Grand Openings and Grand Results (AMMC 2013)


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Grand Openings and Grand Results: Generating Excitement, New Members, and New Audiences. Presented by: Mae Daniller, Dana Hines, Rosie Pokrandt, Rosie Siemer, and Jennifer Thomas. Learn from actual case studies of museum grand openings including best practices, potential challenges, and how to leverage these once in a lifetime opportunities for membership acquisition.

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  • Lots of wavering and angst after performance did not match the stated projections.
  • Timing for emails-- 2 weeks after first seeds arrived in homes-- 10 days prior to the event in December-- 4 days before Charter Member designation offer would expire (on Dec 31)
  • Grand Openings and Grand Results (AMMC 2013)

    1. 1. Generating Excitement, New Members,and New AudiencesAMMC 2013Grand Openings and Grand Results
    2. 2. • Dana Hines, President and CEO, MembershipConsultants• Rosie Siemer, Principal, fiveseed• Jennifer Thomas, Director of Annual Programs,Saint Louis Art Museum• Mae Daniller, President, Daniller + Company• Rosie Pokrandt, Membership Coordinator,History ColoradoPresenters
    3. 3. Grand Openings and Grand ResultsGrand Opening Case Study2010-2012Dana HinesPresident and CEORosie SiemerPrincipal
    4. 4. Member and Donor Growth• The Traditional Strategic Planning Acquisition – direct mail, on-site sales Lapsed recapture – direct mail and telemarketing Membership upgrades – direct mail Annual Fund – direct mail• The Social Finding and engaging new audiences Converting to visitors and members Leveraging word of mouth
    5. 5. Scenario• A State-run organization• Transformational time in its own history• Building a new physical and brandpresence• Overcoming a perception of needsituation• Creating a new reputation for anorganization
    6. 6. Timeline• Strategic Planning 2010/11• Implementation 2011/12• Grand Opening – April 28, 2012• Post-Opening – May 2012 to present
    7. 7. Goals• Grow membership by 50%• Engage new membership audiences• Engage members donors• Lay the foundation for future outreach• Change the way people perceive ahistory museum
    8. 8. Fully Integrated, Multi-Channel Approach• Direct Mail• Social Media• Mobile/Online• Telemarketing• On-site SalesTouchpoint Flowchart
    9. 9. Digital Integration• QR codes• Website• Email append• Branded Facebook “microsite”• Contests: Photo, Trivia, Puzzler, andScavenger Hunt
    10. 10. Audiences and StrategiesMembers – upgrade and engagement• Upgrade appeal, social media to energize• Donor appeals – giving beyondmembershipLapsed Members – rejoin and engagement• Lapsed campaigns and new membercampaigns
    11. 11. Audiences and StrategiesNon Members – join and engagement• New member campaigns, social media toraise awarenessFacebook Fans – join and participation• Social and push to mailed campaigns
    12. 12. Pre-Opening Timeline• 50,000 piece acquisition mailing• 8,000 piece upgrade/lapsed• 15,000 annual fund in three drops• Launch social media photo contest• 50,000 piece acquisition with QR codes• 8,000 piece upgrade/lapsed – mail andphone
    13. 13. Grand Opening TimelineDirect Mail• End of fiscal year donor appeal – 26,000• Pre and post direct mail acquisition –150,000 pieces – 75,000 each in 2 dropsSocial Media/Mobile• Grand opening trivia contest• Gold Rush Puzzler• Mobile Scavenger Hunt to promoteopening of Denver A to Z exhibit
    14. 14. Direct Mail CampaignUpgrade Appeal
    15. 15. Direct Mail Campaign
    16. 16. Direct Mail CampaignUpgrade ResultsResponse Members RevenueRateOpening - 6 months 17.30% 573 $ 45,250Opening - 2 months 13.26% 228 $ 21,785Opening + 2 months 6.27% 54 $ 4,945Total 855 $ 71,980Projected 5% 382 $ 27,620
    17. 17. Direct Mail CampaignLapsed Recapture ResultsResponse Members RevenueRateOpening - 6 months 4.81% 151 $ 10,760Opening - 4 months 2.69% 117 $ 7,835Opening - 2 months 2.09% 85 $ 6,505Opening + 2 months 0.71% 29 $ 2,520Total 2.44% 382 $ 27,620Projected 2% 313 $ 18,782
    18. 18. Direct Mail CampaignDonor Appeal ResultsResponse Members RevenueRateNovember 1.51% 86 $ 10,525December .92% 52 $ 6,150January 1.73% 97 $ 11,936Total 5,701 Prospects 4.12% 235 $ 28,611Average Gift $ 122
    19. 19. Direct Mail CampaignNew Member Acquisition
    20. 20. Direct Mail CampaignNew Member Acquisition
