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Introduction to FiveStars Loyalty


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Learn how to increase foot traffic and revenue at your small business with a fully customized customer loyalty program.

Introduction to FiveStars Loyalty

  1. 1. Get customers back in thedoor and spending morewhen they do.Get customers back in thedoor and spending morewhen they do.
  2. 2. How are you growingyour business?
  4. 4. What should your focus be?
  5. 5. The highest return for your limited timeThe highest return for your limitedmarketing budgetMarketing that is fun & easy to executeYou want:
  6. 6. Experts agree that loyalty is the most effective andhighest return marketing.
  7. 7. 6 to 7It is times morecostly to acquire a new customerthan to retain an existing one.Retailers with loyaltyprograms, on average, aremore profitablethan competitors who do not.88%Customer loyalty is the single mostimportant driver of growth andprofitability.
  8. 8. Do you have any of these?
  9. 9. Fortune 500’s invest millions into loyalty marketing.The total U.S. consumer membership in loyalty-marketing programs today is more than 1billion strong, with an average of more than four programs per adult.
  10. 10. Loyalty can help you increase visits, increase spend per visit,get more revenue from promotions, anddrive more word-of-mouth.
  12. 12. How loyalty incentives workLisa visits onceevery 3 weeks.As she gets closerto a reward, shestarts visiting morefrequently.At one point away,you’ve seen hercome in once aweek!You give her areward because shespent more moneyin a shorter periodof time.
  13. 13. Like . Comment . Share345 People saw this post30 people like this.Lisa just shared a link via FiveStars.June 15GracieLike . Comment . Tuesday at 10:22pmCafe Venetiawww.cafevenetia.comGet the FiveStars Hook Up! Earn 10 points andget: 1 Free Espresso DrinkJust got a FREE LatteI WANT ONE!!Now she visits morefrequently ANDpromotes yourbusiness online.Lisa is so happy thatshe registers her cardonline and connectswith Facebook.You can also sendtargeted promotionsright to her phoneor inbox.Imagine what canhappen when yousign up ALL yourcustomers!
  14. 14. Why FiveStars?
  15. 15. FiveStars winsthe prize forsmall businessloyalty.Our mission is to help businessesand communities thrive by turningevery transaction into a relationship.
  16. 16. Our founders are passionate abouthelping small businesses...Matt Doka,CTO, Co-founderVictor Ho,CEO, Co-founderAdvised industry-leadingFortune 500 brands on customerengagement and loyaltyClients included the largestdepartment store chain in the USand a $25 billion CPG conglomerateAwarded rating of “Distinctive” atMcKinsey (top 5 of 100 in nation)
  17. 17. Kilian KoepsellSoftwareLead Scientist at Cal(led project mapping thehuman brain!)Postgrad Mathematics Lecturer(King’s College London)Neural Computation Lecturer(Cal)Ph.D., NeurosciencePh.D.,Theoretical PhysicsM.A.,MathematicsChris LuoMarketingGlobal Head of Small andMedium Business Marketingat FacebookHead of AcquisitionMarketing, APAC at GooglePatrick EastburnSalesBuilt AT&T to 600 reps and$144M in revenueover 5 yearsExperience running outsidesales, call centers, and salestrainingMelissa HajjDesignLed design for iBooks andCompressor at Apple14 years of experiencedesigning media editing apps,electronic medical records,corporate identities, and print...and they recruited a team ofindustry experts to do it.
  18. 18. How does FiveStars work?
  19. 19. We help you develop acustomized loyalty program.Buy 10 subs, get one free!Spend $100 on stationary, get $5 off!10 Points = Free Coffee20 Points = Free Sandwich50% off every 5th visit ($20 MINIMUM)
  20. 20. Instantly know your customers’ informationright on the POS.
  21. 21. Track your program results online...
  22. 22. ...and get to know your customers.
  23. 23. For the first time ever, sync marketingwith actual spending behavior...
