EMR Marketing, Communications & Digital Market Insights 2014/2015


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EMR are industry thought leaders and take pride in ensuring our clients are kept regularly updated on industry trends, forecasts, candidate movement and candidate attraction strategies.

We are delighted to share with you our latest research into the Marketing, Communications and Digital market. Drawing on information from our in-depth candidate surveys this presentation will inform you of trends and issues currently affecting the Marketing, Communications and Digital market.

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  • Survey of asia marketing candidates – response rate of 167 candidates. Survey conducted in November 2013. Key location was Singapore followed by Hong Kong.
  • Most candidates were optimistic about the future of the economy or indifferent. The most pessimistic were from Hong Kong and Malaysia, with Singapore being the most optimistic.
    Only 7% expect their team to decrease in size over 2014, with the majority either increasing or remaining the same.
  • 76% of candidates rate their current job as secure
  • The vast majority of candidates are very secure in their roles, yet 30% have only been in their current roles less than a year. It seems that job security alone is not enough to keep retain employees. Employers must look to intrinsic benefits to retain their staff.
  • Digital and online skills are perceived to be the most valuable for 2014. Content marketing which has been widely discussed globally as a key trend, is ranked 4th however is closely related to digital and online
  • 69% of candidates are satisfied in their current role which correlates to 70% of those who would recommend their current employer to a friend, however a substantial 30% would not.
  • Most important reasons for considering an overseas opportunity were improved quality of life, new career opportunities, better employment opportunities. Least important was friends and family.
  • Salary expectations when changing jobs are substantially higher than if candidates were to remain in their existing role. 82% of candidates expect as increase of over 10% of their salary, compared to only 16% expecting the same level of increase if they remain in their jobs.
  • Interestingly, candidates are not leaving their positions out of necessity, rather, the majority are leaving out of choice, for career development and more challenging/interesting work.
    70% of candidates intend for marketing to remain as their long term career path
  • EMR Marketing, Communications & Digital Market Insights 2014/2015

    1. 1. Market Landscape Presentation 2014 Monica Bermeo Senior Consultant EMR Working with business leaders since 1994
    2. 2. About EMR • Specialist Marketing, Communications & Digital Recruitment • Established in 1994 • 50 consultants worldwide • International talent pipeline and office network: Singapore, Dublin, Leeds, London, Moscow and São Paulo • Structured by sectors and industry specialisation • FiveTen Group sister brands offering coverage across finance, HR, IT and Legal
    3. 3. Demographics
    4. 4. Market Conditions Marketing professionals were mostly optimistic about the economy in 2014, with many also predicting an increase in team size.
    5. 5. Job Security Mirroring those 26% who feel pessimistic about the future of the economy, 24% also feel insecure about their role
    6. 6. Job Tenure In spite of high levels of job security a third of candidates have only been in their current role less than 1 year.
    7. 7. Most valuable skill sets 2014
    8. 8. Current situation
    9. 9. Job Seeking Behaviour Over 9/10 marketing candidates are either actively looking or keeping an eye on the market, Candidate retention will be an issue once the market improves.
    10. 10. Overseas Opportunities Australia is seen as the most attractive for relocation, followed by the USA and Hong Kong.
    11. 11. Remuneration
    12. 12. Remuneration 6/10 candidates would accept a salary increase of less than 10% in their existing role, however only 2/10 would accept this when changing roles externally
    13. 13. Last Bonus
    14. 14. Bonus expectations – last bonus vs next Bonus expectations for 2014 are significantly higher, with more than half of respondents expecting over 20% of their salary.
    15. 15. Benefits
    16. 16. Benefits Bonus’ remain a key benefit to Asian marketing candidates and was seen as the most important.
    17. 17. CSR Although flexible working conditions are becoming more important to 84%, a majority would not work 4 days per week for pro rata salary.
    18. 18. Reasons for leaving role
    19. 19. Key Managerial Attributes The environment a manager creates for their team is seen as the MOST important attribute.
    20. 20. Internal Processes The cost of being too slow; speed to fill is a strong competitive advantage.
    21. 21. Training and On-boarding Training was seen as the fourth most important benefit, however when 42% of candidates have not received any for the past 2 years, this can be seen as a competitive advantage when attracting talent.
    22. 22. Training and On-boarding A huge 47% of candidates rated their company’s on-boarding and induction as non-existent or inadequate. The financial benefits of having an employee properly inducted and productive as early as possible make this result surprising.
    23. 23. Agency vs InHouse A majority of in-house candidates would consider moving to agency.
    24. 24. Social Media Usage
    25. 25. Social Media Usage
    26. 26. Recruitment Agency Preferences Candidates continue to prefer specialist recruitment agencies over generalists.
    27. 27. Summary • Most candidates are optimistic about the year ahead, and expect an increase in team size, bonus levels and salary • Candidates will be highly mobile once the market improves • Digital and online skill sets remain the most sought after • Training and on-boarding are a key issue for many companies • Slow internal processes from many companies are resulting in the loss of quality candidates
    28. 28. Join our Marketing and Communications Forum Asia Monica Bermeo Tel: +65 6590 9160 www.emrrecruitment.com.sg singapore@emrrecruitment.com 3 Phillip Street #09-04 Royal Group Building Singapore 048693