    21. 21. Direct Mail CampaignNew Member Acquisition
    22. 22. Direct Mail Campaign
    23. 23. Direct Mail CampaignAcquisition ResultsResponse Members RevenueRateOpening - 6 months 1.20% 601 $ 46,300Opening - 4 months 0.92% 458 $ 38,313Opening - 2 months 0.79% 598 $ 52,435Opening + 2 months 0.46% 323 $ 29,240Total 0.80% 1,980 $ 166,288Projected 1625 $ 97,500
    24. 24. Social Media
    25. 25. Social Media
    26. 26. Social and Mobile ContestsCampaign Goals• Raise awareness• Target Audience:Women 26-40 years oldwith kids 6-12 years old• Increase Facebook fan engagement• Mission-aligned messaging• Capture member prospect leads/info• Drive traffic to membership pages• Capture personal stories• Generate excitement and media buzz
    27. 27. Social and Mobile ContestsShare Your Story Photo Contest
    28. 28. Social and Mobile ContestsThink You Know?! Trivia Contest
    29. 29. Social and Mobile ContestsGold Rush Puzzler Challenge
    30. 30. Social and Mobile ContestsDiscover Denver A to Z Mobile Scavenger Hunt
    31. 31. Social and Mobile Contests
    32. 32. Overall Campaign Results• 739 unique participants in total• 654 individuals engaged for the first time via social• 91 became members after engaging• 13% join rate• 270 QR code respondents; 18% joined• 39% of QR respondents opted-in for mobile texts• Facebook grew from 766% from 1,285 to 11,122• Media attention and primary driver to website• Captured personal stories
    33. 33. Overall Campaign Results1,961 new members595 recaptured members888 upgraded members235 donors250% increase in target audience on Facebook40% increase in membership BEFORE opening89% increase in membership 6 weeks POST opening121% increase in membership revenues-FY2012
    34. 34. Grand Openings and Grand Results:Generating Excitement, New Members, andNew AudiencesAMMC AtlantaApril 24, 2013Mae Daniller, PresidentDaniller +
    35. 35. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Case Study• Located in Boston• Opened new Renzo Piano-designed wing in January 2012• Visitors increased from11,300/mo. prior to opening to25,000/mo. around opening to19,400 post/mo. (72% increaseto current stable number)• Membership grew from 3,200to 8,100 (60% increase) in 2012
    36. 36. Membership Acquisition Strategy for Grand OpeningTo grow membership, the Gardner chose channels of:• Direct mail• E-mail• Supplemented by media partner, The Boston Globewith print ads and inserted magazine, subway ads,and bus wraps• (Exceptionally strong media coverage)
    37. 37. Daniller Strategy for Grand Opening Direct Response• A series of acquisition mailings before, during, and followingthe January 2012 Grand Opening• Strategic testing as part of direct mail• Direct mail reinforced with disciplined and customizedemail follow-up appeals
    38. 38. • First two direct mail campaigns designed when newbranding not yet available• Gardner dark from mid-November to January opening• Key membership staff person left and replacement not onboard until right before opening• Membership gift pattern did not fit typical model –retooled to ensure highest possible returns for January mailChallenges
    39. 39. First Mailing – September 2011• 80,000 mailed• 0.76% response rate• Average gift, $125• Test: Invitational vs.Color package– Color package won
    40. 40. Email Follow-up Appeals• 2 versions of emailappeals:• Lapsed• Prospect• Sent after each appeal• 3 drops
    41. 41. Email Follow-up Appeals• 2 versions of emailappeals:• Lapsed• Prospect• Sent after each appeal• 3 drops
    42. 42. Second Mailing – November 2011• 80,000 mailed• 0.74% response rate• Average gift, $108• Neighborhood packagewas included
    43. 43. Third Mailing – Arrived at time of Grand Opening• 80,000 mailed to arriveJanuary 2012• 1.36% response rate• Average gift, $109• New brandinglaunched• Offer includedattending an eventwith limited number oftickets available• People-focuseddesign
    44. 44. Fourth Mailing – Four months post-opening• 80,000 mailed• 0.59% response rate• Average gift, $94• Mail almost cancelledafter ―Grand Openingburnout‖ at Museum
    45. 45. • Museum was overwhelmed with onsite acquisition• Onsite acquisition did not go as planned, no trainingundertaken• Membership fell far behind on gift processing andacknowledgement• Lessons learned here (per Lance!)Other Grand Opening Acquisition Efforts