  24. 24. ...and see immediate results withtext message campaigns.Increase FootTrafficGet MoreCustomersRun SeasonalSpecials
  25. 25. Drive more word-of-mouthwith social media.Like . Comment . Share345 People saw this post30 people like this.James just shared a link via FiveStars.June 15GracieLike . Comment . Tuesday at 10:22pmhttp://www.armadillowillys.comGet the FiveStars Hook Up! Earn 10 points andget: 1 Free Griddled Burger or BBQ SandwichI WANT ONE!!
  26. 26. Partnering with FiveStars is oneof the best business decisionswe’ve ever made!- Rosen, Owner of Verde Tea CafeFiveStars client since February 2011Case Studies
  27. 27. Actual text message sent onFeb. 14, 2013 at 11:15 am
  28. 28. One of our Client Success Managers convinced Jim, a FiveStars business owner in Texas, to sendout a Valentine’s Day text message to their customer base using our Merchant Toolkit.Jim had never used our texting services before,and wasn’t convinced it was going to bring people in the door.Got 3 already.One within 5 minutes!-Well, you have convinced Donand one of my staff. I actuallydid get $107.40 in sales.I will have to try it againsometime.Soulman’s BBQ had a 4 percent responserate from texting a timely, relevantpromotion to its customers.ACTUAL COMMENTS RECEIVED FROMOWNER AROUND NOON THE SAME DAY:LATER THAT DAY:
  29. 29. Armadillo Willy’s (Watch Video)8 locations in the Bay Area, CA • Member Since Jan 2012Armadillo Willy’s is an 8-store BBQ chain with a strong local presence in the Bay Area. Prior to usingFiveStars, they tried to connect with customers through an opt-in email list. They had successfully built asmall database of customers, but wanted a solution that would get all of their customers engaged.GOALS• To better understand their business throughcustomer spending analytics• To have a loyalty program that could be usedacross all 8 restaurant locations• To send emails that were targeted to differenttypes of customers• To grow their presence on social media• To reward and turn more customers into loyalrepeat buyersREWARD STRUCTURE5 pointsFree snack or side10 pointsFree burger or BBQ sandwich*1 point = $5 spentRESULTSAfter a year on FiveStars, Armadillo Willy’s hasseen a tremendous response from their customers.Their customer database exceeds 13,000 members,and they have successfully rolled out weekly emailcampaigns to their customer segments, with plans tobegin text message campaigns in the near future.13,250members1,035VIP members(10+ visits)3,100referrals$857Ktracked spend38.5%increase in visitsper month9,607additional visitsto-dateBefore FiveStars1.3 visits per monthAfter FiveStars1.8 visits per monthThe ease of signing up customers has been great. We are now able tobetter connect with customers and get to know who they are and howoften they come in. I love my customers and I love FiveStars! —Tim Ford, COO
  30. 30. Bitter+Sweet (Watch Video)Cupertino, CA • Member Since Sept 2011Bitter+Sweet was built with a focus on connecting with the local community. Recognizing and rewardingloyal customers has always been their top priority. Before upgrading to FiveStars, Bitter+Sweet was using astandard “Buy 10, Get 1 Free” paper punch card.GOALS• To provide a loyalty solution that appeals totech savvy consumers of Cupertino, yet is easyenough for everyone to use• To better connect with customers by knowingtheir names and how often they come in• To identify their best customers and target theirmarketing specifically to themREWARD STRUCTURE10 pointsFree coffeeRESULTSBitter+Sweet has an iPad POS and has beenusing FiveStars on a standalone netbook. Theowner has made it a priority to enter in all thenames of her customers to ensure that she andher staff can treat everyone like a regular. As aresult, Bitter+Sweet has seen a noticeable increasein customer visits and has received extremelypositive feedback from customers who love nothaving to keep track of their punch card. FiveStars has driven customers back and increased their interest in mybusiness. The interactions with my customers are much more enjoyable.I would definitely recommend FiveStars for all businesses.—Janice, Owner3,410members449VIP members(10+ visits)1,818referrals$160Ktracked spend2,000additional visitsto-date13.5%increase in visitsper monthBefore FiveStars2.08 visits per monthAfter FiveStars2.36 visits per month
