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H&b Direct Sales Compensation Plan


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H&b Direct Sales Compensation Plan

  2. 2. Company ProfileHAPPY & BEAUTIFUL DIRECT SALES CORP is100% Filipino owned company. H & B is a familybusiness and is managed and operated by husbandand wife team; Mr. Alfredo A Espiritu as Presidentand CEO, and Mrs. Vergie M. Espiritu as ChiefOperating Officer.Started out a s a s ing le p ro p rie to rs hip in 2 0 0 0 .It eventually evolved to a Direct Selling Company. H&Bimmediately started operations in Metro Manila and nearbyprovinces. Equipped with the dedication and commitment toprovide economical, quality products and services tocustomers  regardless of social status and genderthroughout the Philippines.
  3. 3. VisionWith competence and creativity, H&B aimsto fulfill the Filipino dream of economicstability and progress.Through dedication andcommitment to understanding the needs ofour dealers and customers, we aspire to beof the most rewarding and proficient directselling company in the Philippines.
  4. 4. Mission We are a company engaged in the business of beauty, cleanliness and wellness, with a wide range of products that is reasonably priced and especially developed and manufactured to provide inexpensive, quality products and services to the Filipino, regardless of their social status and gender. We distribute products through direct selling and network marketing scheme, allowing us to provide satisfaction to our customers wherever they are.
  5. 5. PhilosophyHelp Filipino men and women achievefinancial freedom and give them theopportunity to achieve their dreams.Our company is strongly guided by thefollowing values:TEAMWORKINTEGRITY AND HONESTYCOSTUMER SERVICE SATISFACTION
  6. 6. ENTRY PACKAGE P2,888.00
  7. 7. Seven (7) Income Opportunity1. Retail Sales Bonus2. Direct Sponsor Bonus3. Match Sales Bonus4. Unilevel Bonus5. Leadership Bonus6. Rewards Program7. Car & Travel Incentives
  8. 8. 1. Retail Sales BonusBeing a member of the organization, this entitles everyone tobecome a distributor of H&B products. You are entitled to purchaseproducts at distributor’s price (DP). Selling these products to yourcustomers at suggested retail price (SRP) immediately earn profit.Enjoy up to 25% lifetime discount on all products
  9. 9. 2. Direct Sponsor BonusAn incentive given to a member for his/her effort in inviting andmotivating individuals to join the business. Every new member thatcompleted the series of orientation seminars and trainings willeventually do the same – look for somebody and explain the beautyof the new income opportunity. P250.00 as Direct Sponsor Bonus willbe given for every successful referral. P250
  10. 10. 3. Match Sales BonusPeople joining your sales force will be divided and distributed into two(2) sales groups, thereby forming your LEFT Sales Group (LSG) andyour RIGHT Sales Group (RSG). P500.00 will be given for everymatch sales. P500 * Maximum 12 pairs per day
  11. 11. 4. Unilevel BonusIt enables you to sponsor one line of distributors or members.There is no limitations to the number of people you can sponsor.Earn commissions up to five (5) levels deep. The common goal isto recruit, sell products and earn commissions based on thevolume of products sold. LEVEL PV PERCENTAGE # of MEMBERS AMOUNT MAINTENANCE YOU 500 20% 1 100.00 1 500 5% 5 125.00 2 500 5% 25 625.00 3 500 5% 125 3,125.00 4 500 5% 625 15,625.00 5 500 5% 3125 78,125.00 TOTAL 97,725.00
  12. 12. 5. Leadership BonusOur way of rewarding associates who demonstrated leadershipabilities by achieving large and successful organizations. CATEGORY REQ. TO MONTHLY % SHARE QUALIFY MAINTENANCE Sales Associate (SA) 7 directly 500PV 10% sponsored SA Sales Supervisor (SS) 7 SA 600PV 15% Sales Manager (SM) 7 SS 700PV 20% Sales Executive (SE) 7 SM 800PV 25% Branches 1000PV 30%
  13. 13. 6. Rewards ProgramOur members may enjoy exciting rewards and more by simplyusing and being with H&B! All active members who are currentlymaintaining monthly purchase of products(pv) are eligible to earnpoints. Members may also avail of discounts and freebies fromPartner Stores.
  14. 14. 6. Rewards ProgramYou may earn points coming from your direct down lines upto 3rd level in your organization LEVEL % CREDITS 1st Level 10% 2nd Level 5% 3rd Level 5%
  15. 15. 6. Rewards ProgramRedeemable ItemsDepending on the number of accounts with 500PV each, membersmay choose to redeem any of the following reward items:
  16. 16. 7. Car & Travel IncentivesOur way of rewarding our members who demonstrated leadershipabilities by achieving 20,000 accounts, and for maintaining largeand successful organizations.
  17. 17. Paylite ProgramFor only P888.00
  18. 18. Introducing the Innovative Corporate Sharing Program * Using Linear Force Matrix Principle You just need 2 Direct recruits to activate your account!YOU Direct Direct Your downlines 1 2
  19. 19. Corporate Sharing Program How it works?Total Entries for Today 10,000Total Qualified Members 5,000Pay-in Amount P888.0060% Payout Budget P532.80Budget Per Share* (1 share=2 directs) P0.11Today’s Payout per Qualified Member P2,131.20* To be distributed every time an entry is registered,computed and varies daily
  20. 20. Corporate Sharing Program 60% Guaranteed Payout! 60% of your entry pay is allocated as your daily payout!YOU Your downlines
  21. 21. Contact InformationOffice Address 3/F Green Apple Buildling Benin cor. L. Bustamante Sts. Caloocan CityTelephone NumberMobile NumberEmail – General Concerns – Sales & Marketing – IT Support ServicesWebsite