedding buffet to the final cupcake! The Fun friendly atmosphere you provided was also amazing! The lighting you provided blew me away on the alter and like you said to thank for that! -- Tracey and Dan 2008 at Landmark on the Park Summer "You and your crew did a great job. The food was masterful and we received several comments about how "it was the best food Ive ever had at a wedding." The event was flawlessly smooth - even with the act of God thunderstorm. The service was impeccable, to the point that even my irascible family members had nothing to complain about...a true miracle! And, as for decor, you took a great raw space and turned it into a truly chic experience - with a totally different feel indoors from out, just like we requested. It was outstanding. What are you doing around the time of our one year anniversary...we were thinking of a little get together...."On a Side note - my friend and colleague, Liz, was telling me today how ridiculously hot the -- Matt & Dagmara 2008 at The Foundry F all and Winter and the flowers. Thank you, thank you l, thank you ! The Day definieitly would not have been as special if you would not have been involved! -- Tony and Roy at T he Foundry Even though its been a few months, everyone still is talking about how it is the best wedding they have ever been to. I think the custom Patron ice luge you had made for us had a lot to do with it! Even other people who were married at the Angel Orensanz, like we were, and had different caterers and event production are referring your services to other brides to be. Your passion for your work clearly made a difference in the final product. After looking around for the right caterer to handle the biggest day in my life to date, I knew that you would be the only one who could get the job done. You did not disappoint!! :) Everyone else I spoke with was so focused on getting out price quotes based on typical weddings, that they did not take the time to understand what look and feel we were going for on our special day. You took all of these things into account and made it happen within our budget. Its not everyday that a tequila inspired wedding comes along, and you made it come to life without flowers. Every last detail was attended to from the lemon/lime/aloe centerpieces to the model-esque staff. And the food....WOW! I never really liked wedding food, but who can pass up Chriss short ribs and potato crusted sea bass?? The mini burgers, french fry cones, and cocktail year old grandparents were up and dancing. After everything was over, I really wanted to get married all over again because we had such a great time and we have an amazing day to treasure for the rest of our lives. You made that possible! Thank you very much and I will always gladly recommend your services to any other --Jennifer and Josh Flame  Deal  LLC,  135  West  26th  Street,  4th  Floor,  NY,  NY  10001/  O  212-­991-­9910  C:  646-­520-­5525  F:  646-­895-­7564