  31. 31. Tpumps Tea ShopSan Mateo, CA • Member Since Sept 2011Before opening, the owner of Tpumps knew he needed to stand out from the two other teashops in town.He wanted an easy way to get first time customers to come back again and again. During Tpump’s softopening stage they used a mobile loyalty app, but had less than 20 customers signed up after the first fewweeks.GOALS• To encourage first time customers to come back• To build a base of loyal customers to carry thebusiness from soft opening to a profitable newbusiness• To offer an engaging loyalty program that allcustomers would use and loveREWARD STRUCTURE10 pointsFree beverage20 pointsFree beverage + bag of tea30 pointsFree beverage + eco-cup150 pointsFree beverage + stuffed pandaRESULTSWithin the first 3 weeks of switching over toFiveStars from a mobile app, Tpumps signed up over300 people. Now, just a year and a half later, Tpumpsis so popular that it’s a regular occurrence to see along line of customers down the block. Tpumps isnow launching their second location, which will alsobe using FiveStars.—Alex Su, OwnerPartnering with FiveStars was an incredibly effective and convenientway for me to ensure that customers who loved my product wouldkeeping coming back again and again.13,905members3,958VIP members(15+ visits)3,816referrals$1.1Mtracked spend35%increase in visitsper month20.2Kadditional visitsto-dateBefore FiveStars1.85 visits per monthAfter FiveStars2.5 visits per month
  32. 32. Fibbar & Molly MaGee’s (Watch Video)2 locations in the Bay Area, CA • Member Since Aug 2011Fibbars was created to be a pub you can call home—with comfortable seating, regulars to talk to, and a pintof Guinness. During the day, they’re open as a bar and restaurant, then at night, turn into a crowded bar. Theyneeded a loyalty program to appeal to both the casual happy hour customer and the late night partygoer.GOALS• To have an easy to use program to reward theirbest customers• To have a better way to reach their customersthan an email newsletter• To have a customizable program that lets theircustomers choose what rewards they want toredeem• To increase their word-of-mouth referralsby getting more customers to check-in onFacebookREWARD STRUCTURE5 pointsFree coverRESULTSBoth Fibbar & Molly MaGee’s saw immediatesuccess after launching their loyalty program. Thelure of earning a free cover admission had a viraleffect with their patrons because of its uniquenessand general appeal. This great reward, coupledwith FiveStars social media integration, has alsoincreased their word-of-mouth referrals. Friends ofcustomers on Facebook have responded very wellto seeing their friends earn free cover to a bar.I love being able to use the texting tool to reach customers throughFiveStars. We’re able to send quick specials right to their phones at anextremely low cost, and we’re confident our messages are reachingthem.3,000members321VIP members(15+ visits)635referrals$97Ktracked spend14%increase in visitsper month476additional visitsto-dateBefore FiveStars1.9 visits per monthAfter FiveStars2.3 visits per month10 pointsFree appetizer platter*1 point = $10 spent—Lara, Assistant Manager at Fibbar Magee’s
  33. 33. TRY FIVESTARS FOR FREETo Celebrate National Small Business WeekIn appreciation of small business owners nationwide, try FiveStars free of charge for 30 daysand see why thousands of local businesses trust us to increase their foot traffic and sales.FREEMONTHENDSJUNE 30FREEMONTHENDSJUNE 30• Fully Customized LoyaltyProgram• Unlimited Free Cards• Unlimited Email Campaigns• Social Media Integration• Text Message Marketing• POS Integration (If Desired)• Unlimited Training & Support• Free OnlineEducational ResourcesLIMITED TIME OFFERRISK FREECANCEL ANYTIME(in first 30 days)FEATURES:10xRETURN ON TEXT MESSAGECAMPAIGNSUP TO20%INCREASE IN CUSTOMERVISITS PER MONTHON AVERAGE YOU’LL SEE: