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Job Seeker Market Insights Asia 2014


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Specialist marketing recruiter, EMR, recently surveyed over 6000 marketing, digital and communications professionals. These findings were collated in November and represent an comprehensive overview of the marketing, digital and communications market in Asia. For more information please contact EMR at

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Job Seeker Market Insights Asia 2014

  1. 1. DEMOGRAPHICS MARKET INSIGHTS & COMPENSATION OVERVIEW ASIA | 2014 OUR CANDIDATES HAD THEIR SAY FOR THIS REPORT. 43 % 57 % 30% 1% Very satisfied JOB SEEKING BEHAVIOUR 7% 62% Satisfied Unsatisfied WERE SATISFIED WITH THEIR CURRENT JOB BUT... Very Unsatisfied 94% 37% 57% Actively looking OF THEM ARE CONTEMPLATING A ROLE CHANGE! Not actively looking but keeping an eye on the market 6% Not interested in changing jobs 6/10 CANDIDATES WILL ACCEPT A SALARY INCREASE OF LESS THAN 10%. HOWEVER, ONLY 2/10 WILL ACCEPT THE SAME, EXTERNALLY. To find out more market insights, contact: Monica Bermeo Senior Consultant +65 6590 9149 Join our Marketing & Communications forum @EMR_Asia REMUNERATION, BONUS & BENEFITS 10% CURRENT ROLE / EMPLOYMENT > 69%