5 Ways To Turn Around A Slow Business Day


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These quick and easy-to-implement promotions can be shared and advertised to your customers via facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms, or with an email or text message blast.

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5 Ways To Turn Around A Slow Business Day

  1. 1. 5 Ways To Turn Around A Slow Business Day It’s just one of those days. Your store front is empty and you are watching potential customers just walk on by without coming in the door. It’s not too late, let’s turn this day around and bring your customers in the door TODAY. These quick and easy to implement promotions can be shared and advertised to your customers via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, or with an email or text message blast. # 1 Whisper Codes Entice your customers with a secret “whisper code” that will give them some- thing really valuable, but make sure it is easy on your daily bottom line. Instruct the customers to visit your store and whisper the password to the cashier to receive their free gift or deeply discounted item. REAL WORLD EXAMPLE OF A WHISPER CODE ON FACEBOOK: Tax Day just got sweeter! Buy one cupcake, get one free. Just whisper “Tax Day!” Limit one per person. # 2 Exclusive and Time Sensitive Promotions Create a sense of urgency for your most loyal customers. Send out a message to only your VIPs, your Twitter followers, or email club. Make them feel that not only are they getting an exclusive and special deal, but that they also need to come in before it expires at a specific hour or closing time. REAL WORLD EXAMPLE OF A TIME SENSITIVE PROMOTION VIA EMAIL: J.Crew Exclusive Cardmembers Only Sale.The results of a Harvard research EMAIL SUBJECT LINE:study on teaching incentives Cardmembers only: 30% offfound performance improved your purchase!not when incentives were givenafter performance metrics were EMAIL MESSAGE:achieved, but when incentives Enjoy 30% off your purchasewere given up-front and could when you stop by. But yoube taken away if performance better hurry, sale endsmetrics weren’t achieved. This is tomorrow night.the principle of “loss aversion”in which people, once theyhave something, don’t wantto give it up. Use this to yourmarketing advantage. SOURCE: HUBSPOT # 3 Happy Hour Deals This one is pretty self explanatory. (Who hasn’t heard of Sonic Happy Hours?!) Offer your customers discounted prices for certain items or services during a specific time frame only. You can get creative and offer happy hours outside the normal times of 3-6pm to give customers that extra boost of excitement and willingness to drop by. REAL WORLD EXAMPLE OF A HAPPY HOUR DEAL VIA TWITTER: Cream happy hour free toppings. When choosing one flavor is tough, try our Taco. #TacoTuesday $1 off tacos and FREE toppings from 8pm-10pm: http://ow.ly/i/1UdbC # 4 Impromptu Event There are many customers who would love to get out of the house but don’t have the energy to plan something to do. Make it easy for those customers to come visit you by hosting a fun impromptu event. Have a board game night, become the place to watch the Giants games, offer a wine or beer tasting, or host weekly watching parties for The Bachelor, Game of Thrones, etc. If you are a current FiveStars Loyalty client, REAL WORLD EXAMPLE OF A you can easily send IMPROMPTU EVENT VIA TEXT MSG: out event invitations MMoon San Jose California on the fly with our email and texting tools. LET’S GO SHARKS! Just ask your Client Come watch the game at Success Manager to the SJ Mmoon today at 3pm! walk you through it. Not Wear a sharks shirt and get a a client? Visit http://bit. free empanada!” ly/11A8UEu to learn more. # 5 Recurring Deal Days Have a specific day(s) that are always slow? Make that day a deal day! If you offer discounts, only offer the BEST of the best sales on your deal day. You want your customers to know that if they want the best deal possible, they have to visit at very specific times, and you want them to look forward to these days. Mix it up by switching out deals for different products or services types, so there is something unique to look out for each week that customers won’t want to miss. REAL WORLD EXAMPLE OF DEAL DAYS VIA EMAIL: University Art EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: Tomorrow: Our March Deal Day! EMAIL MESSAGE: This Tuesday, visit University Art Palo Alto and get 20% off all Canvas and Paint Brushes! Print, or show this email to your cashier, and receive a UArt reusable canvas bag as a free gift just for stopping in for our monthly Deal Day. Don’t miss out! Using social media, email marketing, and text message programs are all easy and cost effective ways to immediately boost foot traffic in your store. Wouldn’t it be great to have all these different marketing tools in one place? With FiveStars, you can. Get a free demo here: http://bit.ly/11A8UEu