    46. 46. What We’ve Learned• Be prepared for surprises along the way• Get budgets and commitment for Direct Mail and Emaillocked down• Preparation for onsite sales and backend fulfillment iscritical• Acquisition doesn’t end after opening—must stewardwonderful new members
    47. 47. Questions?Mae DanillerPresident, Daniller +
    48. 48. Grand Openings and Grand Results(Almost) Ready for Grand OpeningJennifer ThomasDirector of Annual Programs
    49. 49. Saint Louis Art Museum• Free museum with paid exhibitions• Under construction with gallery closures and limitedexhibition schedule since 2011• 13,000 general member households• 325,000 annual attendance in 2012• East Building Expansion opens on June 29, 2013
    50. 50. Membership GoalsThe BIG IDEA—Increase membership households by 40 % by July, 2013• Increase membership households from 12,000 to20,000• Change culture of Museum to create opportunities tosell memberships• Leverage new amenities and public presence toincrease knowledge about Museum and membershipprogram
    51. 51. Timeline• January, 2012—The BIG IDEA• May, 2012—change structure of Membership Department• September, 2012—Art Ambassador Campaign• September, 2012—On-Site Sales Training for Staff• September, 2012—Charter Membership Direct Mail Drop• October, 2012—Robust Telemarketing campaign• January, 2013—Raised membership rates, retooled benefits• February, 2013—1st Grand Opening Direct Mail Drop• April, 2013—2ndGrand Opening Direct Mail Drop• June, 2013—3rdGrand Opening Direct Mail Drop• June 29, 2013—Grand Opening
    52. 52. Membership Department RestructureMembershipCoordinatorMembershipRecordsAssociateMembership RecordsCoordinatorMajor Gifts RecordsCoordinatorMembership DirectorVMS SupervisorVMS Associates(many)MembershipManagerMembershipRecords AssociateDevelopment OperationsManagerMajor Gifts RecordsCoordinatorDevelopment EventsCoordinatorDirector of Annual ProgramsVMS Asst. Supervisor
    53. 53. Art Ambassador CampaignGrassroots effort to recruit 1,000 members• $84,000 raised• 934 members recruited• $90 average gift(compared to$78 overall)• 51% of all gifts weremade online
    54. 54. Visitor & Member Services• Required On-Site Sales training for all staff• Created a Call Center that is staffed by VMSstaff members• Set weekly and monthly goals with incentivesduring last three months of 2012• New job descriptions and policies for all newstaff in 2013
    55. 55. New Rates, Names, and Benefits• Increased the price of lowest levelsRegular $55 to $65Family $65 to $75• Eliminated $100 level• Renamed $150 Friends & Familyto receive additional exhibition passes• Study Groups and Young Friendsadded to membership levels at noadditional cost
    56. 56. Direct MailMonth Pieces Number of Gifts Response Rate Average GiftSeptember 2012 75,000 568 .74 $81January 2013 35,000 420 1.2 $87April 2013 100,000June 2013 65,000
    57. 57. Charter Membership, Discounts, andExperience Your Museum TransformedLargest DirectMail Drop inmore than20 years with275,000pieces
    58. 58. Preparation• Temporary relocation of Call Center andMembership Processing Staff• Testing off-site fulfillment• Hiring and Training new Member and VisitorServices Staff• New materials featuring the completedcampus are in production
    59. 59. (Almost) Ready for Opening
    60. 60. Grand Openings and Grand ResultsGrand Opening Case StudyMae DanillerPresident
    61. 61. Grand Openings and Grand ResultsTop 10 List for Grand Openings(or other major big deals at your museum)Rosie PokrandtMembership Coordinator
    62. 62. Grand Opening Top 10 List#10. Start Planning yesterday! 18 to 24 months out#9. Got the Plan, now get the Budget#8. Right size your staffing for the big crush; make sureyou allow enough time to train front end staff onthe POS as well as selling memberships, talkingabout exhibits, etc.#7. Become BFF with Marketing – you are in thistogether!#6. Communicate your schedule of activities – you willneed graphics, brand identity before anyone else
    63. 63. Grand Opening Top 10 List#5. Create the excitement - Start the implementation8 months out#4. Your mantra – this is only going to happen once inour lifetime – if not now, when?#3. Have specific month by month revenue andmemberships sold goals – so you can track yourprogress towards the goal#2. Make sure you database, ticket software andsystems are all working BEFORE the grand opening
    64. 64. Grand Opening Top 10 List#1. Stay Sane!Stay Flexible!Be able and ready to go with the flow.