Email Marketing: Bring Back Your Best Customers


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Last year, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase based on a promotional email. Are your emails driving revenue?

Many businesses use email marketing. But without a good strategy, customers may quickly move promotional messages from their inbox straight to the trash. Our newest eBook provides easy steps, like including a call to action and how to avoid being marked as spam, and other insights to ensure your email campaigns are bringing your loyal customers back in the door.

Check out our free eBook today, and make sure your email promotions get your best customers visiting and spending more.

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Email Marketing: Bring Back Your Best Customers

  1. 1. Bring Back YourBest CustomersEmail Marketing:
  2. 2. 03PAGELoyalty Marketing,Why Is It Important?- Harvard Business ReviewLoyalty marketing is morerelevant today than ever• Your biggest asset is your existingcustomer base and foot traffic• Data shows that loyalty programscan increase customer visits by 20%or more• With social media, each of yourcustomers can now share yourbrand with hundreds of others• Technology can now automate mostof your loyalty marketing needs• It’s marketing that’s fun and makessense!How email marketingdrives loyalty• Brings your best customers in thedoor quickly, or can drive immediateonline purchases• Customers prefer gettingconvenient messages from placesthey already go to, especially placesthey frequent• Email promotions/newsletters canreach customers throughout theday, people check their emails onthe go, as well as at work and athome• Businesses can get creative withimages and other content in emails• Timely email marketing can buildbrand loyalty when you send goodcontent, customers will begin to beon the lookout for your emails• Good email campaigns cancomplement your other marketingeffortsCustomer loyaltyis the single mostimportant driverof growth andprofitability.Experts agree that loyalty isthe most effective and highestreturn marketing:$REVENUECUSTOMER BEHAVIORREWARDCOSTSLOYALTY MARKETING COSTSPROGRAMCOSTSNETREVENUEINCREASEVISIT MOREFREQUENTLYPARTICIPATE INPROMOTIONSSPEND MOREPER VISITLoyalty marketing ROI is traditionallydriven by increasing visits, spend,and promotion participation.
  3. 3. 04PAGE- Bain & CompanyIt is 6 to 7 timesmore expensiveto acquire a newcustomer than toretain an existingone.Email marketing stats• 44% of email recipients made atleast one purchase last year basedon a promotional email• 35% of business professionalscheck email on a mobile deviceSource: Convince & Convert• 7 in 10 people say they had madeuse of a coupon or discount thatthey had learned about through amarketing email in the prior week ormonth• 40% of customers claim to enjoygetting lots of marketing emailsfrom their favorite brands eachweek Source: 2012 Blue Kangaroo SurveyBuild customer loyalty bysending these types of emailmessages• Exclusive email coupons/promotions, sales, or gifts forrewards/club members• Newsletters with interesting contentapplicable to your audience• Prompt website or social mediavisits, so they get your marketingcontent and specials on sites theyalready frequent• Send birthday/anniversary gifts ormessages that show customers youappreciate them or know them wellSource: GetResponse44% of emailrecipients madeat least onepurchase basedon an email
  4. 4. 07PAGEExperts agree that loyalty isthe most effective and highestreturn marketingBefore you launch an email campaign, somethings to consider:Who is your audience? Who are the people you aretrying to target? example: College students, the business lunch crowd,little leaguers and familiesWhat is the goal you want to accomplish? example: To announce an exclusive sale, to get moreTwitter followers, promote Father’s Day gift purchasesWhat actions do you want your customers to take oncereading your email? example: Bring in a coupon to your store, visit and likeyour Facebook page, make an online order- Deloitte Research SurveyRetailerswith loyaltyprograms, onaverage, are88% moreprofitable thancompetitorswho do not.
  5. 5. 08PAGEMake sure your email messageis thoughtful and encourages anaction• When writing a good email message, youwant to make sure to keep it short and tothe point.• Use persuasion tactics, like timeexpirations, exclusiveness, secret items orprizes, etc. to create a sense of urgency.For example, ‘The first 100 customersreceive a free appetizer!’ plays on thecustomers’ fear of missing out. But usethese sparingly since urgency can lose itseffectiveness if done too often.• Make sure you include a way to find you!Add addresses, relevant phone numbers,and an email they can respond to if theylike.• Most importantly, include a prominentcall to action: what do you want them todo and when?7 Steps To AGreat EmailCampaign# 01January - New Years DayFebruary - Valentine’s &President’s DayMarch - Spring Break & St.Patrick’s DayApril - Earth DayMay - Memorial & Mother’sDay, Graduation SeasonJune - Father’s Day andSummer BreakJuly - Independence Day &Wedding SeasonAugust - Back to SchoolSeasonSeptember - Labor DayOctober - Halloween & FallSeasonNovember - Thanksgiving &Black FridayDecember - Christmas & NewYears EveSend an emailfor Holidays orSpecial Seasons:
  6. 6. Make sure your subject line iseye catching and interestingYou have about 2 seconds to convincea customer to open your email, or trashit. So you have to make it grab theirattention using between 5 and 8 words.47% of consumers make their decisionabout whether or not to open emails frombusinesses or nonprofits based on thecontent of the subject line.Source: Social Media Quickstarter10PAGEInclude a relevant picturePeople are visual creatures, so make sureto add a picture or two to help illustratethe message you want your readers toget. Photos increase the likelihood thatyour customers will click through youremail, which means more customersvisiting your website, calling you for areservation, etc.Some considerations to take into account:• Keep images small so they don’t slowload time on less advanced Internetconnections.• Use images with people and faces inthem.• If you can, avoid stock imagery. It’sobvious and makes your email look lesspersonal. And please, PLEASE don’tuse clip-art.• Finally, include a link in your images.People expect to be able to clickthrough to something when they see an image. Source: Simple RelevanceAlso, be cautious about ONLY usingpictures in your email. If a customer’semail doesn’t load the images, or loadsthem too slowly, your customers won’tsee any of your message, so be sure toalways include some text, even if it is atthe bottom.Some rules are meant to bebroken, but laws are notCAN-SPAM Act• Don’t use false or misleading headerinformation.• Don’t use deceptive subject lines.• Identify the message as an ad.• Tell recipients where you’re located.• Tell recipients how to opt out ofreceiving future emails from you.• Honor opt-out requests promptly.• Monitor what others are doing on yourbehalf.Check out all the details!Things that will be marked as spam arelots of punctuation marks, excessiveuse of the word FREE,misspellings,grammatical errors,and using allcaps. Steps 1 & 2 Real World Example:Short but effective messagingIncludes a call to actionIncludes a relevant image# 02 # 03 # 04Image Source: AnthropologieSource: Constant Contact
  7. 7. 12PAGESchedule your emailsat optimal times and becautious of the number of emails sent per weekMost messages land in people’sinboxes in the morning, whichis why it is better to email in theafternoon. That is when it will bemore likely noticed, opened, andclicked through.Always remember: Quality overquantity. So don’t send more than acouple a week! That way your loyalcustomers will eventually be on thelook out for your emails since yousend only the best content.Train youremployees toask and makeit super easy for yourcustomers to give theiremail contact informationTry to capture the customerinformation on your point-of-sale*or computer, it will save you time inthe long run. Display a marketingtable stand at your checkoutcounter that tells customers allthe incentives they will receive forsigning up to your email list.# 05 # 0645% ofconsumersdecide not toopen your emailbecause yousend them toomany emails.Source: Social Media QuickstarterTop reasons peoplewill sign up for youremail list: To receivediscounts and specialoffers (58%), to takepart in a specificpromotion (39%), orif they are a regularcustomer (37%).Source: Social Media QuickstarterYou can use FiveStarsto not only captureyour customers’emails, but alsotheir names, phonenumbers, notes abouttheir purchases, theirbirthdays, and so muchmore. Send targetedemails to your VIPcustomers, as wellas reconnect withcustomers who haven’tbeen back in a while,with the the FiveStarsLoyalty AutomationPlatform. We integrateright on your point-of-sale!Check out more details.
  8. 8. Track how many people visit fromyour email by including in youremail message ‘Give email codeMOTHERSDAY to your cashier atcheckout to get your discount,’and have your employees tallythem up. Some email marketingprograms give you open and clickthrough rates; if so, compare theresults across your different emailcampaigns. You may see patternsthat will tell you which subject linesand messages perform better.# 07Measure yoursuccess toimprove overtime14PAGE
  9. 9. 16PAGEWant to start emailing yourcustomer base? What are thecurrent tools are out there?• Constant Contact• Mail Chimp• GetResponse• FiveStars Loyalty Automation PlatformCue shameless plug!FiveStars is pioneering loyalty automation thatincludes targeted email marketing campaignsFiveStars Loyalty Automation Platform: We take care of everything• Point-of-Sale Relationship ManagerCustomer info right on the POSNever slow down the lineBuilt in fraud control• FiveStars CardSimple technology that everyone can useImpossible to loseOver 900,000 cardholders• Customer Engagement ToolkitSimple segmentationText or email campaignsSocial media integrationWant a free demo from FiveStars?Visit learn how FiveStars can help increase word of mouth foryour business, go to